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MACS Facelift Scar Healing Time?

I had a MACS Facelift done exactly a month ago. One side of my face seems to be healing well and the other seems like it may have not been stitched... READ MORE

Is There a Serious Risk of Cheek Bumpiness After a MACS Facelift?

I am seriously considering having a MACS facelift. I had a full facelift 7 years ago and one cheek remained bruised for a long time, so I know that I... READ MORE

Deep scar tissue after facelift and consequent hematoma. What are my options?

6 wks post op. had a deep plane facelifet. developed hematoma symmetrically on both sides day after. Drained nearly every day. now i am left with two... READ MORE

Eyes Look Different After Facelift, Temporal Lift and Cheek Fat Transfer

At 5 weeks post op, my eyes look slanted, pulled to the sides, and there are bumps on my left side where the fat transfer was injected. I understand... READ MORE

After FL and Blepharplasty Quad, Post Op 3 Months, Left with Small Hard Bumps?

Any treatments used for these hard bumps to flatten or dissolve? Do injections of steroids help? What can be done?They are @ outside corners of eyes,... READ MORE

I Had a Facelift 6 Months Ago & I Have Bumps Under my Eyes & in the Corners. What Can Be Done to Correct These?

I had a full facelift, but did not have my eyes done. I did have a brow lift, also. I had bumps immediately after surgery & they have gotten worse... READ MORE

Sutures causing small bumps where the are working out after Zplasty on face. What should I do?

Three and a half weeks ago I had a burn scar removed from my face with zplasty. The stitches were removed six later and looked wonderful but now I... READ MORE

Will bumps in the centre of my cheeks, that show up 5 to 6 weeks after a face lift/neck, gradually disappear on their own?

I had a face lift and neck lift 6 weeks ago. I still have quite a bit of numbness, just in front of both ears, as well as along my jaw line and most... READ MORE

3 1/2 mos post op lower Facelift and Necklift. What is causing this pain and discomfort?

Fit 67 yr old female. pronounced facial swelling more left side than right. extreme tightness, like wearing tight diving mask. face feels: sun-burned,... READ MORE

What can I do about neck "buckling" 1 month post surgery?

I had my surgery 2-12-14 [Face Lift, Neck Lift, Upper and Lower Eye Lids, 1/2 Fractional Laser (lower face) and Botox to forehead.] It is nearly one... READ MORE

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