Eyelid Surgery Videos

Asian Eyelid Surgery: See These Post-Op Photos Years After Surgery

Dr. Bhupendra C.K. Patel shares photos from Asian eyelid surgery years after the procedure. See how the results hold up. VIEW NOW

How to Treat Festoons — Wait, What's a Festoon? (GRAPHIC)

Dr. Bhupendra C.K. Patel demonstrates his technique for treating festoons, or collections of fluid and loose skin underneath the eyelid. VIEW NOW

What Causes Drooping Eyelids? Here's What Age Has to Do With It

Dr. Amiya Prasad explains how age impacts dropping eyelids and what treatment options are available. VIEW NOW

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Getting an Endoscopic Brow Lift? See These Before and After Photos

See these brow lift results from Dr. Bhupendra C.K. Patel, VIEW NOW

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What Is Ptosis? The Doctor Explains

Dr. Amiya Prasad explains that unclear vision in an eye with a droopy upper eyelid is a sign of congenital ptosis. VIEW NOW

Causes of Upper Eyelid Asymmetry and How to Fix It

Dr. Amiya Prasad explains what cause upper eyelid asymmetry and how surgery may improve it. VIEW NOW

Fillers vs. Surgery: What the Doctor Recommends For This Man's Under Eye Bags

Dr. Amiya Prasad discusses treatments for this man's under eye bags. VIEW NOW

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Is There an Age Limit For Plastic Surgery? Hear This Doctor's Opinion

Dr. Constantino G. Mendieta explains the recommended age limits for plastic surgery. VIEW NOW

Eyelid Surgery With Brow Lift: See These Before and Afters

Dr. Jonathan Pontell explains how an eyelid and brow lift surgery can change the face. VIEW NOW

Is Stress Aging Your Face? This Is What the Doctor Recommends

Dr. Amiya Prasad suggests procedures for a woman who has accelerated facial aging due to stress. VIEW NOW

How Thyroid Issues Can Affect Eye Position — The Doctor Explains

Dr. Amiya Prasad discusses how eye position is affected by thyroid issues. VIEW NOW

What's the Best Asian Double Eyelid Technique?

Dr. Amiya Prasad explains incisional and non-incisional approaches for Asian double eyelid surgery. VIEW NOW

How Many Years Can a Facelift Take Off?

Dr. Alex Campbell briefly explains this popular surgery and lists the procedures he often does in addition to a facelift. VIEW NOW

What's Recovery From Eyelid Surgery Like?

Dr. Alex Campbell explains what to expect when recovering from eyelid surgery. VIEW NOW

The Doctor Explains How He Plans For Eyelid Surgery

Learn what Dr. Alex Campbell prepares for a successful eyelid surgery. VIEW NOW