Eyelid Surgery Videos

What Causes Heavy Upper Eyelids? How Can Eyelid Surgery Correct the Issue?

Have heavy upper eyelids? Dr. Amiya Prasad explains what causes droopy eyelids, how they can be treated with upper eyelid surgery, and how much insurance may cover the procedure. VIEW NOW

I Have Lines and Bags Under My Eyes and Nothing's Working! What Should I Do?

If you have lines and bags under your eyes that just won't go away, Dr. Amiya Prasad has answers for you. Learn about surgical and non-surgical treatments, and the risks involved with both. VIEW NOW

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Before and After: Asian Eyelid Surgery — What Do You Think?

See the results of Asian eyelid surgery in these before and after photos from Dr. Charles S. Lee. Do you like the final results? VIEW NOW


Inside the Operating Room: Watch a Multi-Fold Asian Eyelid Revision Surgery

Dr. Philip Young performs a revision surgery to help remove multiple folds from an eyelid. VIEW NOW

Benefits of Using a Laser For Eyelid Surgery Instead of a Knife

Laser eyelid surgery might sound scary but according to Dr. Janet Neigel, it has some very unique benefits. VIEW NOW

If the Look of Your Eyes is Bothering You, It's Likely an Eyelid Issue

Many patient come in asking what they should do about their eyes, says Dr. Joshua Korman, but her says that it's important to realize that it is often an issue with the eyelids or brows, not the eyes themselves. VIEW NOW

Eyelid Surgery Should Restore the Facial Contour, Not Just Remove Skin

Dr. Jill Hessler explains that more than just removing skin and opening up the eye, and eyelid surgery should including other treatments to fully rejuvenate the eye. VIEW NOW

Contacts Can Absolutely Age Your Eyes -- Here's How!

Sorry, contact lens lovers, but Dr. Allan Wulc says your contact are already causing your eyes trouble and you may eventually need a minor surgery to repair the damage! VIEW NOW

Is it Possible to go Blind After an Eyelid Surgery?

Any surgery around the eyes invites the potential for complications, be they temporary sight impairment or permanent sight issues. Dr. Allan Wulc comments on just how often these complications occur and what patients can do to lower their risk. VIEW NOW

Repairing Bulgy Asian Eyes is as Simple as Adding an Eyelid Crease

While Dr. Allan Wulc maintains that bulgy eyes are preferred in the Asian community, he says that a great way to ensure the eyes look less bulgy is to surgically add a double eyelid if there isn't one already, and he explains why. VIEW NOW

Combining a Facelift and Eyelid Lift: Can it be Done

Dr. Thomas Buonassisi explains that while a patient is having their facelift, they might as well "combine the recovery times" and get the eyelids done too! VIEW NOW

Droopy Eyelids: Here Are Your Options for Perking up Those Peepers

Drooping eyelids or eyelid ptosis has several options for repair, explains Dr. Thomas Buonassisi. VIEW NOW

Eyelid Surgery is Commonly the First Invasive Procedure Patients Will Consider

Dr. Fred Hidaji explains that having their eyelids done is the first procedure many patients will consider because of how much their eyelids age their faces. VIEW NOW

What Are the Chances a Patient Will Go Blind During Eye Surgery?

Doing surgery around the eye can be stressful for many patients thinking about the possible complications but Dr. Fred Hidaji explains the likelihood of the patient going blind during surgery is very low. VIEW NOW

Why Would My Eyelids Not Close After an Initial Eyelid Surgery?

Dr. Allan Wulc talks about several reasons that would cause the eyelids to remain open in a patient who has had a previous eyelid surgery and what can be done to reverse this unfortunately occurrence. VIEW NOW