Eyelid Surgery Videos

Upper Eyelids Still Drooping After Ptosis Surgery?

Dr. Amiya Prasad talks about possible causes of upper eyelids still drooping after ptosis surgery, including separation and possibly broken stitches. He also talks about the ideal window for revision surgery. VIEW NOW

Facial Surgery Post-Op Expectations: Recovery Time and Minor DIscomforts

Dr. Paul Nassif describes what it's like to recovery from different facial surgeries, be it a full facelift or an eyelid lift. He notes varying recovery times as well as common discomforts some patients have reported. VIEW NOW

Is Slight Eye Ptosis Worth Operating On?

Dr. Amiya Prasad discusses how he diagnoses ptosis cases and how not all ptosis cases warrant surgery if eyesight is not obstructed. VIEW NOW

Eye Bags and Malar Bags: What Is the Difference and What Can Be Done?

Dr. Amiya Prasad details the separate causes of puffy eye bags and malar bags. While puffy eye bags can be surgically removed with a natural look, malar bags can be softened, but are difficult to remove entirely. VIEW NOW

Puffy Eye Bags and Dark Circles: Causes and Treatments

Dr. Amiya Prasad details the causes of puffy eye bags and dark circles under the eyes. Eye bags can be me permanently reduced surgically, while dark circles involve regenerative medicine to improve skin quality. VIEW NOW

Direct Brow Ptosis Repair

Dr. John Martin demonstrates a surgical repair of three different patients presenting with brow ptosis, or a sagging brow. VIEW NOW

Upper Eyelid Ptosis Repair With Mullerectomy

Dr. John Martin performs a technique to lift a drooping upper eyelid (ptosis). In a mullerectomy, the surgery is done on the underside of the eyelid, so there is no visible external scar. VIEW NOW

Ptosis Repair Surgery: Operating Room Cam

Dr. John Martin walks us through a typical ptosis repair surgery, in which he repairs a sagging eyelid. VIEW NOW

Upper Eyelid Blepharoplasty with CO2 Laser

Dr. John Martin takes us into the operating room to witness an upper eyelid blepharoplasty. He uses a CO2 laser for a cleaner, more precise cut. VIEW NOW

Lower Eyelid Blepharoplasty: Minimal Bleeding With the Use of a Laser

LoDr. John Martin performs a lower eyelid bleph on a male patient, taking us into the operating room to show just how precise the surgery can be with the help of a laser. VIEW NOW

Men Seeking Facial Rejuvenation

More and more men are seeking to look their best with facial treatments than ever before, so Dr. Robert Singer explains a few of the procedures that have been appealing to men the most. VIEW NOW

Blepharoplasty: Wake Up Those Tired Eyes

Tired eyes 24/7 means your upbeat personality doesn't get the full opportunity to shine through. Dr. Hampton Howell explains how a blepharoplasty can help. VIEW NOW

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Blepharoplasty: Upper and Lower Lid Reductions

Dr. William Portuese explains the process of performing both an upper and lower eyelid lift, or belpharoplasty, including photos of some of his patients' transformations. VIEW NOW

Eyelid Ptosis Surgery Q&A

Dr. Amiya Prasad explains the factors of successful eyelid ptosis surgery, details the recovery process of upper eyelid surgery, and describes how eyelids are raised and folded surgically. VIEW NOW

Why A Facelift Will Not Solve Eye Bag Problems

Dr. Amiya Prasad details why a specialist in lower eyelid surgery has more knowledge of this complex area than many board certified plastic surgeons. He also shows why a facelift is a separate procedure. VIEW NOW