1 Week Post-op + Ear Surgery

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Is an Elastic Headband Important And/or Necessary After Otoplasty?

Hello everyone! I had an otoplasty procedure done a week ago. Everything went great, so far I am making a quick recovery and the results are notable.... READ MORE

Conchal Bowl Ridges After Bilateral Otoplasty...

I have a concern similar to these. http://bit.ly/mQjqRE (rs link) http://bit.ly/myupX6 (rs link) It has been 10 days since the operation. The pictures... READ MORE

Worried About Excessive Scarring / Bruising from Otoplasty, Is It Normal? (photo)

I had Otoplasty done 8 days ago and am very worried about the appearance of my ears. I took the bandages off two days ago and they havent changed... READ MORE

Fear This Was a Bad Otoplasty. What Should I Do? (photo)

I am 1 (one) week post-op, and I am starting to fear that my otoplasty was botched. When I think about the perfect, or just normal, ears for that... READ MORE

Otoplasty: 1 Week Post-op, Ears Still Seem to Stick Out? (photo)

It has now been 1 week since my otoplasty surgery. However, i'm slightly concerned that the "top part" of both my ears still seem to stick out. Since... READ MORE

Post-Op Otoplasty, Should I Use Vaseline on the Wound to Avoid Scarring?

Hello there, 7 days ago I had otoplasty surgery - both "pinning" and lobal reduction. Of course a small scab (line) has formed on the bottom... READ MORE

Otoplasty Done Abroad, Is This Normal? (photo)

I had an otoplasty done in Lithuania,(too far to go back) 7 days ago, and the antihelix appears to stick out more than the helix. is this normal? and... READ MORE

Bad Otoplasty in Spain, Opinions Please? (photo)

Hello there. I had my otoplasty done 29/02/2012 now is 08/03/2012, its been a week, but my ears have this 'telephone' effect, specially the... READ MORE

Toddler African-American Otoplasty Stitches

My toddler had otoplasty surgery a week ago. The stitches put are big, crooked, and visible. Behind her right ear there's extra meat and scarring... READ MORE

Otoplasty Recovery. Protruding After Dressings Removal?

I had otoplasty 1 week ago. I wore a dressing all week, which was removed today and I'm now wearing a sports head-band, which I've been told to wear... READ MORE

Otoplasty Result 7 Days Post Op. Did My Surgeon Overcorrect One Ear? (photo)

Hi, I just had an otoplasty done(1 week ago), and I think the surgeon may have over corrected one of the ears. What do you think? READ MORE

Had Otoplasty Done 5 Days Ago And when Bandages Came off Terrible Results! Help Please,Im Scared! (photo)

Ok so ive wanted an otopplasy since as long as i can remeber and i had it done 5 days ago and when the dotor took of the bandages. I nearly freaked... READ MORE

Very swollen ears after otoplasty, how long do they take to look somewhat normal?

I went to the doctor today to have my bandage changed, 5 days after surgery, and my ears were very swollen. Doctor said everything looked normal, no... READ MORE

I Ripped my Scab off 1 Week After my Ear Otoplasty Surgery is This Gonna Be a Problem?

I Ripped my Scab off 1 Week After my Ear Otoplasty Surgery is This Gonna Be a Problem? READ MORE

Suture Only Otoplasty Post-Op Head-Band Use (1st Week; Now at Day 7 Post-op)

After having dressings removed (24hrs post-op) I felt the middle portions were over-corrected. Worried would stay like this I left the head-band off... READ MORE

Otoplasty: Are my Early Results Normal? Will Asymmetry Resolve? (photo)

It has been 5 days since I had otoplasty. However, I have some concerns which, while I have recently emailed my surgeon regarding, am desperate to... READ MORE

Should I Be Concerned

I have had an otoplasty done 6 days ago. last night i was sitting and i felt somthing wet trickling down my neck and i went to go look in the mirror... READ MORE

Otoplasty Stitches 1 week After? (photo)

I have otoplasty done 7 days ago. My ears are coming along well and healing. As you can see from this picture, i have stitches in the folds ( the... READ MORE

Serious pain after the removing pressure bandage? (photo)

After 6 days of the otoplasty, pressure bandage was removed but left side ear was more swelled. After 2 day i was feeling serious pain, i visited to... READ MORE

Worrying about Folding of Conchal Bowl After Otoplasty? (photo)

Hello. I underwent otoplasty 8 days ago. Bandages were removed 5 days post op. Today I met with my surgeon and told him that I worry about this weird... READ MORE

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