Chin Implant Videos

Better Facial Balance Could Mean a Chin Implant With your Rhinoplasty

Dr. Andrew Miller describes the benefits of performing a chin implant at the same time as rhinoplasty in the properly selected patient. VIEW NOW

When Would Cadaver Cartilage Be Used in A Procedure?

Although one of the last options used in cosmetic surgery, Dr. Chase Lay explains how cadaver cartilage might be utilized to build up areas of the face such as the chin or the nose. VIEW NOW

3 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Chin Implants

If your plastic surgeon suggests a chin implant, here are three important facts you should know before taking the plunge. VIEW NOW

"Will My Chin Implant Pop?" Your Popular Questions Answered

Dr. Dara Liotta answers the most common questions about chin implants. VIEW NOW

Choosing the Right Chin Implant Can Be Tricky: Here Are the Tips to Help

Dr. Dara Liotta explains the process of choosing the perfect chin implant with your plastic surgeon. VIEW NOW

The Chin Is the Key to an Attractive Face: Here's How to Get a Non-Surgical Chin Augmentation

Dr. David Mabrie illustrates non-surgical chin augmentation with keynote slides, 3-D illustrations, and a live demonstration with one his patients. VIEW NOW

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The Differences in Chin Implants For Men and Women

Dr. Elizabeth Morgan discusses different types of chin implants, the method used to insert them, and how they differ for men and women. VIEW NOW

Facial Implants Can Be Used in More Places Than You Think

Dr. Clayton Moliver discusses the possibilities with facial implants from nose and cheek implants to chin implants. VIEW NOW

Here's How a Chin Augmentation Can Completely Change Your Face

Dr. David Mabrie goes into detail on how the chin augmentation procedure can help provide you with a stronger and more sculpted jaw line. VIEW NOW

Noune's Rhinoplasty: Deviated Septum Repair and Dorsal Hump Removal

Dr. Garo Kassabian treats Noune, a single mother who has concerns about her nose as well as a hollowed look in her face and weak chin and lips. VIEW NOW

Inga's Rhinoplasty: Treating a Deviated Septum Following an Injury

Dr. Garo Kassabian sees a patient who has suffered a traumatic injury to her nose, which has deviated her septum and left her with breathing difficulties on top of a visibly crooked nose. She has also requested a chin implant. VIEW NOW

Chin Augmentation: Implants or Injectible Fillers?

Dr. Yael Halaas explains the importance of facial balance with a chin implant. She also explains the non-surgical alternative to a chin implant. VIEW NOW

Chin Augmentation: a Powerful Change

Dr. Rady Rahban discusses the ins and outs of a chin augmentation, from determining if you need liposuction under the chin to accentuate the new feature to the recovery process. VIEW NOW

A Chin Implant Augmentation Often Accompanies a Rhinoplasty

Dr. Shervin Naderi explains why a chin implant augmentation may be suggested alongside a rhinoplasty and demonstrates why and how he prefers to make his own. VIEW NOW

Remarkable Outcomes with Chin Implants

Doctor William Portuese discusses the positive results he has had with chin implants. VIEW NOW