1 Month Post-op + Chin Implant

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When Will I Be Happy with my Sliding Genioplasty??

I had this procedure done a few weeks ago (3.5 weeks) and so far I am very unhappy with the results. I'm getting depressed over the way I looked... READ MORE

Sliding Genioplasty Has Left my Face Too Narrow Can It Be Corrected?

I had sliding genioplasty 5 weeks ago to correct a receding chin and short jaw. My profile is now wonderfully improved. However my face, face-on is... READ MORE

1 Month After Implantech Chin Implant, Unhappy With the Shape. (photo)

1 mo. ago received an Implantech medium ext. anatomical chin implant. Based on specs, the small is only .5 mm smaller in projection but smaller all... READ MORE

4 Weeks Post-Op Chin Implant , It's too Large, When Can I Have a Revision? (photo)

It has been 4 weeks since i had my chin implant and i still cant get used to my face looks too long and when i smile my chin looks like witch ,does my... READ MORE

Chin Implant Too Big, Can't Close Mouth? (photo)

I had chin augmentation almost 4 wks ago now , and my lower lip is still unable to join the upper one. Tissue is stretched over chin due to size I... READ MORE

Wanting A Replacement- From Implantech Terino Anatomical Extended to Normal Anatomical Extended? (photo)

I'm a 25 year old male, and I had an Implantech Terino anatomical extended medium implant put in a month ago. I'm not so happy with the result... READ MORE

My Face is Uneven 1 Month Post Lipo of Chin and Neck?

I had liposuction of the chin and neck and my left side is still swollen and its not symetrical with the right my left seems to droop Also i still... READ MORE

5 Weeks Post Op Chin Implant and Lipo Cheeks /neck is It Safe to Remove This HUGE Chin?

I really hate this chin! Is 6 wks too soon or too late? There is also a superficial abcess I only wanted a neck lift to remove sagging skin in my neck... READ MORE

I Had Mersilene Mesh Chin Implant, and Feel a Small Bump Beside It... What Could It Be?

I had a mesh chin implant 31 days ago, and it was ok so far, but since I'm not as swollen as I was before, I can star seeing some things I'm a... READ MORE

4 Weeks After Chin Implant Left Side Looks Uneven to Right Side. Can Some Type of Filler Be Used to Create Better Symmetry?

I'm seeing the left side of my chin appear uneven to the right. My Dr. Says he sees good symmetry & assured no possibility implant shifted... READ MORE

Chin Augmentation Numbness Normal After 1 Month? (photo)

I suffered facial trauma to my jaw and chin.I have had 3 surgeries for my jaw to correct the broken TMJ joint and shattered chin.For my third surgery... READ MORE

Why Does the Chin Implant Gives Me a a Deep Jowl at the Corner of my Mouth Which I Didn't Have Before? (photo)

I had a large central chin implant without the wings a month ago. It was placed externally underneath my chin. My doctor was trying to give me a... READ MORE

I Have a Lump on my Chin After a Chin Implant? It Has Been One Month Since Surgery.

It is very firm and round and quite large, right in the centre of my chin. I'm very worried about it. Is it an infection? Is it swelling? Do I... READ MORE

1 Month Post-Op Chin Augmentation Still Looks Swollen and Box Shaped, Normal?

Dear doctors, I just had my chin augmentation surgery a month ago. But, now I feel like there is a round shape of box under my chin when every time I... READ MORE

Is It True Midface Implants Can Be Removed Under Local?

Can large submalar and premaxillary implants really be removed in the office under local? When is the best time to remove? One month post op. Is the... READ MORE

Best Option to Fix my Profile? (photo)

Two things concern me about my profile...my weak chin/ low jaw and my horrendous neck line. I have a thinner face so from the sides my face just... READ MORE

Chin Implant and Range of Motion 4 Weeks Post op?

I had a chin implant with intraoral incision 4 weeks ago. Numbness and tingling feeling is improving although still present. I'm concerned about the... READ MORE

Lips and Smile Weird from Chin Implant?

I just had a chin implant and rhinoplasty 5 weeks ago. I am still numb on half of one side of lips and chin. When I smile My bottom lip doesnt really... READ MORE

Could the Implant Be Pinching a Nerve? Still Can't Feel Right Side 1 Month After Chin Implant Surgery.

I want my chin implant out although I like the results- the numbness and not being able to feel the right side of my chin is driving me crazy. From... READ MORE

Can Someone Give Me a Ballpark Figure of What It Might Cost to Remove a Chin Implant?

Hello, I had Medepore Chin implant in what will be 5 weeks on Monday May 28, 2011. The doctor said he used the smallest size and trimmed it. To me it... READ MORE

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