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Lactic Acid 50% Did Not Do Much for Discoloration Around Mouth. Could TCA 12% Do the Trick? How About IPL?

I have discoloration/scarring around my mouth. I used to have Angular Chelitis and I would lick the areas around my mouth, causing discoloration. I... READ MORE

Dermaplanning Combined with Lactic Acid Peel Resulted in Hyperpigmenation and Scarring?

About three weeks ago, I had a actic asid peel which was suppesed to be very light, I also told that I ahve very sensitive skin, and I am Asian and... READ MORE

Chemical Peel Safe During Winter?

I have some scars and acne and the last time i did a chemical peel was 3 months ago. i live in canada and the winter just started so im wondering is... READ MORE

Chemical peel for electrolysis scarring (red marks/pebbly skin/mild wrinkling-type look/tiny holes and pores? (photo)

My chin area bothers me so much! It's so uneven looking from the rest of my skin.  It's darkened a bit, has scarring, and looks wrinkly really up... READ MORE

I'm 46 and my Skin is Damaged from the Sun and Has Some Wrinkles/lines with some Scarring. Which Peel Would Work Best? (photo)

I have included pics and hope to receive some answers. I feel the botox makes me look abnormal, so I haven't gone back. I've read that the Obagi peel... READ MORE

Scars After Chemical Peeling is Normal?

I had gone to the dermat for pigmebtation treatmemt n he did chemical peelin on my skin by burning those areas.. n nw its been mre than 20 days..... READ MORE

Chemical burn from Retin A and Lactic Acid use? (Photo)

A week ago I started using Retin A 1% at night in my smile line area. Before this regimen, I was doing a lactic acid/50 gel peel every 1 or 2 weeks.... READ MORE

What peel do you recommend for post inflammatory hyperpigmentation and thick, really dark scars?

I tried using a peel called Maxipeel #3. It was my first peel solution ever & I think it was too much because I had a SEVERE reaction to it. I was... READ MORE

Chemical peel or laser treatments? Need both upper/lower eyelid work. (Photo)

I am a soon to be 57 year old woman with scarring on my face I also have vertical lines around my mouth, sun damage on neck. I wish to minimize the... READ MORE

While taking cure acne, can we go for a chemical peeling?

Actually I'm taking cure acne and I have some scars, I want to go for a chemical peeling but I'm scared READ MORE

Accident with Chemical Peel Left Scars What Can I Do to Help Repair Skin to More Normal State? (photo)

I did a deep chemical peel about 6yrs ago, skin culture usa 4000, after not peeling on day 5 my dad convinced me to try n get it off my face through... READ MORE

Post-Chemical Peel Applying Vasoline Forcing Skin Off? Scarring?

I had a chemical peel done by Dermo 4 days ago. I believe it was TCA. I know she opted to go with a 15% bc my skin was aggrevated from the... READ MORE

I got a chemical acid peeling at my legs and butt, A skin layer got peeled off then dark scar?

I applied olive oil for a week then, I followed another doctor's prescription and applied: 1- "Bio-Taches Emulsion" twice a day for a month 2-... READ MORE

I Have Gone Thru 2 Chemical Peels Wch Has Increased the Pimples and Those Pimples Have Left Behind Huge Scars?

I am getting married in two months so i am plannin 2 use Skinlite cream which contains Hydroquinone. is it safe to use to get rid of the scars coz i... READ MORE

Which peel should I do first? I'm a first-timer chemical peel user.

Hello, I have never done a chemical peel before and want to do it the right way. I have some discoloration on my skin, it needs to be toned, and some... READ MORE

How do I get rid of chemical peel scarring? Should I use a stronger chemical peel?

I used a 40% glycilic peel scarring isnt bad just seems like a darker patch area on my face im african american been using lightening creams (4 months... READ MORE

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