Oily Skin + Chemical Peel

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African American Chemical Peel for Dark Spots and Oily Skin?

I am African American and have very oily skin and dark spots that I would like to have removed. What is the best chemical peel or procedure for these... READ MORE

Best Chemical Peel for Oily Skin?

Is salicylic acid better at cutting through oily skin than glycolic acid? Also, how does salycylic acid at 15% compare to glycolic acid at 30%? Will... READ MORE

Chemical Peel Recommended for Oily, Sensitive, Acne-prone Skin?

What kind of chemical peel would be recommended for oily, sensitive, and acne-prone skin needing exfoliation? READ MORE

Are Chemical Peels Worth It?

I want to know if getting a chemical peel would be a good idea for me. I'm 22 years old and have adult acne. I have tried everything it just makes me... READ MORE

Can You Add Chemical Peel Solution to Oil, Lotion, Etc.?

I want to do a home chemical peel on my back to help with oily skin and acne, but it's a difficult area to reach. Can I add the chemical peel... READ MORE

I Want to Get a Chemical Peel Done to Lighten Acne Hyperpigmentation but I'm Afraid of Enlarging my Pores Even More?

I already have extemely large pores from years and years of bad acne and extremely oily skin. I don't want them to become even larger. Is this a... READ MORE

How to Treat Chemical Peel Side Effects with Creams?

I have done chemical peels and got my skin too oily and have developed wrinkles.Every day its oily but loose.My skin developed folded inside near my... READ MORE

Which peel would be beneficial for mild acne scarring and post hyperpigmentation spots?

I'm 23, male. I was on accutane for 4 months to treat acne. 2 months have passed since my accutane got over and I've remained acne free. Have been... READ MORE

At-home Chemical Peel Regimen for Oily Skin?

I have acne prone skin and I've tried everything that my dermatologist has given me, from antibiotics and four different skin regiments. The only... READ MORE

What is the differin with glycolic acid (am) or only glycolic acid + glycolic professional peels?

Retin-A is no longer available here. For anti-aging and oiliness (I am dripping) should I ditch the differin I am using and only use neostrata... READ MORE

What would you suggest on some peel lotion to use at home?

I have done peeling in clinic, but I don't know what chemical doctor used. Also I have undergone for microderma and laser, whole process was very... READ MORE

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