Cheek Augmentation Videos

Turning Up the Facial Volume: Fillers, Implants, or ThermiTight?

This woman wants to restore volume to her face. What's her best option? Here's what Dr. Edward E. Dickerson, IV, recommends. VIEW NOW

What Can I Do About My Drooping Face? See What This Doctor Recommends

Is your skin drooping around your face? You've got options, says Dr. Edward E. Dickerson, IV. VIEW NOW

Watch Sculptra Work on the Cheeks — 3 Minutes of Injectable Fillers

Dr. Douglas S. Steinbrech injects Sculptra into this young woman's cheeks. See the process. VIEW NOW


The Most Important Part of Your Face to Keep Looking Young — Do You Know What It Is?

What's the most important part of your face to keep looking young? Dr. Amy Forman Taub has the answer. Hear her reasoning. VIEW NOW


This Woman Gets a More Youthful Look Using Her Own Belly Fat (GRAPHIC)

Dr. Shahram Salemy restores volume and fullness to this woman's face for a more youthful look. VIEW NOW

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Does Voluma Hurt? Is It Reversible? Hear From a Doctor Who Uses It Everyday

Learn about Voluma including if it's reversible and if it hurts. Dr. Lorrie Klein shares her experience with the filler. VIEW NOW

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What Is Voluma? The Doctor Explains in 60 Seconds — She Just Did Her Cheeks!

Have questions about the filler Voluma? Dr. Lorrie Klein explains how it's used. See before and after photos and the doctor's own results. VIEW NOW

What Does Voluma Do? The Doctor Explains This Filler

Dr. Edward Buckingham breaks down what Voluma is and where he likes to use it to restore facial volume. VIEW NOW

30 Seconds of Cheek Augmentation — See How a Microcannula Works

This quick clip shows how Dr. Kian Karimi uses a microcannula to augment the cheeks. See other videos from this series: VIEW NOW

Juvederm and Cheek Augmentation: Watch the Filler Work on This Woman in Her 40s

Dr. John Allan Ness explains non-surgical facial shaping using Juvederm. See the before and afters from this cheek augmentation. VIEW NOW


Dermal Filler Shapes the Cheeks — See Perlane in Action

Dr. Francis R. Palmer, III performs cheek shaping and augmentation using the dermal filler Perlane. See the process from start to finish, including final results. VIEW NOW

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Augmenting the Cheeks With Implants or Fillers: Which is Better?

Getting those perfect apple cheeks is a hot trend right now but how should patients plump up that area: implants or fillers? Dr. Jennifer Reichel shares her personal opinion. VIEW NOW

Are the Cheeks the New Lips? Avoiding the Dreaded Overfill in the Mid-Face

You've definitely seen overfilled lips in your lifetime, but what about overfilled cheeks? If you're consider fillers like Voluma, how can you be sure to avoid the chipmunk cheek look? Dr. Day talks you through the process. VIEW NOW


Annoyed By Your "Chipmunk Cheeks?" Don't Be!

Pudgy cheeks might be annoying to you, but to plastic surgeons like Dr. Donn Chatham, they're a natural sign of youth. Just keep in mind that while you're seeking for ways to reduce them, others are seeking for a way to get them! VIEW NOW

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