Brow Lift Videos

Sunken Temples Are a Real Headache! Give Them a Good Plumping With Juvederm

Dr. Andrea Hui demonstrates how Juvederm Ultra XC is injected to provide volume to sunken temples and to lift the brow. VIEW NOW

"Chemical Brow Lift:" Forehead Wrinkles Are No Match For Botox

Dr. Majmundar creates a "chemical brow lift" using Botox to battle forehead and eyebrow wrinkles. VIEW NOW

DermaPen Tightens the Forehead to Create a Subtle, Non-Invasive Brow Lift

Dr. Mike Majmundar undergoes a Dermapen treatment for skin tightening in his forehead while explaining a bit more about the actual procedures. Stem cells biosignals are also used for optimal results. VIEW NOW

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Do You Need a Brow Lift? Here's How to Tell

Dr. Michael Law explains how a patient can determine whether they need a brow lift or not. VIEW NOW

Facial Rejuvenation Restores Youth to Your Face Without Changing Who You Are

This patient received facial rejuvenation in the form of an endoscopic brow lift, blepharoplasty, and CO2 laser skin resurfacing by Dr. Jose Barrera. VIEW NOW

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Watch This Woman's Face Change Before Your Eyes After a Face and Brow Lift

Watch a patient, treated by Dr. Jose Barrera, undergo a major transformation after getting a deep plane facelift, pretrichophytic browlift, and facial fat grafting. VIEW NOW

Watch This Woman's Face Change Over 2 Years of Plastic Surgery

This patient underwent a facelift, laser resurfacing, browlift, and blepharoplasty over the span of two years with Dr. Jose Barrera. VIEW NOW

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Prevent That "Botox Look" With These Injection Patterns

Dr. Brian Maloney explains the best injection patterns to avoid looking like you got Botox. VIEW NOW

They Say a Facelift Lasts 10 Years, But "That's Really a False Statement"

Facelifts are frequently said to last 10 years, but Dr. Brian Windle reveals that it really depends on a number of factors. VIEW NOW

5 Questions to Ask Before Choosing Your Botox Injector

What do you really need to know from your Botox doctor to get the best results? Dr. Sheryl Clark explains. VIEW NOW

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Lifting a Brow Can Relieve That "Always Mad" Look

Dr. William Portuese discusses the benefits of a brow lift and how this procedure can be performed to lift drooping skin off of the eyes, relieve skin folds between the eyes, and even slightly lower a high hairline. VIEW NOW

Will a Facelift Get Rid of All Your Wrinkles?

Dr. Daniel Shapiro answers the blanket question "Will a facelift get rid of all my wrinkles?" VIEW NOW


Do I Need Eyelid Surgery AND a Brow Lift?

Dr. Daniel Shapiro explains how he determines if a patient will benefit from both an upper eyelid blepharoplasty and a brow lift, or if the eyelid surgery will be enough on its own. VIEW NOW

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4 Types of Brow Lifts Explained

Dr. Daniel Shapiro explains each of the four types of brow lifts. VIEW NOW

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What Is Recovery Like After a Facelift?

Dr. Daniel Shapiro explains that while most patients consider recovery to come after the surgery, it actually begins days to weeks before. VIEW NOW

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