Brow Lift Videos

See This Young Woman's Liquid Brow Lift With Botox

Dr. Johnny Franco gives this woman's brows a lift with Botox and gets rid of her angry glabellar lines, between her eyebrows. VIEW NOW

The Doctor's Approach to Brow Lifts

Dr. M. Sean Freeman describes brow lift, or forehead surgery, and the specifics of how to have a successful surgery. VIEW NOW

How Many Men Get Cosmetic Surgery? This Doctor Has a Number

Dr. M. Sean Freeman discusses the prevalence of men and cosmetic surgery. VIEW NOW

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How Soon Can I Return to Work After Facial Plastic Surgery?

Dr. M. Sean Freeman gives these numbers for when most people can return to work. VIEW NOW

How Long Will My Facelift Last?

Dr. M. Sean Freeman answers this common question. VIEW NOW

I Want Facial Plastic Surgery but I Don't Want Everyone to Know I Had Work Done

Dr. M. Freeman addresses this concerns for people interested in cosmetic surgery. VIEW NOW

Before My Procedure, Will I Need Medical Clearance From My Doctor?

Dr. M. Sean Freeman talks about medical clearance and what tests you might need before surgery. VIEW NOW

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Don't Get a Botox Brow Lift If This Applies to You

This woman wants to know what she should do about her hooded eyelids. Here's what Dr. Amiya Prasad recommends. VIEW NOW

The Doctor Likes to Combine These Procedures With a Brow Lift...

Dr. Vartan Mardirossian explains which surgery he likes to combine with a lateral brow lift to enhance the upper portion of a person's face. VIEW NOW

How You Could Benefit From Combining Facial Plastic Surgeries

There are advantages to combining facial plastic surgeries, says Dr. Vartan Mardirossian. Learn what they are. VIEW NOW

About Face: The Doctor Explains Your Surgical Options for Face and Neck

What are your options when it comes to your face and neck? Get the details from Dr. Marc DuPere. VIEW NOW

How to Pick a Men's Facelift Surgeon — The Doctor Explains With Before & Afters

Dr. Miguel Delgado discusses the components of a male facelift, how it is different from women and the modern technique. VIEW NOW

Looking Fresh Without Looking Different: See These Before & Afters

Dr. Michael R. Schwartz explains the procedures he uses to rejuvenate the face. VIEW NOW

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"I'm Excited!" — This woman Sees Her Brow Lift and Nose Job Results Together for the First Time

Dr. Michael Elam removes the cast to reveal this woman's new nose after a brow lift and nose job. VIEW NOW

Bothered By Her Nose Since High School, This 51-Year-Old Woman Sees Her New Nose

Dr. Michael Elam performed a brow lift and nose job on this woman. See her reaction when she sees her new face for the first time. VIEW NOW