Brow Lift Videos

They Say a Facelift Lasts 10 Years, But "That's Really a False Statement"

Facelifts are frequently said to last 10 years, but Dr. Brian Windle reveals that it really depends on a number of factors. VIEW NOW

5 Questions to Ask Before Choosing Your Botox Injector

What do you really need to know from your Botox doctor to get the best results? Dr. Sheryl Clark explains. VIEW NOW

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Lifting a Brow Can Relieve That "Always Mad" Look

Dr. William Portuese discusses the benefits of a brow lift and how this procedure can be performed to lift drooping skin off of the eyes, relieve skin folds between the eyes, and even slightly lower a high hairline. VIEW NOW

Will a Facelift Get Rid of All Your Wrinkles?

Dr. Daniel Shapiro answers the blanket question "Will a facelift get rid of all my wrinkles?" VIEW NOW


Do I Need Eyelid Surgery AND a Brow Lift?

Dr. Daniel Shapiro explains how he determines if a patient will benefit from both an upper eyelid blepharoplasty and a brow lift, or if the eyelid surgery will be enough on its own. VIEW NOW

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4 Types of Brow Lifts Explained

Dr. Daniel Shapiro explains each of the four types of brow lifts. VIEW NOW

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What Is Recovery Like After a Facelift?

Dr. Daniel Shapiro explains that while most patients consider recovery to come after the surgery, it actually begins days to weeks before. VIEW NOW

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Which Type of Facelift Is Right For Me?

Dr. Daniel Shapiro describes the three most common facelift procedures, which target either specific areas or the entire face, depending on the patient's needs. VIEW NOW

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Direct Brow Ptosis Repair

Dr. John Martin demonstrates a surgical repair of three different patients presenting with brow ptosis, or a sagging brow. VIEW NOW

Internal Browpexy Can Restore Alertness to Drooping Brows

Dr. John Martin performs a browpexy, which is a procedure to lift a portion of the brow and can help with droopy lids. A full brow or forehead lift will lift the whole brow, which may not be suitable for patients needing only a slight correction. VIEW NOW

Pretrichial Temporal Brow Lift Elevates the Outer Brow

Dr. John Martin performs a pretrichial temporal brow lift, which involves an incision just ahead of the hairline on the brow and pulls the outer brow up slightly to provide a soft lift. VIEW NOW

Temporal Brow Lift As Part of an Endoscopic Brow Lift

Dr. John Martin performs a temporal brow lift to raise the outer parts of the brow and help diminish the chances the patient has to develop or worsen pre-existing crow's feet wrinkles. VIEW NOW

Meet Ulthera: A Non-Surgical Option for Lifting the Forehead and Brow

Dr. Daniel Mills introduces Ulthera, describing its radio freuquency technology and the options for treatments on and around the face. VIEW NOW

Surgical or Non-Surgical Brow Lift: Which Is Better?

Dr. Dennis Bucko explains the difference between surgical and non-surgical brow lifts and stresses the importance of the consultation in which your surgeon can help you choose the best procedure for you. VIEW NOW

Facial Rejuvenation May Emcompass Two or More Procedures

When speaking of facial rejuvenation, a surgical approach usually involves two or more procedures in order to provide the patient with the best results. VIEW NOW