Breast Reduction Videos

Tubular Breast: The Doctor Explains Surgical Options

Many women have tubular breast deformities, learn from Dr. Marie E. Montag what the surgical treatment options are to improve aesthetics and self-confidence. VIEW NOW

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Safety During A Mommy Makeover Procedure

Mothers are always worried about safety, and safety during a cosmetic procedure is of the utmost importance. Dr. Marie E. Montag explains the safety measures she takes while performing a Mommy Makeover procedure. VIEW NOW

Learn Your Options for Post Reconstruction Breast Asymmetry

Almost all women have some degree of asymmetry, but following reconstructive surgery it's even more common. Dr. Marie E. Montag explains options regarding cosmetic procedures to correct the size difference. VIEW NOW

When Should Your First Mammogram Be Scheduled Following a Breast Reduction?

Dr. Marie E. Montag discusses the best time for your first post-op mammogram. She also explains the differences between a pre-op, and post-op mammogram. VIEW NOW

Can You Breastfeed After a Breast Reduction?

After a breast reduction, the question of breastfeeding often comes up, especially in teens seeing the procedure. Find out how Dr. Marie E. Montag advises patients regarding breastfeeding following a breast reduction. VIEW NOW

Breast Size Following a Breast Reduction — The Doctor Explains What to Expect

Women like to know what to expect following a breast reduction procedure, including size. Dr. Marie E. Montag explains more on what to expect following your procedure. VIEW NOW

The Doctor Explains How to Correct Breast Asymmetry

Breast asymmetry is very common, some women elect to explore their options for addressing this proportional concerns with cosmetic surgery. Dr. Marie E. Montag explains their options. VIEW NOW

45-Year-Old Dee Gets Breast Surgery (Part 2, GRAPHIC)

In part two of three, Dr. S. Larry Schlesinger begins performing Dee's breast reduction and breast lift with implants. VIEW NOW

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How Smoking Impacts Healing After Cosmetic Procedures

Smoking can have a dramatic impact on your body's ability to heal. Find out how smoking impacts wound healing from Dr. John J. Edney. VIEW NOW

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Scarring After Surgery — The Doctor Answer Theses Commonly Asked Questions

Dr. John J. Edney addresses some of the most common patient concerns regarding post-surgical scarring. VIEW NOW

Why Wear Compression Garments After Surgery?

Each surgeon will customize your cosmetic surgery and prescribed a recovery regime. Dr. John J. Edney explains why compression is commonly used following cosmetic procedures. VIEW NOW

Breast Reduction: The Doctor Explains Surgical Techniques

Its important to learn about your options before proceeding with surgery. Dr. John J. Edney explains the various approaches available. VIEW NOW

Breast Reduction Recovery: 4 Important Things to Know

Dr. John J. Edney explains what to expect following breast reduction surgery. VIEW NOW

See the Doctor Insert a Drain Following This Woman's Breast Lift With Implants

Dr. S. Larry Schlesinger shows us what it looks like when a drain is inserted during breast surgery. VIEW NOW

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45-Year-Old Dee Gets Breast Surgery (Part 3, GRAPHIC)

In this final video Dr. S. Larry Schlesinger completes Dee's breast reduction with a breast lift with implants and corrects her asymmetry to give her a natural looking C cup. VIEW NOW