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Open Wound After Breast Reduction? (photo)

I had a breast reduction about a month ago, and after my steri strips came off, the left breast started to open. It is open now to where I can see... READ MORE

I Have 2 Open Wounds and Im Putting Everyday Vaseline or Triple Ointment...what else I Can Do? (photo)

I want it to heal as soon as possible.... my surgery was 3 weeks ago,,,and it happens 1 week ago. READ MORE

Open bleeding wounds breast lift/reduction? (photo)

I had BR Surgery 21 days ago. After 10 days two open wounds near the T incition open. Left breast wound grew from a dime size to a quarter size. It... READ MORE

Open Wound After Breast Reduction?

Wound separation at week 1 after br done 10 weeks ago. It is finally healing , but now it has a very hard clear scab over the top of the wound, bottom... READ MORE

Breast Reduction Complications? (photo)

Prior to the surgery I was a 36FF My PS removed 700 grams / 800 grams. During the 1st week I was swollen my right breast got blisters. 1 week post my... READ MORE

Why is my Incision Tearing Open 4 Weeks Post Breast Reduction?

The first two weeks postop I was sore but not uncomfortable and everything seemed to be healing till now. My right side vertical incision and my left... READ MORE

How Do I Care for This Wound Separation? (photo)

I have wound separation and large hard spots under each breast. I'm on antibiotics for poss infection. One of the scabs near my areola came off so... READ MORE

I Had BR Surgery and Now I Have an Open Wound/sore That Won't Heal? (photo)

I had BR surgery on 2/1/2013 in Caracas Venezuela. The stitches are find but an open wound start opening and it's been bleeding a little and it's not... READ MORE

Will I Need Additional Stitches? Or Can It Be Glued? (photo)

Had my reduction almost 3 weeks ago and my right breast is fine but as soon as the tape came off 2 days ago on my left breast I noticed it looks torn.... READ MORE

E. Coli Infection After Breast Reduction?

Had breast reduction 4.5 wks. ago, started draining 2 wks. ago & incisions opened up in 3 spots. Told dr.'s asst. & she said I was ok just... READ MORE

Does Smoking Cause Open Wounds and Infection on a Breast Reduction?

I am also curious as to why I have mixed stories from different doctors in regards to smoking and the affects before and after surgery. I have talked... READ MORE

Can I Use Duoderm Patches or Peroxide Water to Heal This Wound Faster? (photo)

It's been know 24 days after BR/Lift surgery and the open wounds are not healing. They are not infected and I've been keeping them cover with sterile... READ MORE

Help! Need to Heal Open Wound

I had my breast reduction on 4/5 and had this nasty open wound come under my left breast approaching 5 weeks post op. I am doing wet to dry dressing... READ MORE

BR 4 Weeks Ago, Open Wounds Turning Black?

One of the wounds is turning black on the inside tissue. What does this mean? I see my ps in 2 days, should i see ps sooner? READ MORE

I Also Had a Breast Reduction and the Open Wound on my Left Breast T-zone Has Formed a Scab. Most All the Area Has Healed Now?

Except for one little spot that has a scab that will not go away. It seems that there is a little black stitch underneath. (i rememember seeing the... READ MORE

Can I Use Gentian Violet Paint B.p.c on Open Icision After Breast Operation?

I had breast reduction op on 18 october.I have two open incisions caused by wound separation and have been oozing fat liquid for almost three... READ MORE

I Had Surgery February 22 to Correct a Breast Reduction I Had Last Year. Tape Allergy? (photo)

I had surgery February 22nd to correct a breast reduction I had a year ago. I was allergic to the tape and had to take it off five days after the... READ MORE

Why Did my Breasts Open Underneath Leaving a Deep Hole?

I received a breast reduction 10 days ago. Now I have a deep open hole under both breasts. I want to know if they can be can be closed. The doctor... READ MORE

9 Days PO for BR and I Have a Lg Opening Under Right Breast?

What should I do? Also still have drains in, fear that one is infected at opening. READ MORE

I have open wounds despite losing weight as requested by PCP but issues are worse. What can I do? (Photo)

My size is a 42 J. I am 21 years old. I have very badly bruised shoulders with deep dark impressions on them. I spoke to my PCP and he requested that... READ MORE

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