Ointment + Breast Reduction

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I Have 2 Open Wounds and Im Putting Everyday Vaseline or Triple Ointment...what else I Can Do? (photo)

I want it to heal as soon as possible.... my surgery was 3 weeks ago,,,and it happens 1 week ago. READ MORE

21 Days Post Op Breast Reduction, What Can I Put on Incisions?

I am 21 days post op from breast reduction revision. Original surgery was July 2011. My incisions are really dry and itchy. What kind of ointment can... READ MORE

Bactracin Ointment or Neosporin Which is Best to Use on Nipple After Reduction, Free Nipple Graft?

Is it best to use bacitracin or neo and do I put it all over the nipple area, my nipple area looks black. READ MORE

Recommendation for Breast Reduction Healing Aids

What medication should I after a breast reduction? Some companies offer scar reduction and healing sheets, do these really work? How many weeks should... READ MORE

Do I need to go to the ER or see my surgeon? (photos)

The first pic is from last week when I went to my surgeon and they said it would heal just fine, just use bacitracin zinc on it. The second picture is... READ MORE

3 months post op Breast Reduction, my wound is not healing. Is this normal? (photo)

I had breast reduction surgery 3 month ago.first month everything was fine.just before 2 month I got an wound on horizontal incision area.I am... READ MORE

Best treatment for wound separation? (photos)

I'm two weeks post-op and have separation at the inverted T on one breast and at the T at the areola on the other. The nurse told me to apply... READ MORE

2 weeks post op of Breast Reduction, I got blister on my areola and the skin came off. Is this normal?

It has been two weeks post since my reduction surgery. The first week I got a blister on my areola where the incision is. It popped and the skin came... READ MORE

Should you use any ointments to treat scars after breast reduction?

I have some experience with breast reduction as I just had my 3rd correction surgery (4 weeks) in less then 2 years. My PS never recommend any... READ MORE

Is there a certain ointment I should use?

I am 2 weeks post op breast reduction and lift. I have a couple open areas that bleed. Should I use a ointment to help heal them or should I tape them? READ MORE

Question about Terrasil ointment after Breast Reduction.

As part of my post operative instructions, my PS recommended to remove the steri strips at 2 weeks, and start applying Terrasil Infection Control... READ MORE

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