Dog Ears + Breast Reduction

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11 Days Post Breast Reduction and I Have What Looks Like Dog Ears?

I went to get my dressings changed today and revealed where what seems to be two dog ears both on the inside of my incisions (cleavage). Even my nurse... READ MORE

I Recently Had Breast Reduction Surgery, and May Need "Dog Ears" Removed. Is It Painful?

I also have an anxiety disorder, so I am really worried that this is a procedure that's supposed to be done while I am fully conscious, with only... READ MORE

Is This Normal Healing for Two Weeks Post-op or a Dog Ear? 15 Days Post-op Breast Reduction. (photo)

I removed my remaining steri-strips today and found this odd little bump at the intersection of the areola incision and the vertical incision under my... READ MORE

Will the swelling under my arms go away after Breast Reduction?

When I had reduction my swelling was under arms. Still burns if I rub my arms against it to drive so I quit driving. Will some of this go down?... READ MORE

What to Do About Breast Reduction Quarter Size Opening at T Spot and Lump/knot Along Anchor and Dog Ears? (photo)

I had BR May 20th & have a knot & also have a qtr size hole at the T spot. Dr saw it 2 weeks ago(hole only) & said only put a bandage over... READ MORE

What can I expect on revision after breast reduction? (photos)

My breast were nice and tight after surgery for a few months until the tissue softened Im scheduled for revision and it is not dog ears Im talking... READ MORE

Revision of Dog Ear? (Photo)

Sorry I did not answer back, Dr. Blinski. I am not very computer savvy. In answer to your question I had the dog's ear and scar worked on last week... READ MORE

Dog Ears & Kenalog Shot. Can scar revision help at all? (Photo)

Can anything be done to fix the scar where the dog's ear was removed. It looks ugly since I swim every day. Also after the kenalog shot the area... READ MORE

I am 6 wks post opt, will some of the dog ear and swelling under my arms go down?

I am post opt 6 wks, the 27th an weigh just under 200 I was losing weight after sugery, so far 10 lbs should I wait to lose any more, and will this... READ MORE

10 days post Breast Reduction, I have an abnormality near scarring. A small indentation on the left breast. What is this?(photo)

Is this a dog ear? If not does anybody know what this is? It is on the near side of the left boob (Left on first pic right one of left) Can this go... READ MORE

Did my horizontal scar need to be this long and will dog ears flatten? (Photo)

I had a breast reduction re op recently as the first op left me still quite large am very happy with the size this time but the horizontal scar is... READ MORE

What kind of ointment can I place on my scars after a breast reduction? (Photo)

It's been 5 months and I still haven't put any type of ointment for dryness and Scar revision? What is the best ointment for that? I also have a scar... READ MORE

Are there other options besides implants to make my right breast as full as my left? (Photo)

I had a breasted reduction and there is a noticiable difference in my right breasted. My left is perfect, the incision and everything. The right needs... READ MORE

Is this a dog ear? (Photo)

I recently had a breast mass under my armpit removed. At both ends are puckering of skin. I am 10 days post-op. Any chance this new "nipple" (!!) will... READ MORE

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