DDD To D Cup + Breast Reduction

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Breast Still too Large After Breast Reduction, What are my Options??

I posted before, but I have added some images, this time. I had a breast reduction about 4 months ago. prior to surgery i was a 32DDD Now I'm a 32... READ MORE

Breasts Still Seem Large 1 Month Post-Op Breast Reduction, Could They Still Go Down In Size?

I had a breast reduction a month ago and the doctor removed 800gms from each breast.  I am back to wearing normal bras. However still size D. I... READ MORE

VelaShape for Breast Reduction?

I am a 36DDD and would like to be able to wear a 36D. I don't want to have the bust reduction surgery. Can VelaShape be used to help reduce bust size? READ MORE

18 year old, DDD to D cup reduction - would this minor of a reduction affect my opportunity to breast feed? (photo)

I am 18 years old, 5'8 160 pounds and a DDD. My breasts make it difficult to fit into anything, I am unable to excercise without pain and they make me... READ MORE

I had breast reduction 5 months ago. I'm still sore and too big. Does this sound correct?

I was a 34/DDD, I wanted and was suppose to be a C. After surgery I was wearing a 38DD bra, but am now at a 34D, full D large side. It has been 5... READ MORE

Swelling and back pain after breast reduction? (photos)

Hi--I am 4 days post op from a bilateral breast reduction where I had 650 grams removed from each breast. Of course, I am still so swollen, but I am... READ MORE

Will insurance cover a breast reduction? 32DDD to full C/ small D? (photo)

I know that there are specific requirements or criteria that must be met before insurance will cover breast reduction surgery. I am 16 years old, 5'2"... READ MORE

Should I get implants along with my reduction? I don't want them to be any smaller than a D.

My name is Courtney I'm 22 yrs old and have 34 DDD. I recently went to talk to a surgeon in Miami Fl. I was pretty disappointed when he told me that... READ MORE

Will I look appropriately proportioned after surgery? 44DDD to 44D.

I am 5'5 at 247lbs. I wear a 44DDD. My reduction surgery will bring me to a 44D. Do you feel from your experiences that at 247lbs 44D would be well... READ MORE

Hi, I have Anthem Blue Cross in California. Im a 34DDD Im 5 7' with 135lb. What will my cup size be after 500gr reduction?

Breast Reduction. Breast lift. Hi, I have a PPO Anthem Blue Cross in California. Im a 34DDD cup size. Im 5 7' with 135lb. I Read the 500gr per side.... READ MORE

Which procedure will give me the full shape I want in my breasts? And what is best state to go to with reasonable pricing?

I am an 18 year old female, I want a breast lift within the next 2 years. I have 36DDD breast but I believe most of my size is sagging skin. I want... READ MORE

How soon can I have breast lipo after breast reduction?

Hi, I'm 10 weeks post BR with a vertical incision. I requested to go down to a 30 B/C from 30 DDD but I'm currently a 30D. I'm considering liposuction... READ MORE

Is it acceptable/possible to lift the breasts and lipo them instead of a Breast Reduction and get similar results?

I'm a 38DDD, but would like to be no smaller than a D cup. He thought enough couldn't be taken out to qualify for insurance and considering that I... READ MORE

I had a breast reduction a week ago. I saw the nurse. I have an appointment with my bs next week. Is it normal to see RN?

I have not seen my doctor yet. I have my two week appt next week. It seems like my breast are drooping already. Is this a normal feeling. I went from... READ MORE

Is it ethical for a surgeon to perform a lipo breast reduction without telling the patient he intends to utilize it?

I was a 34DDD and wanted to be reduced to a 34D and lifted signicantly higher. I am 5'8" and a size 6 with extremely thin skin. I had anchor scars... READ MORE

I'm 5'7 and 203 lbs. Is it possible to go from 38DDD to somewhere in the full D range?

I am 18 and I wear a bra size 38DDD, I am 5'7" and 230lbs although I look smaller than my weight, and plan on losing some. I've been playing with the... READ MORE

6 and half weeks post op after breast reduction, the top of my breasts have hard lumps in them?

I had breast reduction surgery 6 and half weeks ago, not too much of a reduction I went from a DDD to a D but a very large lift. I have no pain or any... READ MORE

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