Breast Reconstruction Videos

Breast Reconstruction: Hear How Surgery Changed These Women's Lives

Ever heard of BRAVE Day? Learn how breast reconstruction changed these women's lives. VIEW NOW

Donut Mastopexy: What Is It? See Before and After Photos (GRAPHIC)

Dr. Heather J. Furnas explains donut mastopexy and what it has to do with those beloved desserts. VIEW NOW

Puncturing Saline Implants — See the Doctor Deflate This Woman's Breasts

Dr. Tom J. Pousti purposefully deflates this woman's saline breast implants prior to a revision surgery. VIEW NOW


Correcting Congenital Symmastia — See the Doctor at Work (GRAPHIC)

Dr. Douglas S. Steinbrech operates on a woman with congenital symmastia. See the surgery. VIEW NOW

27-Year-Old Monica Had a Deflating Breast — See Why She Traveled All the Way From Guatemala

Her saline breast implant deflating, Monica sought out Dr. David E. Kim for a reconstructive surgery. See the results. VIEW NOW

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Breast Reconstruction: See How Tattoos Recreate the Nipple

Using tattoo coloring and shading techniques, these tattoos give the illusion of a nipple on breasts reconstructed after cancer. VIEW NOW

Breast Reconstruction Surgery: This Mother Shares Her Story

Ruthie shares her story of breast reconstruction. Learn how she and Dr. Peter J. Capizzi worked together to help her heal. VIEW NOW

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Breast Implant: Learn About Strattice vs. SERI Surgical Scaffold

Dr. Andrew Kornstein explains his experience using SERI Surgical Scaffold in the breast. A national spokesman for the product, he also serves as a member of Allergan’s SERI advisory panel. VIEW NOW

3,000 Breast Augmentations Later: Hear This Doctor's Take on Gummy Bear Implants

Dr. Michael A. Fiorillo has done more than 3,000 breast augmentations during his career. Hear his take on Sientra, nicknamed the gummy bear implant. VIEW NOW


Capsular Contracture Around a Breast Implant: See What It Looks Like

Dr. Tim shows how a complete double capsule formed around a textured breast implant. See how the capsule contracted over the implant, causing it to fold as the capsule tightened. VIEW NOW

What to Expect From Breast Reconstruction After Cancer

Dr. Shahriar Mabourakh discusses the different options for breast reconstruction after a mastectomy. Learn about your choices and see before and after photos. VIEW NOW


Breast Augmentation: Steps to Expect During Your Consultation

Dr. Carlos D. Burnett walks us through the typical breast augmentation process, from consultation to the day of the surgery. Hear about picking the correct size breast implant. VIEW NOW

Breast Augmentation: The 3 Most Popular Looks Patients Most Often Want

There are three main options when it comes to breast augmentation outcomes, says Dr. Tom J. Pousti. Hear the doctor discuss the pros and cons of each. VIEW NOW


How These Visual Aid Techniques Can Help You Decide Your New Bra Size

Picking a size for your breast implant can be a difficult choice, but Dr. Tom J. Pousti suggests these techniques to make the decision easier. VIEW NOW


This Surgeon Went From Practicing Reconstructive to Elective Cosmetic Surgery -- Find Out Why!

Dr. Sarmela Sunder explains her decision to move from practicing reconstructive to elective cosmetic surgery and the reason may surprise you! VIEW NOW