Breast Reconstruction Videos

The Doctor Explains Advances in Breast Reconstruction

Dr. Mark A. Brzezienski discusses recent advances in breast reconstruction techniques including form-stable silicone implants and fat injections. VIEW NOW

The Doctor Explains Breast Augmentation Consultations

Dr. Jack Peterson explains what he covers with patients during a breast augmentation consultation. VIEW NOW

Breast Augmentation: Reasons for an Inframammary Crease Incision

Dr. Jack Peterson explains what is an inframammary crease incision is and why he recommends it for Breast Augmentation. VIEW NOW

Learn About Breast Reconstruction With a Shaped Implant for a Natural Look

Dr. Jack Peterson discusses breast reconstruction and why you may want to use a shaped implant. VIEW NOW

Congenital Symmastia "Uni-boob" Repair — See 30 Seconds of the Procedure (GRAPHIC)

This woman was born with symmastia. Dr. Remus Repta removed the breast tissue prior to suturing the skin down. VIEW NOW

This Doctor Wears a Space Suite to Create a Super Sterile Environment During Surgery

Dr. Kevin Tehrani explains how he wear a sterile body suite in the OR to help prevent biofilm from coating breast implants and causing capsular contracture. VIEW NOW

Where Should I Place My Breast Implant: Over or Under the Muscle?

Hear from Dr. Jack Peterson as he explains where breast implants should go. VIEW NOW

The Doctor Explains Reasons for Breast Augmentaton

Dr. Jack Peterson talks about the various reasons why women are getting breast implants. VIEW NOW

Breast Cancer Reconstruction: Learn About Single-Stage Reconstruction

Dr. David A. Lickstein discusses new techniques that enable women to restore their confidence after Breast Reconstruction Surgery. VIEW NOW

1 Year After Breast Cancer and Reconstruction This Young Woman Shares Her Journey

A Woman shares her story about breast reconstruction surgery performed by Dr. Gregory Turoswski. VIEW NOW

Breast Cancer Patients: This Doctor Shares His Experience

Dr. James Namnoum shares his work with women battling breast cancer. Learn about the Pink Ribbon Story Foundation. VIEW NOW

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Breast Fat Transfer: This Is the Most Exciting Part About It

What can breast fat transfer do? Dr. Louis Bucky shares his findings. VIEW NOW

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Maintaining Your Breast Reconstruction — The Doctor's Recommendation for Lifelong Results

Dr. Ned Snyder, IV discusses breast reconstruction and his experience performing the procedure. VIEW NOW