Breast Reconstruction Videos

1 Year After Breast Cancer and Reconstruction This Young Woman Shares Her Journey

A Woman shares her story about breast reconstruction surgery performed by Dr. Gregory Turoswski. VIEW NOW

Breast Cancer Patients: This Doctor Shares His Experience

Dr. James Namnoum shares his work with women battling breast cancer. Learn about the Pink Ribbon Story Foundation. VIEW NOW

Breast Fat Transfer: This Is the Most Exciting Part About It

What can breast fat transfer do? Dr. Louis Bucky shares his findings. VIEW NOW

Maintaining Your Breast Reconstruction — The Doctor's Recommendation for Lifelong Results

Dr. Ned Snyder, IV discusses breast reconstruction and his experience performing the procedure. VIEW NOW

Are You an Athlete? Learn About Form Stable Breast Implants?

Dr. John Q. Cook discusses form stable breast implants recently approved by the FDA, and who the ideal candidates are for this type of breast implant. VIEW NOW

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Silicone Breast Implants: The Doctor Shows Us 4 Options

Dr. John Q. Cook discusses new developments in breast implant technology and explains the differences between various form of breast implants. VIEW NOW

DIEP Breast Reconstruction: Mindy Shares Her Story

Mindy talks about her experience with breast cancer and DIEP flap breast reconstruction performed by Dr. Manish C. Champaneria. VIEW NOW

Breast Augmentation for Tuberous Breasts: Beatriz's Journey (Part 1)

Beatriz, a patient of Dr. S. Larry Schlesinger, describes her motivation for having a breast augmentation. VIEW NOW

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Watch This Car Roll Over a Breast Implant — Does It Pop?

Dr. Kevin Tehrani and furry friend Lexa demonstrate the durability of a silicone Sientra breast implant. VIEW NOW


Why Should I Choose Silicone Gel Breast Implants? This Doctor Offers His Thoughts

Dr. Max Gouverne explains why silicone breast implants might be your best option. VIEW NOW

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Why Are My Breast Implants Not Dropping? The Doctor's Top 5 Reasons

Dr. Max Gouverne explains why your breast implants may not be dropping the way you expected. VIEW NOW

The Doctor's Top 5 Reasons to Avoid Oversized Breast Implants

The breast implants other people pick may not be right for you, says Dr. Max Gouverne. Learn more about picking implants. VIEW NOW

The Doctor's Top 5 Tips to Avoid Too Small Breast Implants

It's hard to pick your perfect breast implant size. Dr. Max Gouverne shares his tips for how to avoid implants that are too small. VIEW NOW

Is a Breast Lift Right For Me? 5 Tips to Help You Decide

Adding a breast lift to an augmentation isn't a decision to be made lightly, says Dr. Max Gouverne. Hear his top five tips to help you make your choice. VIEW NOW