Tightness + Breast Reconstruction

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Tightness, Pulling and Pain After Breast Reconstruction- What Can I Do?

I had reconstruction with textured silicone implants April 2011. I had continued tightness across my chest, with pulling sensations that did not get... READ MORE

Muscle Repair After Breast Reconstruction

I had bilateral Breast reconstruction 2 years ago. The results are very unsatisfactory. I find it hard to explain what happened, but I have lost... READ MORE

2 Years After Mastectomy/Reconstruction Still Have Tight Chest Feeling and Pain, What Can I Do?

I had a double bilateral mastectomy with immediate reconstruction 2 years ago and am still having a boa constrictor feeling around my chest. The pain... READ MORE

Pain 3 Months After Implant Exchange Surgery

I had silcone implants placed after bilateral mastectomy. I had a lot of discomfort with expanders but felt I would get relief once final implants... READ MORE

Problem with Tissue Expanders - Infection or Just Fluid Build Up?

I had a BMX with TEs about 5 weeks ago. The left side never drained much - always less than 20 ml a day. When drains came out, the left side got... READ MORE

Why Do I Feel Like I Have This Constant Tight Feeling After Breast Reconstruction?

Had bilateral mastectomy for brace2 gene in 2005. Never liked them. They are hard and I can feel the edges of the saline implant. I always feel like I... READ MORE

Reconstructive Breast (With Implants) Feel Tight?

It's been 2 and a half months since reconstructive breast surgery. I have size C cup implants. Though the swelling is at bay - the tight feeling of... READ MORE

How Long Does Tightness and Numbness Last After Implants Are Placed?

Had my implants put in on 9/7/11 and was wondering how long before the tightness and numbness subside? READ MORE

Will Abdomen Tissue Help with Right Breast Tightness?

I have had reconstruction (2005) left breast is awesome, right breast keeps getting tighter and tigher - I've been told due to radiation. It... READ MORE

How to Reduce Tightness After Breast Reconstruction?

Will Cutting Thoracordorsal Nerve After Lat Flap Reduce Tightness? Feeling of Muscles in Breasts? READ MORE

Does the Addition of Alloderm Make Reconstruction Less Painful?

I am having a tough time with the expanders...Ive tried OTC meds, physio etc. I feel extremely tight and uncomfortable. I have expanders in after a... READ MORE

Is it normal to still feel tight in the tummy at about 5 months into diep-flap reconstruction recovery? (photo)

I am a little more than 5 months into recovering from my bilateral diep-flap reconstruction. Will my tummy ALWAYS feel this tight and do I just need... READ MORE

I Had Dcis with a Bilateral Mastectomy, No Chemo or Radiation Needed. Four Month Silicone 400 Cc High Profile Implants?

The PS also took the extra skin bulge under my arms at the same time. I am working with a wonderful physical therapist for the last two months to... READ MORE

My plastic surgeon says my skin is too tight/thin around tissue expanders to expand anymore. Can a bigger implant be inserted?

I had prophylactic mastectomy with expanders. I am at 350ccs and doc says my skin is too tight to expand more. I am disappointed as I wanted to be a... READ MORE

I Had a Recent Revision to PBM and I'm Still Experiencing Tightness on Right Side and They Appear Too Close, Normal? (photo)

The tightness around my right implant, slight asymmetry and closeness of the new implants worries me. The tightness was also on the right after my TE... READ MORE

How do I know when to replace/exchange my implant after reconstruction?

I had reconstruction one right side with the silicone implant placed in early 2003. For past 6 months I have experienced tightness that feels like... READ MORE

Bilateral Mastectomy with Expanders 6 Months Ago then Exchanged for Implants 3 Weeks Ago Can This Cause Muscle Strain?

My breasts feel tight which I understand that plus the implants are a little bigger than my natural breasts (C to a D cup) but I also feel like my... READ MORE

Would PT be helpful post op?

Would Physical therapy be helpful post bilateral mastectomy with Latisimal dorsi flap and expanders, to help the tightness I have around my chest and... READ MORE

Is it safe to have Radiotherapy 3-4 weeks after a Mastectomy with immediate Implants & Strattice Mesh?

I had my mastectomy with immediate silicone implants & strattice mesh exactly 2wks ago today. I have been told I need 3 wks of radiotherapy. Planning... READ MORE

My surgeon gave me the largest Implants possible, they're rock hard & don't move. Will they ever move or go softer? (photos)

(Im having other side tubular breast uplifted & implant in in 6mths time)  I had a mastectomy with immediate implant & strattice mesh. My surgeon... READ MORE

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