Breast Lift Videos

How Long Will I Need Assistance After My Procedure?

Dr. Constantino G. Mendieta explains recovery times following plastic surgery. VIEW NOW

Is There an Age Limit For Plastic Surgery? Hear This Doctor's Opinion

Dr. Constantino G. Mendieta explains the recommended age limits for plastic surgery. VIEW NOW

What to Expect During Breast Lift Recovery

Dr. Alex Campbell explains what women can expect in the days and months following a breast lift. VIEW NOW

Breast Lift: The Doctor Explains What 3 Elements Make For a Successful Surgery

What is a breast lift? What does the procedure involve? Dr. Alex Campbell answers these questions and more. VIEW NOW

Learn the 3 Different Breast Lift Techniques

There are three different breast lift techniques. Do you know what they are? VIEW NOW

Breast Lift 101: What Procedures Can It Be Combined With?

Dr. Alex Campbell explains the basics of a breast lift, including what procedures you can typically have at the same time. VIEW NOW

Liposuction: How Much Fat Can Be Safely Removed?

What are the limits of liposuction? There's a specific number of CCs. VIEW NOW

Life After Breast Augmentation: When Can I Return to Normal Activity?

It's a common question. Hear what Dr. Rami Ghurani recommends when it comes to life after surgery. VIEW NOW

Why Do a Breast Lift and an Augmentation? Your Answer in Under 2 Minutes

Why do some breast augmentations also require a lift? Dr. Elisa A. Burgess explains. VIEW NOW

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What Your Doctor Needs to Know For Your Safety

Dr. Lauren Greenberg offers this advice for what your doctor needs to know for your personal safety. VIEW NOW

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Not Interested in Breast Implants But Still Want a Lift? Here's 1 Option

Dr. Larry S. Nichter explains how he uses fat transfer to give the breasts a lift. VIEW NOW

What's a California Breast Lift? Your Answer in 72 Seconds

Ever heard of a California breast lift? Dr. Larry S. Nichter explains the pros of this procedure. VIEW NOW

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What Happens After I Remove My Breast Implants? Will I Need a Lift?

Will you need a breast lift after removing your implants? Dr. Douglas Taranow shares his experience. VIEW NOW

Breast Implant Consultation: What Questions Does the Doctor Ask?

Dr. Tom J. Pousti discusses a prospective breast augmentation with this young woman. See what questions he asks. VIEW NOW


3 Breast Enhancements Options: Do You Know What They Are?

Dr. Arun Rao discusses three major options for breast enhancement. Learn the goals for each. VIEW NOW