Silicone Scar Strips + Breast Lift

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Which over the Counter Silicone Sheeting and or Paper Tape Do You Recommend for TT and Breast Lift Scars?

I have read many of you recommend Silicone Sheets (they need be applied less often correct?) and Or Paper Tape... For the Tummy Tuck scars and Breast... READ MORE

Should I Use Silicone Gel Sheets After Breast Lift?

I have just had a typical anchor shaped breast uplift 2 weeks ago and am due to start using scar reduction gels. Should I be investing in special... READ MORE

Silicone Sheets Causing Increased Redness of Scar? (photo)

I had a breast lift on 11/27. No opening of incisions, only the spitting of a few stitches. Using bio dermis silicone sheeting for my scars. The first... READ MORE

Pus 10 Days Post Op Breast Lift and Breast Aug; Normal or Not?

I'm now 10 days post op and I have silicone strips on my incisions and I have noticed that my left breast has pus dropping from one of the silicone... READ MORE

What Are The Best Silicone Strips to Use After Breast Lift/Implants and Thigh Lift?

What are the best silicone strips to use after breast lift/implants & thigh lift? Do you start using once stitches are out? READ MORE

Breast Lift Scars - Will They Fade? Concerned. Hyperpigmentation. (photo)

9 months post op uplift and implants-concerned about scars my surgeon assures me they will go white bt was vague on time frames.They still seem very... READ MORE

Scar Control From a Vertical Breast Lift?

My personal Attempt at scar control from vertical breast lift and 330 cc saline implants (June 13th) is a variety of vitamins, my vitiamin therapy... READ MORE

After breast lift surgery, can I use Scarguard with silicone sheets?

I don't know which one to use so I figured I use both and get quicker results. I heard Scarguard is good because it's 12% silicone and hydrocortisone.... READ MORE

Should I use silicone sheeting and/or paper tape to help heal/prevent scarring on my breast lift incisions? How do I use it? (ph

I had an anchor lift with explant/total capsulectomy on 5/16. My surgeon did not mention silicone sheeting or paper tape for my incisions, but I have... READ MORE

How long should I take off work as exotic dancer before going back?

I am an exotic dancer who will be undergoing breast lift/augmentation soon. I am planning to use silicone scar sheets this time, as my scar widened... READ MORE

Do wide breast lift scars get better over time? (photo)

Hi. I got a breast lift 4 months ago. At first the incisions were very thin, but then they widened a lot, especially around the right areola, as you... READ MORE

Silicone Sheets for Scars?

Does using silicone sheets make a difference on how the tummy tuck and breast lift incisions will heal? They're very expensive but is it worth the cost? READ MORE

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