Breast Lift with Implants Videos

What Age Do Most Women Get a Breast Augmentation?

When's the right time to get a breast augmentation? Dr. Joe Gryskiewicz shares the average age at his practice. VIEW NOW

Should Breast Implants Go Above or Below the Muscle?

Above or below the muscle? Dr. David Broadway answers this common question about breast implants. VIEW NOW

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Learn About 2 Types of Breast Lifts

Dr. Jon A. Perlman shares the two options he typically uses for breast lifts. VIEW NOW

The 3 Most Popular Placement Options For Breast Implants — According to This Doctor

Dr. Donald Wortham discusses breast implant placement and the options available today. VIEW NOW

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Breast Lift With Implants: Learn About This Common Complication

Dr. Zannis describes a common problem with having a breast lift and implants at the same time and how to treat it. VIEW NOW

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Over or Under the Muscle? The Pros and Cons For Each

Dr. John Zannis discusses the pros and cons to implant placement over the pec muscle or under the muscle. VIEW NOW

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What's the Best Size For Me?

Dr. Beverly Friedlander explains her consultation process and how she helps recommend the best size implant for a patient. VIEW NOW

Best Bra to Use After Breast Implants — The Doctor's Opinion

The post-augmentation bra is an important part of your initial healing. Dr. John Zannis discusses his preference for surgical bra and the reasons why. VIEW NOW

Learn About the Benefits of 3D Imaging For Breast Augmentation

Dr. Craig W. Colville explains how the VECTRA 3D Imaging system can help doctors and their patients see potential results prior to surgery. VIEW NOW

3 Important Tips When Choosing a Plastic Surgeon, According to This Doctor

Dr. Christian Subbio talks about what you should consider when choosing a plastic surgeon and what questions to ask. VIEW NOW


"The Bigger They Are the Quicker They Fall" — Learn the Possible Complications of Too Big Breast Implants

Dr. Laura L. Bennett discusses the risk of various complications from breast augmentation and how they can be treated. VIEW NOW

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Changing Trends in Breast Implants — Learn How to Pick Your Size

Dr. Della C. Bennett discusses the changing trends in breast implant sizing and her recommendations for choosing the right size. VIEW NOW


Breast Augmentation Complications: What You Need to Know Before Surgery

Dr. Stephen W. Gordon walks us through how to prepare for breast augmentation and possible complications. VIEW NOW

How Long Should You Wait to Have Breast Augmentation After Pregnancy?

Dr. Michael J. Schenden discusses breast surgery after pregnancy, including how long you should wait to have your procedures and the expected recovery. VIEW NOW

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How Your Breast Tissue May Influence If You Get Saline or Silicone Implants

Deciding between saline or silicone breast implants? Dr. Thomas S. Taylor details how he helps his patients make a choice. VIEW NOW

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