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Nipple Numbness After Breast Implants (photo)

I had breast implants (over the muscle) 5.5 months ago. One of my breasts is absolutely fine. With the other, I have sensation to the outer / upper /... READ MORE

3 Years Post-op: Trouble Breathing, Pain Under Right Breast, Chest Pain & Hand Numbness

If I need an MRI do I need a referral? What kind of MRI do I ask for? The breathing is whats scary, its really affecting me. I had saline breast... READ MORE

Loss of Feeling 13 Years After Breast Implants? (photo)

13 years ago I had a breast augmentation. 350 cc's, under the muscle and through the areola. Following surgery, I had total loss of sensation in both... READ MORE

7 Year Saline Breast Implant; Muscle Pulling Sensation Recently. What Do You Think?

Recently, I have been experiencing a tight "muscle pulling sensation" over my left breast then it feels like a "popping sensation"... READ MORE

I'm 4 Days Post Op and my Breast Are Numb Under my Nipple and Above my Incision on Both Sides?

My breast are numb on the skin below my nipples and above my incisions. Will this go away? READ MORE

Breast Numbness 10 Months Post-Op

I had a submuscular saline ~390cc breast aug. 10 months ago and still have no sensation in approx. 80% of my breasts. First, I want to know if there... READ MORE

Right boob has dropped more then left but is constantly tight. Is this normal? 10 days post op.

Hi. I'm 10 days post op. Initially my left boob was lower. I've never had any pain, barely any numbness in that boob. My right on the other hand was... READ MORE

Numbness on my Right Breast After 3 Months?

I had breast augmentation over 3 months ago and my right nipple as well as the lower part of my breast are still numb. It is normal? My left breast... READ MORE

Pain and Numbness on Right Breast After 18 Months of BA?

18 months after BA right breast still hurts and it feels numb. PS say is nerve recovery and to massage. on my last appmnt PS said that it was scar... READ MORE

Pain and Ridge 1 Year Post Op Breast Implants?

I have numbness on both breast, a ridge line on both breasts and my nipples are so painful. My scars have become swollen and inflamed and my left... READ MORE

Breast Implants 4 Months Old and Still in Pain?

I had 390cc implants put in under the armpit, I still have pain in the sides of my breasts, and a burning stretching feeling all over them, I'm still... READ MORE

I Am at Week 6 After a Lift & Implant (Submuscular).

I am at week 6 after a lift and submuscular implant. While the left side seems to be great, the right is still high.... I thought it was the capsular... READ MORE

Could my Issues Be Related to Placement Around Muscle? (photo)

Would MRI and Ultrasound Be the Safest Way to Find out What's Going On? I'm having numbness & tingling along with a dull achy feeling from my... READ MORE

Breast Implants and Botox?

Im curious...why doesn't every PS use Botox injections to numb the pectoral muscle during submuscular implant surgery? READ MORE

What Should I Do? Are These Typical Side Affects?

I just got my implants a week ago. The next day I was feeling good. Little pain. But within a couple of days I started having dizzy spells, I'm... READ MORE

I have had breast implants for nearly 2.5 years size 300 placed under the muscle. Should I have them removed?

I have experience extreme numbing including pain if squeezed. I also experience a jumping movement of the implant in both breasts when I exercise and... READ MORE

Are These Normal or Common Post-op Symptoms?

When I went for my first postop visit the next day for the "big reveal", I noticed a large bruise on my left breast and I had some crepitus under my... READ MORE

Why is This Happening? Gp Keep Saying It Infected?

Left breast implant very painful pain spreading to left shoulder, armpit and arm goes numb, breast seems to be facing armpit now to begin with it... READ MORE

7 Weeks PO, Still Can't Feel Right Nipple and Some Part of my Skin, What Should I Do?

I'm on my 7weeks Breast Op and I Can't Still Feel my Right Nipple and Some Part of my Skin.what Should I Do? READ MORE

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