AA To C Cup + Breast Implants

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AA Cup to a C Cup with 300cc Silicone Implants?

I had 34AA initially. I'm 5'8", and 135 lbs. The doctor implanted 300cc silicone breast implants (sub muscular). I asked for C cups. Mind... READ MORE

Can High Profile 375 Cc Implants on Small Frame Result in "Natural Looking Breasts" (No Stripper Look) (photo)

Im a petite asian girl wanting natural BA results as I work in a conservative office. Currently 32AA 5'3.5" 110lbs 12" BWD & 26... READ MORE

Is 375cc too Large for Me to Look Natural? (photo)

I am 5'3" 97lbs. I am a 32AA and looking to be a full C and no larger because I have a small frame. I am getting silicon implants placed under the... READ MORE

Recommended Cup Size for my Frame? AA to Small C Cup

I am 5'7" 110 pounds and SKINNY!! I am currently wearing a 32 AA. I recently met with a plastic surgeon and I want a small C. He said I could... READ MORE

I'm Scared of Losing Sensation on my Nipple, What Implants Are Too Large? (photo)

I'm 19 years old, I'm 5'5 and I weigh 155. I'm a size AAcup. and I'm going to get my breasts done in less than two months. I'm... READ MORE

32A/AA with 400cc Implants To Be a Large C, Small D Cup?

Hi, I'm 5'4" about 105 pounds and i currently wear a 32a/aa size bra. I would like the final result to be a big C, small D. I want to get... READ MORE

2 Months Post-op Breasts Very Hard and Haven't Dropped, Is There Something Wrong? (photo)

I'm currently at the 2-month post-op stage and feel that my breasts have barely dropped. My PS and I decided to go from AA to C. At the moment I am a... READ MORE

I Can Feel my Silicone Implant Under the Tuck of my Skin. is It Normal?

Had breast implants 11 months ago and no problems to date. Just recently I have noticed under my right breast I can fit my fingers under my implant. I... READ MORE

I am having problems with picking an implant size. Should I go with 395cc or 355cc? My goal is to be a full C cup.

I'm 5'8, 34AA, and 128lbs. I am choosing to go with Mentor's MemoryShape Anatomical implants but can't decide size to achieve the look I want. My goal... READ MORE

What size is best for me? I want to go from 36AA to 36C.

I'm 23, 5'5 about 14lbs. Wanting to become a 36C I am a 36aa right now. I am thinking silicon under the muscle for a natural look. I love working out... READ MORE

PIP Implant Removal - Capsulectomy?

I have the PIPs mentioned in the media currently. I am considering not getting them replaced and just removed entirely. I have had them since 2005 and... READ MORE

What Are the Long Term Effects of This Size Implant on my Small Frame?

I am 5'4, 109 lbs. I have nursed three babies and ended up a 32AA. I had silicone implants placed 3 weeks ago (375cc) submuscular. I know I have good... READ MORE

Would 280 cc implants be large enough to obtain the results I am looking for? (photo)

I am an Asian female, height of 5'4" and a weight of 125lbs. I currently have 32AA breasts and would like to pursue breast augmentation. My desired... READ MORE

5 month post-op, right breast much harder than left; rippling clearly seen with an ultrasound. Any hope for the future?

I had 350cc smooth silicon under the muscle implants 5 months ago. I went from an AA to a C cup. My left breast has softened a lot, but my right... READ MORE

What size cc I need to achieve a full C or slightly larger cup size? (photos)

Currently am a 32aa/a, I am quite active, I love to workout and ride horses.I am wanting to be a full c cup or slightly larger that still keeps my... READ MORE

Help in sizing: I'm as flat as one can be. 23, petite, active, long torso/short legs, a little bottom heavy, small waist (Photo)

Current measurements: - 5ft2, 48-50kg - between 32AA and 34A - projection from chest wall to nipples is 1.5cm (0.5cm thanks to nipples) I enjoy... READ MORE

Are implants an option even if I do not have much to work with?

I am a 23 year old with very minimal breast tissue. I am a 36aa and wanting to become a 36c. I am just nervous if implants are possibly and if are am... READ MORE

What size cup will I end up with 255cc anatomical implant?

I have been to 2 consultations and I am really confused about size. I have been told that I have an 11 cm base to play with and this means I have been... READ MORE

AA to C cup. When should I start massaging my breasts? 3 days post op (Photo)

I have read that massaging the implants early on helps prevent capsular contraction and also allows them to drop more natural looking. Is this true?... READ MORE

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