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Dissatisfaction with breast augmentation can lead to a revision. Often involves changing the implant size, addressing post-op sag, or fixing asymmetrical breasts.
Average Price: $7,400

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I have a problem you may be able to help me with. I am 62 and I had the Dow 185cc smooth round silicone at 30 years old and the Replicon 385cc silicone/poly covered at 40 years old until 12/19/2013. I do not know my profile. I have to replace them due to capsular contraction. I am 5"5"... READ MORE

I had BA almost two years ago. I had 420cc saline dual plane position moderate plus profile. I loved my implants at first but now that I have to have a revision I'm not so sure. I went in because I noticed that the implants were sitting lower than usual. The doctor said I have bottomed out a... READ MORE

The reason why I did the surgery was because it was necessary before any further trauma was caused by the tearing of the implants. My advice to anyone having any procedure done is to always go with your gut instinct & before you decide have a second opinion! Only you know your body better... READ MORE

This is my second set of implants. This is my second lift. First reduction and Lipo. First set were textured saline with capsule contractor.Had them removed and lifted in 2006. On 03/05/2014 Dr.Erik Nuveen did a staged procedure reduction lift and Lipo. I healed until 05/22/2014 then returned... READ MORE

Hii im 26 years old from the Middle East and i've had my first BA last feb 2013 in my country which was a complete failure. I had 450cc Textured Silicone over the muscle Crease Incision. Implants were placed too low on my chest and gave a bottomed out look!! Areola were too high and nipples... READ MORE

I was motivated to have breast replacement surgery because I was experiencing pain and discomfort from a ruptured implant. I wasn't sure whether to have the implants replaced or permanently removed. Dr. Steele and his staff were very helpful in my decisions, they answered all of my questions... READ MORE

Dr. Weinfeld is a life saver. I went into his office with a whole in my left bress, the implant was literally sticking out- it was a botched job from my previous surgeon. I asked him to just put it back together so I could move on with my life. He said he understood my pain, but he couldn't. He... READ MORE

My original BA was in 2007 with a different PS with many, many years of experience... I was naturally a 34B and desired larger breasts and to correct some slight asymmetry. I was hoping to get HP Implants but was told I was not a candidate for those and ended up with 480 (right)/470 (left)... READ MORE

It has been a year since I got my BBL with Salzhaeur. I am extremely satisfied with the shape Dr. S gave me :-) I had an extremely square body with no shape or booty at all! He injected about 1100cc of fat in the booty :-) I am going back to Dr. S on August for a revision of a breast lift with... READ MORE

My surgery is scheduled for Friday of this week. In addition to the implant exchange my PS determined that I also need a capsulectomy and capsulorraphy to address my capsular contracture on the left and sagging on the right. We decided to go with the new "gummy bear" tear drop silicone implant... READ MORE

I had breast implant surgery done on July 10th 2013 with 240 cc saline submuscular and under the armpit placement. I had been a 34 A prior. I am 59 yrs old. This was post a facelift in May 2013 and Lipo in 9 2012. All done by the same md. The breasts came out in July being not symetrical due to... READ MORE

First, let me say that I NEVER write reviews online. EVER! I had such a fantastic and meaningful experience that I had to say something! :) Once upon a time, I had a prior breast augmentation from another surgeon that literally had me question whether I should have even done it in the first... READ MORE

I had a mommy makeover in 10/2012. Although I can say the surgeon did an AMAZING job on my TT and my breast look a lot better than they did before, I am not happy with the end result. When I first complained about them I was told that I had to wait until my breasts implants dropped and settled... READ MORE

Hi, in 2008 I had my 32b-c(?) natural breasts augmented with Naturelle 339cc smooth round moderate Silicone gel, under muscle, insertion through crease. a pocket revision was performed 1 year later to correct implant malposition with internal sutures. Both were performed by an extremely talented... READ MORE

Hi girls. I'm 19 years old. Had my BA 6 months ago whilst I was 18. I was recommended 375cc over the muscle ultra high profile round implants. I went from an A -32FF(I think that's 32H US size?). Anyway everything was great u.p until about 4 months post op. I noticed they started dropping... READ MORE

I have had 400cc saline implants for about 12 years, with a slow leak in my right one for about 5 years. Recently, the leaking one completely ruptured and I had a couple of consults, eventually deciding to go with Dr. Gruenwald in Baton Rouge, LA. I knew I wanted to have my implants replaced... READ MORE

I have been wanting very large breast implants for many years. While some might think 1200 cc's is large, it was not as large as I really wanted. Since I live half an hour north of NY City, it was a HUGE decision to travel to the opposite end of the country alone, not to mention also... READ MORE

I received the wrong type implants in two different sizes and my $7,000.00 contract with the doctor has become $7,550.00 due to the surgery center billing me on top of it. The office continually ignores my calls and emails. Beware!!! Find another doctor. I will have to go through this whole... READ MORE

I had breast implants for 17 years which I felt were always too big for me. I always use to hide my breasts and was embarrassed. I am a petite person so they looked bigger on me.I am happy with my results so far and will post a new pic after my one month. Pre Op - 240cc saline implants,... READ MORE

I decided to have my surgery done in San Diego, even though I am from the Bay Area in Northern California because Dr. Pousti is a very honest doctor who cares about his patients. I went in for a breast mastopexy and implant exchange to be done in one procedure. The day of surgery Dr. Pousti... READ MORE

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