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Breast implant revision surgeries address dissatisfaction or complications with previous breast augmentations. Revisions can include changing the implant size, fixing post-op sag, or aligning asymmetrical breasts.

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Dr. Spann has amazing talent. I truly believed the mutilation (not being extreme) caused by Dr. Suzanne Yee was what I would have to live with forever. Dr. Spann is the reason my husband said, "WOW!" in reference to my breasts in a positive way in over two years. I cannot thank him enough. ... READ MORE

I just had my consultation with my board-certified plastic surgeon, and it went very well. I have to wait a little over 3 weeks for the surgery, but I have waited a long time to have this done, so that is ok. We are trying to contact my old Surgeon in California to determine what size my... READ MORE

I had my first set of implants over 12 years ago. I got 400cc's of saline. I started off as a 34D but now I'm down to a C cup. I want to get silicone implants this time and my doctor is recommending 600 to 650cc's. I'm very nervous about going that big. I definitely want to go bigger obviously... READ MORE

About 10 years ago I went to Dr. Krau for implants because I was flat as a board. If there is anything flatter than a board, that was me. I was 20 years old when I first got them and I was extremely happy (I'm not sure what my original size was) but I had saline implants because that was the... READ MORE

Super excited to get my 2nd BA August 14th! 1st BA - 18 years old. 5'8. 115#. 32AA - 32C with 300cc saline implants. Surgeon was Dr. Gary Hall at Advanced Cosmetic Surgery. He has recently retired so I will be using the Surgeon who took over his practice, Dr. Levi Young. Since then I had a 3... READ MORE

I wanted to increase the same of my breasts since I could remember due to how unproportionate they were to my tall 5'8 and 145lb figure. I thought long and hard on the decision and in the month of July of 2014 I decided to go for it! I was surrounded by many colleagues and friends alike who have... READ MORE

I am a mother of 2 kids that I breast fed for longer than I care to admit. I am 5'2 & 104lbs with a 34-35 inch waistline. I am skinny everywhere expect my muffin top. Prior to having kids I had small breasts, average A cup. While breast feeding they increased to small C/ full B & then shrunk &... READ MORE

HISTORY: I had a breast augmentation in the Seattle area one year ago and was unhappy with the results. I did not feel that the surgeon listened to what I wanted. I feel he had already decided what he thought I should look like and didn't deviate despite seeing my wish photos. He already chose... READ MORE

Going into my consultation with DR Tantillo, I was nervous as I'd had a bad experience in the past with another plastic surgeon. However, my botched breast implants had bothered me long enough and it was time to get them fixed! I explained to DR Tantillo what my desired results were, basically... READ MORE

I had my original augmentation performed 1 year ago by a well known Beverly Hills surgeon. I was extremely unhappy with my results, especially because of the price. My breast implants were placed to low in my chest mound. I had two (bilateral) double bubbles. My original surgeon agreed to fix... READ MORE

I had my first BA when I was 19 yr old. I was a 34 AA. I barely had any breast tissue and went under the muscle with 400cc saline (silicone wasnt allowed for 1st timers back then). When I healed I notice when I flexed I had a huge crease in the middle of my chest on both breast but being 19 I... READ MORE

Hello real selfers, time for me to pay it forward and share my experience with you guys as you have all been my inspiration and courage to go forward with my goal of explanting my current implants and exchanging to a smaller size with NO MAJOR LIFT SCARS. My goal is to explant from 500 cc... READ MORE

So it has been about 4 years now since my first breast augmentation and it looks like it has settled this way now. Not too happy with what they look like, and wish I didn't do saline. :/ what is the avg. Cost if I want something a little bit bigger and the "gummy bear" implants? Can I get... READ MORE

After 5 months post op the GIRLS decided to fall and it was so painful to look at. I wanted perky boobs.. I went from an almost A to a full C cup. So I decided to go ahead with the procedure. I am happy after a week. Lets see if it stays! Don't want this pain or surgery again! I really like... READ MORE

After having 2 previous surgeries in the uk (BA and nipple reduction) with less than satisfactory results I came to the decision that I needed to find a surgeon with more experience to fix the mess the other surgeons had made of my breasts. I came across dr Revis on a number of forums and from... READ MORE

Had an amazing experience with replacement Pips at Dolan park with Husain Sulisman, I had these for 8 years had 290s under was never really happy just gone to 440 under using Motivas, lucky I had the replacement as my left implant had started to rupture, the pain was minimal for 24 hours just... READ MORE

I first had breast enlargement 14 years ago approx after losing weight left saggy,,it cost 3300 at a clinic in liverpool??,icant say I was overjoyed and wish if gone bigger,having a b cup I chose 325 and 350 implant,,.they were a d no problems but just weren't up there,then came pip ??flipp and... READ MORE

I've been dealing with Symmastia since my first breast job in 06. Then in 08 I went to go get my breast fixed from symmastia and rippling. The doctor made it worst and just larger. I wanted larger but not closer together. I found Dr Pousti online. Saw he deals with these issues all the time.... READ MORE

Let me start by saying that all the women in my family are well endowed. So as me and my sister grew up, I watched her develop into a DD while I stayed at a near non-existent 34A. I've been researching BA seriously since I was 20 years old, but I've definitely thought about it since puberty.... READ MORE

I recently replaced my 14yr old 330cc saline with 450cc silicone. I wanted to be a full D but fell short. My new implants feel great, very little pain recovering but seem so small. Where did they go?! Seems as my body just sucked them in with little to show. They also feel very round. I would... READ MORE

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