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Breast implant revision surgeries address dissatisfaction with previous breast augmentations including changing the implant size, fixing post-op sag, or aligning asymmetrical breasts.
Average Price: $7,425

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Hello everyone! I had 450cc saline implants done almost a year ago. They look nice but I always intended going bigger. Now, I AM! :) I am going for 800cc silicone (the largest silicone implant available in USA). I am traveling to Florida to ahve the procedure done by an expert in XL breast... READ MORE

Arrived in Turkey last night. Collected from airport and taken to the Revitalize Turkey villa. Staff are happy to see you and helpful, room clean and tidy but basic. Booked for consultation this morning at 10 am and then op at 2pm. Not nervous as I have been here before but all the same want to... READ MORE

Hi! I first had breast augmentation with Dr. Seckel 12 years ago, and I wanted to change over to silicon, so I consulted with him again... At this point I also opted to have slim lipo on my flanks, tummy all the way up to roll under underwire. Dr Seckel is amazing and a artist! I now have... READ MORE

I'm in my mid-40s, married with 3 children. My saline implant were 16 years old. L side ruptured so I had an unexpected procedure. My previous surgeon had retired so I consulted with 2 surgeons. I decided to have the same size and just a tad bit fuller. I had 300cc saline, new implants are... READ MORE

I decided to go from 375 cc mentor saline implants moderate profile to 650 saline moderate profile. Almost 20 yrs of weight fluctuations showed the ripples a bit more and I actually went down a size when my ps measured me. He said I lost any original tissue I had. I used the same ps from 19... READ MORE

I had visible rippling from my saline implants and one implant sat lower than the other. I came to see Dr Ennis for a revision. With his guidance, I had the right breast revised and changed my implants from saline to silicone. I also had my nose done. I am very pleased with the natural... READ MORE

Dr. Sorokin is an expert and I am already thrilled with my results. He was ver y informative and his Work is amazing. I had barely any Pain. OUSTANDING WORK. LOVELY STAFF!! :-) :-) :-) I went with hp Salines implants. I World reccomend to anyone. Ver y nice moderno facility. It went so... READ MORE

Not happy at all with my results. I think I should have scheduled my surgery to be the first that day because it took nearly 7 hours when previously told it would take 3 hours. He did a terrible, horrible job with my lipo. I have lumps, indentation and unevenness, I'm too embarrassed to post... READ MORE

I had my first BA in 2003 and at the time had 4 children I had gotten above the muscle moderate 580cc implants I went from a small B to a large D or even at times a DD. Since the initial BA I had 2 more children 1 in 2008 and 1 in 2010 both whom I nursed for 2 yrs each! After time it seemed... READ MORE

I am scheduled for surgery 9/23 and really want to make sure I go big enough. I was never satisfied with my 275 overfilled to 300 saline implants. They were to small to me right after I woke up from surgery. I was an AA cup before implants and I want to be a D or DD, nice full big breasts. I am... READ MORE

Dr TOM Trevisani is a GENIUS! He did my nose in 2003 which is so perfect! I knew when my Implant ruptured after 17 yrs he was the only Surgeon for me! So I traveled to FLA, I am now 4 weeks Post Op! AND couldn't be more Ecstatic! WORK OF ART! He assisted me on my decisions was straight forward,... READ MORE

After 30 years with Silicone implants I FINALLY decided to take the plunge and get a revision. I knew the implants probably were leaking. I am a busy executive and kept putting it off. I did have capsular constriction of the implants but it did not distort the look of the implants and it was not... READ MORE

My journey begins next wk an am so ready.please keep me in ur thoughts an i will update with pic. Am having lipo an ba . I had lipo an ba b4 an i had great suscess .after havin my bby my body changes. Am goin for a bigger implant 500cc. Hopin 4 a 26" surgery will b done in the uk .pray 4 me READ MORE

I had my first aug in July 2013 after breastfeeding two children, 19 months apart, for over a year each. I was deflated. I went from an "almost B" to a "full C". I had Natrelle silicone implants - style 15, both 371cc implanted with a peri-areolar incision under the muscle. Overall, I am happy... READ MORE

I met this awesome doc last year when she did reconstructive surgery on my abdomen from a butchered hysterectomy. She greets me every time with a smile and hug. She has done an amazing job on both procedures I've done. This lady still has compassion and care for her patients. I highly recommend her. READ MORE

Had 330cc saline implants that looked horrible! Breastfed 5 kids and they looked like rocks in socks lol. I doubled my cc's and just got out of surgery this morning. So far they look fabulous and natural. I have 600cc silicone and they look so natural and soft. Can't wait to take bra off and see... READ MORE

Hi I'm 38 years old 5'2 & 96 pound female This was my second ba first ba was done in 2008 457 ccs mods silicone unders. I had a natural large gap between breast and began with little natural breast tissue plus found out at pre op with Dr.Revis I have a large bwd of 15 so it ate up my ccs with... READ MORE

After suffering through two previous breast augmentations by a doctor who didn't listen, and I felt like didn't care, I desperately needed to find a caring, competent doctor to reduce my oversized bosom. My first breast augmentation left me with the perfect size... However, the shape was awkward... READ MORE

No CONS. My breasts look like Daisy Dukes. They are BEAUTIFUL. The neat thing about then is that they are designed for older women, such as myself whose skin doesn't have the elasticity to hold them from sagging. They are ribbed on one side, put in sub-pectorally, where they literally, suction,... READ MORE

I received my saline implants at the age of 21 before kids. I was initially very happy with them. Pre implant I was a 32B/34A and with the 270 implant went to a 32DD/34D. I breastfed my 3 children for about 2 years total. In return, I have some sagging and extra skin. I am going back to... READ MORE

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