Breast Implant Revision

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Breast implant revision surgeries address dissatisfaction or complications with previous breast augmentations. Revisions can include changing the implant size, fixing post-op sag, or aligning asymmetrical breasts.

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Had an amazing experience with replacement Pips at Dolan park with Husain Sulisman, I had these for 8 years had 290s under was never really happy just gone to 440 under using Motivas, lucky I had the replacement as my left implant had started to rupture, the pain was minimal for 24 hours just... READ MORE

First BA mentor 375 saline unders 2002. I had complications which required second surgery on left breast. Second surgery did not correct problem. I had both Implants deflated in January 2003 with removal and replacement in March 2003. Ended up with 325 silicone over the muscle. Will post pics... READ MORE

I'm 5'2 @ 114lbs, athletic/petite girl..... had my first BA 1996 w/ smaller texture saline implants. After 7 yrs they were stiff and caps. on the sides so I had them redone. My doctor created a bigger pocket for the new 360cc HP silicone implants. The 360cc silicone have been great (ie:... READ MORE

I first had breast enlargement 14 years ago approx after losing weight left saggy,,it cost 3300 at a clinic in liverpool??,icant say I was overjoyed and wish if gone bigger,having a b cup I chose 325 and 350 implant,,.they were a d no problems but just weren't up there,then came pip ??flipp and... READ MORE

I've been dealing with Symmastia since my first breast job in 06. Then in 08 I went to go get my breast fixed from symmastia and rippling. The doctor made it worst and just larger. I wanted larger but not closer together. I found Dr Pousti online. Saw he deals with these issues all the time.... READ MORE

A previous breast augmentation left me with my right breast extremely low and the left on with a capsular contracture. I visited many doctors in Europe and here in Bangkok which didn't care to explain what they could do, only how much the wanted to charge. I went to Dr Pat's clinic thanks to... READ MORE

Let me start by saying that all the women in my family are well endowed. So as me and my sister grew up, I watched her develop into a DD while I stayed at a near non-existent 34A. I've been researching BA seriously since I was 20 years old, but I've definitely thought about it since puberty.... READ MORE

I recently replaced my 14yr old 330cc saline with 450cc silicone. I wanted to be a full D but fell short. My new implants feel great, very little pain recovering but seem so small. Where did they go?! Seems as my body just sucked them in with little to show. They also feel very round. I would... READ MORE

Having a larger bust size without all the padding is something I have always wanted but never acted on…I guess because as a mom, we always put everyone else's needs before our own. I've been happily married for over 20 yrs to a man who thought my body was already perfect which was probably... READ MORE

I have had 5 procedures before Doctor Krau. He did an amazing job! He knew his stuff and had great presence of respect and patience. I felt completely comfortable. He really did make them so perfect, especially compared to what they were! I've been to 5 other surgeons in 4 different states and... READ MORE

I do not have enough wonderful things to say about Dr.Ghazi and his staff. From my consultation to post op appointments, I felt cared for, safe and heard. He completely transformed a terrible breast augmentation and lift done by Dr.Meadows. I could not be happier with my new breasts! I HIGHLY... READ MORE

I have found the Best certified Plastic surgeon in Florida, His name is Dr. Ary Krau! Dr.krau is located in Bay Harbour Islands, Miami, FL. He takes his time with each and every patient and is meticulouse in every aspect of his practice! I had 400cc mentor silicone, moderate profile implants... READ MORE

I have never had "perky " boobs, but have have talked about wanting to get the girls done for years! With pregnancy and weight changes the girls were saggy! I finally decided to go for it! So 5-21-14 with the support of my hubby and an awesome PS I had a mastopexy and BA. I ended up with 225... READ MORE

Hi Guys! how are you .I have been thinking of getting a breast reduction for a wile . Today was my Pre Op App with dr Nikko I am getting a breast reduction with lift n exchanging my inplants for silicon n fixing my right Breast capsuletomy. lipo in the sides of my arms pits n fat injections in... READ MORE

I can't review on the job Dr. Benson did, as I am still tightly bound up in gauze, bandages and drainage rubes hanging from me. But I can't help but to comment about his staff... First of all, getting a hold of his scheduler "Elizabeth" was about as hard as getting a hold of Osama Bin Laden.... READ MORE

I'm currently almost 12 months post-op from my first breast augmentation & full anchor lift, my implants are 425cc Mod plus silicone under muscle. I started to notice around 4 months post-op that my rt breast was changing; it looked like I had the beginning of pectoral muscle deformity or... READ MORE

So I waited to almost the last second to post this! Booked with Yily for the 15th for the whole package, no TT-no kids and no hernias. Communication wasn't as bad as it was made out to be. I communicated in English and was responded to in about 2 to 3 business days. If you can email around 9... READ MORE

After 13 years of having my first BA I was concerned that I should update to new silicone implants and just to make sure there was no problems. I was not experiencing any problems but had the assumption that it was best to change out within a certain time. I had my first BA from a Dr who is no... READ MORE

I had heard good things about Dr. Roth and when I went and I didn't feel comfortable I have the procedure done and immediately after I've had pain in my right breast and it was going up towards my neck I went in and he said no no that's normal you'll be fine three months later one breast is... READ MORE

Hi beatufuk girl, had my revision today all I is sat is wow by dr Oser,, we did a small lift because was going so big , i am in love with them already,,, ,,, very very sore,,,,also had vaso in the outside part of my thigh ,,u one us those girl that lift do weights cardio , but just could not... READ MORE

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