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Breast implant revision surgeries address dissatisfaction or complications with previous breast augmentations. Revisions can include changing the implant size, fixing post-op sag, or aligning asymmetrical breasts.

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I absolutely loved my breast augmentation when I first got them done. It was exactly what I wanted after losing so much of my breast volume while breastfeeding. A little over a year later, I felt a hard firmness around my implant but only in the right breast. After going to the doctor I was told... READ MORE

Mentor 495 cc teardrop moderate high. Removed 20 years old 220 cc silicone implants and got new beautiful incisions. Also removed capsule on left breast. So so happy with my new boobs. They are my wish-boobs . They are just 2 weeks now and will fluff and get more even in the coming months ! Im... READ MORE

Remain the same size and go from saline to silicone. 375cc silicone behind the muscle. I have had a slow leak in the left breast, with no pain or problems. I have had the leak for 2 years. Dr. Baker said it was at the valve site and this is why it's such a slow leak. At first I wasn't sure, and... READ MORE

I just turned 50, I'm 5'10, 135lbs. I had implants about 24 years ago to address tiny uneven breasts. I went from an A cup to a C with under muscle teardrop shaped silicone. I can't remember what size they were. I've been happy with them and they have never caused me any problems. However,... READ MORE

This is my first post on RealSelf... I actually just stumbled onto this site while doing BA research... and I'm so glad I did! I had a breast augmentation when I was almost 18. My boobs were small for my frame, and uneven, and were a huge reason for my self confidence, or rather, lack thereof.... READ MORE

In my mid 40's, getting a breast lift and replacing 11 year old saline implants (not sure of current cc or profile, I think its 300 something) in 4 weeks. I want softness, lift, symmetery, larger, fuller, more projection. I want at least the diameter and cleavage my pushup bra provides but... READ MORE

8 years ago after having 4 children I had a tummy tuck and 325cc saline implants. I spent my life prior as a small B and always wanted to go bigger.My doctor was great but very conservative and convinced me that a "large C" was the best option so I went for it. Surgery and recovery was fine.I... READ MORE

This will be my 3rd BA. My first was in 1998 and I went from A cup to B, saline over the muscle. I was competing in fitness shows and was very lean so I never really liked how they looked. In 2005 I finally changed them out for anatomical shape 425cc silicone under muscle. I've been happy for a... READ MORE

Many girls told me he was the best. Have gone to many topless pools from here to Las Vegas. He was not pushy .... Very nice. I wanted a left without a scare and he was the only doctor that I have meet that can build an internal bra. Girls come from all over the world to Dr Pousti. He's my... READ MORE

45 years old , married for 30 left Saline implant rupture deciinflate. Had them for 13 years i never had no problem.on October 9 going to replace both of them with Natrelle Gel gummy bears. Dr, wanted me to get a lift but no I'm not getting a lift. i'm getting the same size I had... READ MORE

I'm 39yrs. 5'5, 126lbs. 4 breastfed kids. Athletic/Fit. My last augmentation was about 8 years ago. I'm scheduled for surgery Oct. 14th. I want the revision because the moderate saline seems very round, wide and flat (on my body shape). I work out a lot (more so over the last 3 years) and this... READ MORE

Hi girls, I had a mommy make over last November by another doctor, it turned that after 6 post post surgery I developed Capsular Contracture in both of my breast but more in my right one. I approached Dr. Irving Rodriguez Lopez to do my surgery this time and I can't be happier with my results.... READ MORE

After 4 surgeries, each time trying a new (Toronto-based) surgeon to correct mistakes from the first surgery nearly 20 years ago, I still wound up with “double bubble” AND “bottoming out.” My breasts were unnatural looking, too big for my body, and you could see a bump (caused by a... READ MORE

First breast augmentation was done April 2014 to correct symmetry issues. 330 right and 350 left mod profile. 3 months in right breast bottoms out and has double bubble. Revision surgery scheduled for may 7th 2015 also exchanged implants for 440 left and 505 right high profile. Currently... READ MORE

Hello Today is day 3 post op and I am feeling a lot better than I did. I woke up on agony and although suppose to go home that day I was kept overnight for observation and pain control. My surgeron explained to me that he was unable to use local anasthetic which is obviously what caused the... READ MORE

I feel like I was run over by a truck, I am using the compression band and feel like the under part of the breast will explode, so much pressure !!! Any advice ? Happy to see your pictures I like them all, i used to have 300 over muscle and changed to 240 under muscle, I hope you can't tell me... READ MORE

I had my initial breast implants last year on Oct 30, 2013 (click here to read my review). After a few months i noticed that my right boob had moved lower than where it was placed which resulted in the nipple pointing upward. My doctor told me to wait at least 10 months before getting a... READ MORE

I'm a 50 year old 175 pounds 5 feet 6 inches with 3 boys. So I have decided to go for the bigger implants, I now have 470 cc mentor classic profile. I don't like the way these look so I'm going for the 750cc mentor moderate plus profile. I will post pictures after the surgery. My surgery date... READ MORE

Feb.2002 I had 350cc, round, high profile, saline implants placed behind the muscle through the armpit. I went for an A to a D and loved my boobs for over 13 years. I have no regrets, but it's definently time to replace and lift them. I got the, after having my first child and when I had my... READ MORE

Hello ladies! I have found this website to be so informative, and am looking for some advice as well as hoping to pay it forward and maybe help someone else out in the future! To start i had 32 full C breasts- not bad..but i had always wanted a BA because i wanted them to be perkier and more... READ MORE

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