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Breast implant revision surgeries address dissatisfaction or complications with previous breast augmentations. Revisions can include changing the implant size, fixing post-op sag, or aligning asymmetrical breasts.
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I've been dealing with Symmastia since my first breast job in 06. Then in 08 I went to go get my breast fixed from symmastia and rippling. The doctor made it worst and just larger. I wanted larger but not closer together. I found Dr Pousti online. Saw he deals with these issues all the time.... READ MORE

When I was 31, in 1999, i was somewhat pressured in to having implants done. I was a fairly small B cup, deflated after having had 2 children. I had very mixed feelings and started to "pull out" altogether of the idea after a few consults but succumbed under my husband's pressure. Still, it was... READ MORE

My surgery by DR. Mezrow was amazing ! I experienced a quick and painless recovery. I am THRILLED with my results , I have no scars and a Fabulous new, natural appearance! Dr Mezrow is a TRUE ARTIST ! I had saline implants placed in 1999 by another surgeon in the area it was a painful recovery... READ MORE

He repaired my "bottoming out" and then replaced my saline with silicone, and the results far exceeded my expectations. READ MORE

My first BA was done 5 years ago. As I had very small breasts, my surgeon advised me to get 375cc silicone moderate profile implants under the muscle. My breasts were never close together; the implants only produced cleavage when I wore a push-up bra. After a pregnancy, breast feeding and (worst... READ MORE

So i found Dr Pousti and have decide to get a revision from him. Having been threw 3 breast surgerys and nothing goin right or changing Im really hopeing I in good hands and this is my final surgery. All I want at this point is just to feel normal again. It has been years since my husband has... READ MORE

So I had my first BA when I was 21. That was the beginning of a very frustrating and disappointing next 5 years with my breasts. I was rushed to the hospital a day after my surgery because I had a hematoma in my right breast. At the hospital they removed my implant and did what they had to do to... READ MORE

I'm starting this new review. My previous one is under breast augmentation. But since I need a revision now I will continue here. Anyway just to recap a bit, i had my BA on Dec 5th 2013. Right after surgery I noticed that my right breast was smaller than my left. I addressed this to my PS and... READ MORE

I had a breast augmentation and the Lollipop Lift done 3 years ago. I was very happy with my results but since that augmentation I suffered through several miscarriages and also had to undergo a total hysterectomy. I also went through menopause from the hysterectomy. I gained weight after... READ MORE

I went to Dr. Brooke Seckel after a terrible experience and result with another Boston area surgeon. Seckel was a delight from the start. He has a warm personality and took his time to understand my situation and desired result. He was there throughout the process and after to answer any... READ MORE

I had my initial breast implants last year on Oct 30, 2013 (click here to read my review). After a few months i noticed that my right boob had moved lower than where it was placed which resulted in the nipple pointing upward. My doctor told me to wait at least 10 months before getting a... READ MORE

Replacing 10 year old saline implants with smaller silicone implants. A lift and some lipo to get rid of bra fat. I was happy with the size and look of my breasts after my first augmentation. However, after gaining about 40lbs over the last 10 years my boobs have gotten huge, some sagging and... READ MORE

I had a hard time finding stories of people with 695cc, people around my stats or with my issue so hope this can help someone. First I'm 5'9" 150 athletic but curvy. had 1st ba in 2000. Very long story short had many problems, had to take one out due to infection and get put back in 3 months... READ MORE

Let me start out by saying Dr. Salzhauer is an amazing doctor and he's staff are awesome! This was my second time doing my Breast, the first time was with another doctor but there's no comparison. Dr. Salzhauer listened and fixed a major issue that the first doctor said after surgery "I forgot"... READ MORE

I'm 32, 5'2", 113 pounds. I was about 120 pounds when I first got my implants. I had my breast implants put in April 23rd, 2008. I have saline HP 350's filled to 330 CC's implanted via armpit. I got up to 200ish when I was pregnant, breast feed, and lost weight. The original doctor was... READ MORE

Went for a consultation on September 2, 2014 and my PS recommended Natrelle HP 350cc unders and said he could possibly go up to 375cc, but would check them in surgery and see what looks best. I went in for surgery on September 8, 2014 and came out with 350cc on left and 375cc on right. I am very... READ MORE

First breast exchange on 8/28/14 from a 520cc implant to 360cc with an anchor lift surgery was difficult...I did not have a good result. I was depressed after ailing my surgeon photos he agreed that I needed a revision. My surgeon contacted me about a revision on 11/5/14 my result was amazing.... READ MORE

Replacing 15 year saline implants with the new Sientra Gummy Bear using existing over the muscle pocket. I've read so many reviews it would be best under muscle but after 2 consults recommending using existing pocket. I wanted 600 cc which is what I thought would give me a D or DD cup. I... READ MORE

After 17 years, I needed another breast lift and I wanted bigger implants. The surgery went fine, but the skin on my left breast I began dying before the blood supply could return, which resulted in an open wound on my left breast for 6 months. I discovered that this occurs in 1% to 4% of... READ MORE

I'm 2 weeks post op with Dr Lyos and my experience with him has been great. He spent ample time with me and answered all my questions. He fixed my 3rd BA and did a mastopexy and place silicone under the muscle plus lipo all over my abs, flank, and back. Over 9 hours in the OR. Lots of hard work... READ MORE

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