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Breast implant revision surgeries address dissatisfaction with previous breast augmentations including changing the implant size, fixing post-op sag, or aligning asymmetrical breasts.
Average Price: $7,425

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There is no shortage of excellent, qualified, AAA-rated doctors in Manhattan. But without reserve I would say Dr Cangello is the best! He is amazing. He is the type of doctor you can confidently say to "do whatever you think is best" and then not worry about another detail. He is professional,... READ MORE

After having saline implants for 18 years the one on my left side moved out of pocket .and you could see the bag underneath .I had ripples and pain ,as it was rubbing against my muscle .I chose Dr Nunnery ; in Panama City Florida because I have seen many augmentations by him ,and he did my... READ MORE

I had surgery yesterday to reduce the volume of my implants by 1/3. Since I saw them after surgery, I can't stop crying. I like my new size clothed, but naked they are ugly. The skin is loose all around the smaller implant and I can feel them moving all around inside the pocket. When I bend... READ MORE

I've had saline implants for the past 20 years and getting new silicone ones, about 1 cup size bigger (C). I also will have capsular scar tissue removed. I have been told that recovery is much shorter and less painful. Is this true? 1. How long is recovery? 2. Will the implants sit as high... READ MORE

Well I only got home from the PS's a couple hours ago so I haven't seen them yet. I will be able to look tomorrow when i take the bandages off. But i can already tell a difference. The procedure took 2 hours. He exchanged them and made the areola a lot smaller. Look at my profile to see my whole... READ MORE

I'm really looking forward to my breast implant revision surgery this Thursday by Dr. Mark Kanter in Hampton, Virginia. I will post the before pictures now, and include a more detailed review after my surgery with post-op pictures. : ) My implants are 10 years old, have dropped - stretching out... READ MORE

My experience was wonderful . I have my Breast and Nose done. The financing was very easy , Monica works with me and my payments . Dr Michael is a very professional Surgeon, he's alway there to answer any question I have before and after my surgery. I would recommend this doctor to anyone.... READ MORE

I wanted to do this because I've had my boobs done 3 times prior. Every time I went up a cup size and got a lift, only to find that 8 months later they would hang again. So I got smart and realized my body cannot hold them. I'm 5'5 and 109 lbs a double d is too big. So this time I went from 475... READ MORE

My original plastic surgeon recommended 300-400 range, but suggested 350cc's. Coordinator pushed for 400's. I got caught up in hype so requested 450's on day of surgery! Since day one I've been miserable and seeking non-stop advise from PS on Real Self, JBI, and in person. No one could tell... READ MORE

Had BA revision with full lift on 10/24/2013. Could not be happier. Switched out implants for smaller 304cc moderate plus round silicone. Also had alloderm because essentially my tissue was a mess from previous surgeries. Tenting essentially gone! Hardly any pain post op, just the expected... READ MORE

I originally wore 34 b. I had my first BA in'99 with 350 filled to 450cc's. after having 3 children and breast feeding my boobs went completely from a full c small d to mid c's and very little breast tissue left. I wished I took a before photo to show. They actually were not very bad to look at.... READ MORE

I met with several plastic surgeons before making a decision on my initial augmentation and the revision surgery. HANDS DOWN, Dr. Parker is an absolute expert in the field. His attention to detail speaks for itself. His staff is highly trained and patient satisfaction is a top priority. I was... READ MORE

My first BA was 24 years ago. My left breast had changed in size and I figured it had ruptured. Started to look into doctors about a year ago. I Decided on dr. Mark Anton due to his experience,knowledge and reviews. During my surgery dr. Anton did find that My left breast had ruptured. He... READ MORE

I was 21 when I had my first breast augmentation. After 13 years, it was time for a swap out. However over the years my implants began to drop and move all over the place. With the first surgeon I saw (he will remain nameless), put in way larger implants then I wanted. I started at a natural 34... READ MORE

The change was so gradual I didn't notice the hardening of my 30-yr-old implants. However, while on vacation in Colorado, I experienced significant pain in my left breast and knew I needed to have it checked. My 28-yr-old daughter had received implants from Dr. Pousti 7 months before so I called... READ MORE

When I first met Dr. Pousti and his staff in 2005 I immediately noticed the difference between him and other plastic surgeons. He's double board certified, so kind and patient, has SO many photos of many procedures he's performed so beautifully, and all of his past and current patients were... READ MORE

I had 360cc each Saline under muscle implants for the last 19 years. I actually still really liked them but knew eventually I would have to make a change and decided not to wait around for one to fail and then be in a hurry to fix them. I am now 40, 5'7", and weigh 132 lb. My bra size was... READ MORE

My name is Gabby, I am 29 years old and have had silicone implants for the last 8 years. However, I developed Capsular Contracture on my right breast. I did extensive research and two of my friends recommended Dr. Salzhauer. It was time for change before any further complications! From the... READ MORE

I had previously had my breasts done 2 times by Dr. Palin in Jacksonville, Fl. Dr. Palin implanted the wrong implants, he used moderate profile instead of high profile and 3 months post op of the first augmentation I had sever bottoming out. I discovered his mistake and had to argue with Dr.... READ MORE

So today is 9 days, 13 hours and 47 minutes from my trip to Tijuana! I've been reading phat_mommy4's blog ( READ MORE

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