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Dissatisfaction with breast augmentation can lead to a revision. Often involves changing the implant size, addressing post-op sag, or fixing asymmetrical breasts.
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I had previously had my breasts done 2 times by Dr. Palin in Jacksonville, Fl. Dr. Palin implanted the wrong implants, he used moderate profile instead of high profile and 3 months post op of the first augmentation I had sever bottoming out. I discovered his mistake and had to argue with Dr.... READ MORE

So today is 9 days, 13 hours and 47 minutes from my trip to Tijuana! I've been reading phat_mommy4's blog ( READ MORE

I currently have 300cc silicone gel implants submuscular placement. I am almost 10 months post op and have capsular contracture on the left breast and will be having a capsulectomy on Feb 13th. Since I am having surgery again I was contemplating if I should go bigger. Would 50cc's more make a... READ MORE

Had my recision done by a doctor in Fremont because my left implant ruptured. This had done my initial BA procedure back in Aug. Of 07, this time i am bot happy wit my results at all and feel that my left implant may have a leak as it is different from my right i went from 350cc to 500cc saline... READ MORE

The staff is awesome! Dr. K also reshaped by making new pockets for my new implants,where they should have been before....I was so happy. The bruising and pain was minimal and the staff was very attentive and didn't rush me.I wanted a bigger implant,but he told me if I was to look natural,he... READ MORE

DR. DELUCA IS THE BEST: I am 50 years old and nursed four children. I had asymmetrical breasts and grade two ptosis. Had a board certified plastic surgeon perform my surgery using periareola lift with augmentation using natrelle hp 475 cc hp implants in March of 2013. Outcome was horrible... READ MORE

I had first augmentaion 7 yrs ago although they were better than pre ba i was not totally happy with the size and the gap in the middle. I decided to go ahead and have revision and am very happy i did,this time was so easy no bruising an minimal pain we went shopping and out to eat that same... READ MORE

Dr. Schuh is the best plastic surgeon out there. I first had a breast augmentation when I was 22 by a plastic surgeon in Portland, Oregon and it was a disaster. I was very unhappy with my results and he made me believe my results were due to the shape of my breast and type of skin that I have... READ MORE

Before my consultation, I spent weeks on the internet, researching saline vs. silicone, over vs. under, round vs. teardrop, smooth vs. textured, high profile vs. moderate plus, 250cc vs. 550cc, cohesive, gummie bear, lollipop, anchor, donut, crescent, internal bra etc., etc. etc. – with breast... READ MORE

I had a breast augmentation on August 5, 2013. I went from an A cup to a small D cup. I had gotten 400cc high profile textured under the muscle. I had asked my doctor for a natural look on me and something that won't be too big or too small. Well they happened to be too big on me and I don't... READ MORE

I'm 7 weeks away from getting a breast revision, which puts me at just over a year from my initial breast augmentation. I knew fairly early on ( about 4 months) that I was experiencing a complication, however I thought the issue was with my right breast. Prior to my augmentation I had slight... READ MORE

I want to share my experience since I was unable to find very much info on my situation when I searched. I had my first augmentation 10-11-11. I was a 36A. I was 29 (now 30), 110, 5'3", no children. I have 375 cc silicone Mentor implants, inframammory incision. I am now a 34d. I went to a... READ MORE

He successfully dealt with the terrible work of my first doctor and the odd, hard-to-work-with anatomy of my natural breasts. I was always feeling insecure about my previous bad looking scar, but this time around the incision/scar is so well done that Im amazed, and I know it will be barely... READ MORE

I have been thinking about a revision for at least 10 years. While I love by BA, I wanted better cleavage. When I chanced upon Dr. Pousti's website, I realized that his advanced techniques could make this wish a reality. I had researched other doctors for quite awhile, and never felt that I... READ MORE

My initial surgery was in 1997. Under the muscle, 300cc, saline Breast Augmentation surgery was done in Southern CA. On 4 May of 2013, my left implant ruptured. For reasons too numerous to mention here, I delayed the replacement surgery. My surgeon used textured saline implants & made them a tad... READ MORE

I went in for implant revision on 10/3/13. I went from 410cc saline implants to 650cc silicone (gummybear) implants. I chose to go with the gummybear implants because I have very little breast tissue and my skin is thin. Now my implants will not ripple like they did before which is a huge... READ MORE

The best experience ever ! Dr Nijher and his great staff, nurse, anesthesiologist and all envolved made my experience exceptional ! I'll never go anywhere else! Every question and results were amazing ! Thank you !!!! The whole procedure went so well I recovered in less time than anticipated.... READ MORE

I had my implants done in 2003 by Dr. Kofkoff. We went with 300cc o/f to 330cc under the muscle with a periareolar incision. 9 years and a second pregnancy later, its time for a revision. I had my original surgery after my first child but in 2007 we decided to have a second child. Several months... READ MORE

Never liked my breast from start. I've had 2 procedures. None to my satisfaction . Last doctor stated I didn't have cores skin for it. I wanted big round full breast . I researched Dr on the internet. Looked for Dr who could do just that. All my information lead to Dr pousti. I called for a... READ MORE

I had a breast augmentation in 2004 (not by Dr. Repta). In 2013, they started to hurt on the sides. I saw my original doctor and Dr Repta and both advised that I needed a breast capsulorrhaphy. It would not only reduce the pain, but also lift up the pocket in turn making my breasts look better.... READ MORE

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