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Dissatisfaction with breast augmentation can lead to a revision. Often involves changing the implant size, addressing post-op sag, or fixing asymmetrical breasts.
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I had 2 Breast Augmentations by Dr. Gelfant. 10 Years ago I had 375 cc salines and wanted to downsize. I always felt they were a little large on my small frame but was concerned about loose skin when going smaller. I reduced by 200 CC as I went from 375 cc saline to 175 cc Silcone with no... READ MORE

Initial BA was on 3/15/12 with 405 and 395 cc. Upgraded to 600cc on 6/14/12 = best decision ever! Dr. Bernard Shuster in Hollywood, FL did an awesome job! I traveled from Atlanta, GA because I wanted implants placed submuscular via transaxillary and couldn't find a surgeor here to do that. ... READ MORE

I thought having the navel procedure would be a positive experience with it being a trending method for implants, but I have major regrets. It has been 2 yrs. since my surgery and I had concerns about my implant procedure, so I scheduled an appt. to get a second opinion about my concerns (having... READ MORE

I had Breast Implant Revision four weeks ago with Dr. Pousti and I am absolutely pleased. He knew exactly what I was looking for and it shows with the results. My experience from day 1 was very satisfying. Dr. Pousti gave me all the information I needed and didn't try to sugar coat anything. He... READ MORE

I will keep my review short and sweet and hopefully help others that have read this forum as much as I have. I definitely think if I hadn't been reading everyone's reviews for the past two months I would be in shock from the very beginning. So here we go with my information! I am 37 years old... READ MORE

Thats what my fiancé says in reference to everything! Hello ladies! I've been stalking RS for years. Originally I had my surgery done in October 2011. I can't remember the ccs used but I went from an A to a D. Well after surgery, I realized that I wanted to go bigger. Not too much bigger but... READ MORE

I just had my second BA after 7 years and got 750cc HP SiliconeI could not be any happier!!! I just had my surgery on Friday and I know it's hard to determine what my bra size will be until I wait 4 weeks and et measured but maybe someone can give me an estimate on around what I may become. Ok... READ MORE

I have had 3 breast augmentations in total. My first breast augmentation was approximately 10 years ago. I was a very flat 34A and known no life outside of padded bras and double padded bikini tops. I'm fairly tall at 5'7" and although small boned (weight around 115-120), I have a small waist,... READ MORE

I came to Dr. Krau in desperate need for a 2nd breast revision surgery. I had my first breast revision done only 8 months earlier (July 2012) in NJ and ended up having one implant fall out of the pocket causing implant asymmetry. I noticed that the problem was getting... READ MORE

I had my initial breast augmentation approx 22 years ago. I experienced a rather traumatic fall (dog's fault!) and was diagnosed with an extra and intracapsular rupture on the right and an intracapsular rupture on the left. I desperately wanted only one surgery for both the removal of the old... READ MORE

Just had my revision with Dr.Laverson 800CC's and everything turned out amazing. I'm pretty speechless I don't think my results could have came out any better. I'm super thankful for his work. My husband and I are inlove with his work. His definitely a mater at what he does and I would recommend... READ MORE

I'm 21 yo. 5'1. Between 120-130lbs (weight gain from depression about breast implants). I have a small torso and upper body and wide hips with strong legs. My bra size is a 34DD and saline implants are at 600 and 625cc. I received my fist surgery in May 2012. Both of my implants bottomed out... READ MORE

2 years ago I had 450cc saline unders placed that turned in Capsular Contraction. Saw a new Dr and we agreed to get 700cc silicone unders as I am 5'10.5" and 160 pounds (still shrinking). I wish I had pics of my pre-implant boobs but the hubs deleted them. So far I am bandaged read good so I... READ MORE

I previously had 300cc silicone, under the muscle implants. One child prior and two children after. I decided to remove the saline And go with Silicone due to upper pole rippling and slight drooping. I immediately noticed still some slight rippling but even worse the implant is pocking thru my... READ MORE

I had a very pleasant experience throughout the whole process. Both procedures gave me great results. I already lost hope of having beautiful breast after breastfeeding my two babies. Dr. Ellenbogen is a sugical genious. He transformed my asymmetrical, saggy, and deflated breast into the sexiest... READ MORE

I have had problems from the start, 4 surgeries so far and am completely depressed. On this site to get help as to best Dr for me. Located in VA, but no I will have to travel out of state. Sent photos to Dr. Revis in Ft Lauderdale and he said that I have double bubble, symastia, and bottoming... READ MORE

I previously had breast augmentation and lift in late 2011 with Dr. Pousti. After less than a year, I noticed my implants were dropping lower and falling towards the sides. Also, my nipples grew in size and I had scarring from the lift. However, I was and still am very confident in my Dr. Which... READ MORE

I had an augmentation 12 years ago in the UK. Subsequently with the PiP scare I decided to have a replacement. As the hospitals I had attended originally "misplaced my file" might I say conveniently, I shopped around until I found a reputable surgeon/clinic. 3 days ago I had an augmentation,... READ MORE

I had BA in 1988 and went from a 34B to a 34D with the intention of being a mid C. In 2000, when I was pregnant, I noticed lots of rippling around the implants on both sides. The implants were removed shortly after my baby was born but I opted for no reconstruction. I was never able to breast... READ MORE

I currently have 325 cc saline breast implants subgland (above) since 2006. I have no problems and loved them up until i had my last child (5 months ago) and now they are saggy. I have had 4 different consultations, and ALL of the doctors have told me 4 different answers and recommendations!!... READ MORE

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