Breast Implant Revision

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Breast implant revision surgeries address dissatisfaction or complications with previous breast augmentations. Revisions can include changing the implant size, fixing post-op sag, or aligning asymmetrical breasts.

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I am having breast augumentation surgery January 8th. I was pretty set on going with ultra high textured silicione mentor memory gel profile as I have been doing so much research ... The result I'm looking for is upper pole fullness and also this is a revision as the last argumentation left me... READ MORE

I will update this review when I receive the OR report. My doctor said my surgery was one of his top five most complicated cases. I exchanged high profile 400 cc saline for moderate profile 500 cc silicone. Nipple was resized, mastopexy performed, extensive muscle repair, and scar tissue... READ MORE

Wondering if there was anyone going to Miami 4/29-5/8 . I have a friend that lives there and will be taking me but will be busy most of time . Wondering if anyone else was going solo these days possibly connect. Switching my 350m saline to 500 mp not sure on my choice of implant and weather I... READ MORE

After 13 years of saline implants one popped. I've had them redone and chose silicone this time. I also had a lift again because I wanted them placed higher than they were before (I went with a natural look first time). This is me now at 4 weeks post op. 36 dd. I was a 36d before.pain was... READ MORE

Previously, I had saline NATRELLE 360- 380 CC implants that were going on two years old. I am thin skinned and petite, I had no breast tissue which led me to get implants in the first place, however over time after having my first breast augmentation done, I noticed the gap between my breast... READ MORE

I had my first implants over 30 years ago. I have not had any problems and have been pleased with them. Good thing because raising 4 childen, I could not afford to get them re-done. Over the years the Implants hardened and now for the last couple of year I've had leakage. It is time to... READ MORE

Hello girls, I am 38 yrs old 5.6" 120 lbs. I had my first BA 2 yrs ago. With Allergan 304 cc moderate profile. And I had "greedy boob" and I wished I had gone bigger, but overall I was very happy with the outcome, but after a year I started to show rippling , displacement and bottoming out on my... READ MORE

In Oct. I had a full breast lift & implant exchange from saline to silicone. After breast-feeding/pumping left my old implants in my armpits pretty much. Next month i get a revision to hopefully achieve more fullness and breast closer together. PS is opening upper capsule, stitching outter... READ MORE

I am 31 years old. 5'7", 130lbs, 10% body fat (very little natural breast tissue). In March, I went in for an implant exchange. I had saline high profile 420cc (approximately) submuscular. I was unhappy with my shape, and also wanted to go a bit bigger. The shape I was looking to have was to... READ MORE

I am writing this review for the women who are thinking about over the muscle breast implants and the amazing results I now have after years of having under the muscle implants. I am 35, and I finally had my gummy bear implants replaced after 8 years. I should have done it sooner. My gummies... READ MORE

My review is for both Dr. Leppink and The Centre for Plastic Surgery. My relationship began back in 2000 with my first procedure for saline breast implants with Dr. Telman, whom also saw me through my cancer diagnosis in 2006 at which time I had to have 1 implant removed and a tissue expander... READ MORE


I had a breast revision to downsize my implant size. I'm 5'3" tall, 115 lbs. and 50 years old. I had saline implants places in 1998, with a revision due to capsular contracture in 2003, to silicone. At the time, silicone wasn't approved by the FDA, but because it was a revision, I was able to... READ MORE

My adventure started out many years ago. I am now 59. This is a real quick overview. First implants were 150 silicone. Loved them. Had those for about 9 years but when there was a leak I decided to go larger. I then went to 550 saline textured and the plastic surgeon did a real bad job. I used... READ MORE

Hello! 1st brst aug Dec 2013 425cc, Lt brst was a lot smaller than right after a year. small leak, Jan 2015 had 2nd Aug 625cc and now LT brst has dropped a lot and RT brst is still up. seeing my Dr soon but feeling disappointed and discouraged. hoping for the best. i would do it again, just want... READ MORE

I decided that I will be doing a ba revision with dr. Krau. He is a ba revision specialist and has a renowned technique to reduce scarring which result from the ba lift. Let me share some of my ba journey with you: My natural breast were a D cup, but my breast were very saggy. When I went... READ MORE

I had breast implants in for two years, approx 225cc. I tried regular implants and then changed them for teardrop before deciding to see Dr Hovsepian for explantation as I just wasn't happy with my top heavy appearance (Dr Hovsepian did not perform the original breast aug). My breast were... READ MORE

I'm 32, 5'2", 113 pounds. I was about 120 pounds when I first got my implants. I had my breast implants put in April 23rd, 2008. I have saline HP 350's filled to 330 CC's implanted via armpit. I got up to 200ish when I was pregnant, breast feed, and lost weight. The original doctor was... READ MORE

I had left breast cancer in 2004.My left implant was leaking and right breast was sagging.Dr.Kaufman,did a implant exchange on the left and right side and a lift on the right side.The outcome has far exceeded my expectations.My breasts look so good I can go braless and know one would ever know I... READ MORE

I had implants put in November of 2012 along with an arm lift. Two weeks later I had a lower body lift. I have other blogs on those subjects. My implants have been nothing but trouble. I cannot even say if I liked them because from the beginning there was an issue with my left breast... READ MORE

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