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Dissatisfaction with breast augmentation can lead to a revision. Often involves changing the implant size, addressing post-op sag, or fixing asymmetrical breasts.
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I had a very pleasant experience throughout the whole process. Both procedures gave me great results. I already lost hope of having beautiful breast after breastfeeding my two babies. Dr. Ellenbogen is a sugical genious. He transformed my asymmetrical, saggy, and deflated breast into the sexiest... READ MORE

I have had problems from the start, 4 surgeries so far and am completely depressed. On this site to get help as to best Dr for me. Located in VA, but no I will have to travel out of state. Sent photos to Dr. Revis in Ft Lauderdale and he said that I have double bubble, symastia, and bottoming... READ MORE

I previously had breast augmentation and lift in late 2011 with Dr. Pousti. After less than a year, I noticed my implants were dropping lower and falling towards the sides. Also, my nipples grew in size and I had scarring from the lift. However, I was and still am very confident in my Dr. Which... READ MORE

I had an augmentation 12 years ago in the UK. Subsequently with the PiP scare I decided to have a replacement. As the hospitals I had attended originally "misplaced my file" might I say conveniently, I shopped around until I found a reputable surgeon/clinic. 3 days ago I had an augmentation,... READ MORE

I had BA in 1988 and went from a 34B to a 34D with the intention of being a mid C. In 2000, when I was pregnant, I noticed lots of rippling around the implants on both sides. The implants were removed shortly after my baby was born but I opted for no reconstruction. I was never able to breast... READ MORE

I currently have 325 cc saline breast implants subgland (above) since 2006. I have no problems and loved them up until i had my last child (5 months ago) and now they are saggy. I have had 4 different consultations, and ALL of the doctors have told me 4 different answers and recommendations!!... READ MORE

An amazing outcome both times with Dr. Wong. He is down to earth and very caring. He really takes pride in his work and making you happy. I highly recommend him, and if you have to travel, it will be worth it to you, I am lucky to have him in my town. He has done 2 BA's on me and both were... READ MORE

First, let me start off with my stats: i am 27 years old, 5'4 1/2" and weigh about 127lbs and i work as an RN in the San Francisco Bay Area. i'm pretty active, i do hot yoga at least 5-8 times a week but sadly i do not run...and thats how my story begins. I had my initial breast augmentation in... READ MORE

I am EXTREMELY happy with my results. Dr. Malek is a true artist and exceptional surgeon. I had an implant exchange and needed extensive reconstruction from a botched boob job from a Vegas surgeon years ago. Two of my issues were symmastia (I had no space in between breasts) and "bottoming... READ MORE

I had my silicone implants removed about two years ago by Dr. Basu and replaced with saline implants. He also did a breast lift at the same time. He didn't listen to me when I said I wanted smaller implants. The scars from the breast lift are horrible and one of my breasts is square on the... READ MORE

This is the BEST plastic surgeon in California. If you go to any other surgeon, you are nuts. I am a super beauty junky who is long-term lo friends with many actresses, picky high- maintenance girls and beauty insiders. First, his technique is flawless-from injectables to more invasive... READ MORE

After 12 years of having saline implants..and a late in life surprise pregnancy at 40... noticed my rt implant looking slightly deflated. After 6 consults, chose Dr. Hackney out of Dallas. So far its been easy easy recovery. Went a cup size bigger and into cohesive gel. No bruising or swelling.... READ MORE

I had my first breast aug when I was 23 years old- saline implants. Went to a Dr. in Newport beach well known- board plastic certified. I was happy with the size however I always felt they were somewhat too high and too firm. I knew saline was not as “natural” as silicon so I just settled... READ MORE

I went to Dr. Berlet for a breast revision procedure and was beyond disappointed with my entire experience! During my initial consultation, I explained to Dr. Berlet my concerns and expressed that I wanted to go for a larger size implant. He said that I am very tiny and that going for anything... READ MORE

So this is going to be the 3rd attempt on having breast implants, and hopefully the last one, well at least for a while. I had my second baby at 22, breast fed my first 2 kids for at least 8 months, so afterwards my boobs were back to small and deflated. I wanted a breast augmentation so badly,... READ MORE

I had a breast revision done in late November 2012. The pictures attached show progress at 5 weeks post op from the November 2012 revision. The 2nd image show progress 5 weeks post op after an additional skin trim was done on the left breast in late January 2013. Given the lack of change, the... READ MORE

I had a breast lift and implants 10 years ago. They were too large so went back 6 months later and had reduced a little. 6 years ago my left implant started to pull up my middle sternum skin. i went in they put mesh to correct, however just a few years it happen again. I went in a few days ago... READ MORE

I first gained knowledge of Dr.Liland about 8 yrs ago dancing after the 7/8th girl that replied DR.LILAND to Who did yous? I made a promise to myself I'd find this Dr. 3 yrs ago my right implant ruptured along w/ my confidence to be nude/intimate/wear bikini etc. but my chance to attend this... READ MORE

In 2006 I had BA and went from small B/C range to full D/verge of DD. Doctor used 425cc round saline implants filled to 500. Over the years I felt this was too big for me and decided to go smaller. I am 5'8 155 athletic/slim build. I switched to 320cc smooth moderate classic silicone, had breast... READ MORE

I initially had a breast lift and implants (210cc) silicon in May 2012. I was a double D wanting to be a perky d cup. Initially very happy with the procedure. At around 6 months I noticed the shape of my right breast in particular and then the left begin to change. This progressively got worse... READ MORE

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