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Dissatisfaction with breast augmentation can lead to a revision. Often involves changing the implant size, addressing post-op sag, or fixing asymmetrical breasts.
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I originally went to see Dr. Pousti about two years ago, when I flew down from Alaska for a breast augmentation/lift. I'm glad I made the trip because he did an amazing job, and my breasts "dropped and fluffed" to the softest, nicely shaped breasts I could had hoped for. My only complaint about... READ MORE

 I now have the memory gel which is so much better. They are softer and look more natural. The healing process took alittle longer then the original because of my left breast capsized. I wasn t in alot of pain at all. If you choose to have surgery with him you will not be dissappointed. :)I... READ MORE

I've had 2 breast augmentations with Dr. White. The first one was in 2004 with saline implants. At that time I was unable to get the silicone implants. Then about 6 months ago I noticed a change in one of my implants. It was slowly leaking. I had purchased the insurance and had another... READ MORE

I have posted previously in the Tummy tuck & brazilian butt lift Ive also had these procedures done this past March. I am having a revisition in January and an very seriously considering changing my saline to silicone and going a cup size larger. I also would need a type of a... READ MORE

Okay, well 20 years ago I had 220cc Saline anatomical breast implants, over the pectoral muscles. I had finished breast feeding my two boys and whilst my 'girls' were not deflated or ugly, I felt I had lost fullness in the upper side of nipples and my right one would dimple/ripple when I lay... READ MORE

I think I'm going to be very happy with my results, but its still early. I really trust Dr. Pousti and that's important and worth finding. Every surgery carries risks and recovery can be a pain, but I also think there is no better time to start feeling better about yourself than NOW! Stay... READ MORE

My 27yr old implants were replaced i told my surgeon i wanted 400cc i had shown her a photo from this site.She refused and said her reputation was at stake as to me looking natural...I ended up with 300cc her choise after 3months they have shrunk and one implant i can feel the egde near my... READ MORE

Sorry for any miss spellings I am on pain medication and its a little hard to focus. I had Symmastia (due to a previous surgeon).... So I heard about Dr Molivers reputation. Online. So I decided to pay him a visit. He has done symmastia repair useing bella derm, before so I choose him. I am... READ MORE

18 years or so ago I had saline implants put in over the muscle, inframammary. I went from a B cup to a D with 350 & 300 cc implants. They looked so natural, I had to show my scar several times so people would believe me. About 6 months ago I decided to lose some weight Ive been piling on... READ MORE

I went to a Dr i found on YouTube (Dr Brown) in Virginia. He made my boobs not so saggy, but other than that I'm completely UNHAPPY! My boobs still sag, the size is NOT what i was wanting, my TT scar is 70s style and i have MAJOR fat on my sides. The Dr i went to wasn't very personable, didnt... READ MORE

In 30 days I will be going in for an implant exchange, I'm very excited! I love my surgeon and have had amazing results. Some may think the size I want is too big but I get lean since I decided to compete. I want a fuller look on stage and this size is likely going to be exactly what I want.... READ MORE

Ten years ago I had my initial breast augmentation surgery. My left breast bottomed out and I had a revision done a year later to correct it, but unfortunately it still looked bad. Now ten years and 2 children later I had breast augmentation (implant exchange) and anchor lift on November 8th. I... READ MORE

I had my breasts enlarged in 1998 by another prominent La Jolla plastic surgeon. I shed a few pounds and you could feel the ripples of the saline implant under my skin. I had under the muscle implants and the pocket he made was not in the right place. Without a bra my breasts were practically in... READ MORE

My history started 4 months ago with other surgeon whom promised a size that we discussed during many visits (no less than 700-750cc). This previous doctor ended up putting a smaller size than the one we agreed. His excuse after surgery was that my body frame was too small for a large implant... READ MORE

Had my 425s for 11 years and they didn't really match my frame at a size 4-6. When I had them done 11 years aso the doc talked me into larger than I wanted saying most women regret not going larger. That caused hard to find clothes that would fit my waist and not be too small in the chest... READ MORE

Had 450cc saline over the muscle done ten years ago. They were too small and too far apart after so many years and a significant amount of weight loss. Had very apparent rippling visible and implants still soft. Was told I had some scar tissue removed. Replaced (over the muscle still)with... READ MORE

My initial breast augmentation was July 2003, when only saline (mid and low profile) implants were available. I lived in Orange County at the time and used a Board Certified PS from the area. This past Christmas morning I woke up to a deflated implant on my left side. I was unable to schedule a... READ MORE

I had my 255cc Mentor implants since Nov 2011. I was sOOOOO happy with them, but 7 month after the surgery during sex my husband push on inner side of my right breast and i felt minor pain. The feeling of hardness remained for 4 month and slowly left. After the trauma i noticed the minor drop of... READ MORE

My boobs are very far apart and have a huge gap between them. When ever my pectoral muscle tenses they deform. There is skin laxity and they just look terrible. I have tried to take some pics myself. The quality of the pics is not great and my mirror is filthy I am sorry. My current implants are... READ MORE

I recently had Dr. Schlesinger replace my 8 year old saline implants with high profile silicone implants of the same size. I am thrilled with the results! They are the perfect size for my body frame and feel totally natural, with very minimal scarring. I am comfortable in my clothes and out of... READ MORE

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