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Dissatisfaction with breast augmentation can lead to a revision. Often involves changing the implant size, addressing post-op sag, or fixing asymmetrical breasts.
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My first breast augmentation was in 2004, I was 21. I went from a barely there A cup to a DD, i had 515cc implants. I have a thick frame, I'm tall 5ft 10in in height, and i weigh anywhere from 190-220lbs. They implant sized suited my frame. My recovery wasn't great as when i woke from the... READ MORE

I know by the title I seem crazy. I am expecting to hear people say the same. This will be my 2nd breast augmentation and my 3rd time doing plastic surgery. I had a 34A (maybe even AA) before my first breast aug back in June of 2009. This year in June I had liposuction done. I am now scheduled... READ MORE

I sought out Dr. Pousti to do my Breast Augmentation revision, after having found him online. Quite frankly because after much research, he was the absolute best surgeon for my procedure. I had already had my first, and only breast augmentation, done back in 2007. Needless to say I didn't... READ MORE

It's time for my third breast revision. My original augmentation, back in 2000 was saline over the muscle. They looked beautiful until slowly, they didn't due to encapsulation. I rushed into my next augmentation--I'm sad to say I fell for a surgeon who used car salesman tactics. He was great... READ MORE

I thought when I found Dr Von Maur my prayers had finally been answered from a previous BA that came out terrible. I was told both my implants had ruptured so I had them removed and replaced a long with some scar revision on my old scars and my left breast pocket tighten from bottoming out. I... READ MORE

I am extremely pleased with my whole experience at Gerald Minniti, M.D, F.A.C.S. His office is professional and pleasant. Dr. M is kind, patient & was extremely realistic with his recommendations for the perfect outcome for me. I highly recommend him as a surgeon to all my friends and... READ MORE

I am 45 years old. I had breast implants done about 9 years ago and was very happy with them, but after some weight gain, then loss....they were crooked and one seemed deflated. I went to 3 surgeons for consultations. The first 2 insisted that I get a breast lift and revision. I really... READ MORE

Hi all, Some of you may have followed my other stories but I will do my best here to explain! I decided in 2011 to get my first breast augmentation. I started competing in figure competitions in 2010 and landed myself a spot in nationals in may 2011. That was my 5th (and last) time I wanted to... READ MORE

I had 30 year old silicone 425cc implants removed because they had ruptured and were calcifying. Removing the plasterlike goo took my ps 3 hours. He then replaced them with natrelle style 20 (high profile) 450 cc smooth gel implants. He went through the areole. He was able to lift them some by... READ MORE

Yesterday I had surgery to repair lateral displacement for my right breast and a slight bottoming out for my left. I am posting this because when I was doingnmy research I couldn't find much about the surgery. My surgery went very well as far as I woke up feeling good and for the most part I... READ MORE

Implant exchange with internal bra. Amazing experience in all aspects. From the office personal to the hospital/surgical support staff. Pain was very manageable as I traveled the day after surgery. I've had 3 prior procedures and this made me feel like a woman again. Everything down to the hotel... READ MORE

I have done a whole lot of research (about 8 months of searching) to find a Dr. to perform a breast revision due to capsular contracture , and tummy tuck. I found it very hard to find one that did BOTH very well. . . I FINALLY found Dr. Rahban! His portfolio is amazing, and after doing some... READ MORE

I wanted to get an expert opinion on what I should do. I got 300cc silicone implants placed under the muscle 3 years ago. About a year after the procedure I noticed that the implant was sitting lower than it should and when flexed created a ripple. I've read previous reviews on this and am... READ MORE

I got implants (Mentor HP round saline 325 cc filled to 360 & 370 ccs) 5 1/2 years ago in March 2008. They are sub-glandular (over the muscle) and the incision was aerolar. Most of my problems started about 2 years ago. 1. I have been having sharp, needle-like stabbing pain in my cleveage... READ MORE

Has anyone had bad experiences with Dr. Robert Hunsaker? I've seen a few but they were from so many years ago! I have an upcoming surgery with him and I'm a little in the nervous side! Since I've had a bad experience before I don't have time to go threw it again! Also, I'm going from about 350cc... READ MORE

My stats: 5'5 (165cm), 110-115 (50kg), size 0. BWD (breast width and diameter): 13 Ribs: 28.5 34DD, 32E I have always had large breasts and a very tiny body. My sister used to call me a caricature. It was cute then because they were natural and perky. However, they began deflating a... READ MORE

Well I have been living w/ a failed implant (over muscle) for a few months (fell down the stairs so I had to delay fix). Went on 2 consults. The first doctor didn't examine me at all came in looked at me said yep you need a lift, told him I wanted to stay around a D cup. No exam, pics or... READ MORE

I'd lost weight from exercising and healthy eating, my natural E/F cup which were slightly saggy anyway went down to a very saggy c/d. Decided to take the plunge and went to the hospital group at Dolan park (uk) was quotes for uplift and small implant to take me back to a 34 E it would cost... READ MORE

The first procedure went well; however, my results were inadequate to my expectations. The procedure itself is very fast, I had an immensely fast recovery, I do have a high pain tolerance, so this may not apply to others as well. I am hoping the revision allows me to love my breasts! I strongly... READ MORE

Lets start of with stats~ im 110 pounds and 37 years old . I had my first augmentation in 2007 with a 34 dd, which developed stage IV capsulary contracture. I had a breast revision with silicon and downsized in nov 2012. Lots of drooping and have double bubble:( I'm scheduling my breast lift In... READ MORE

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