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Breast implant revision surgeries address dissatisfaction or complications with previous breast augmentations. Revisions can include changing the implant size, fixing post-op sag, or aligning asymmetrical breasts.

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June 24th 2015 I had mentor saline moderate profile implants put in. 475 on both sides filled to L525/R500 through the armpit incision and I have been trying to be patient however they just look flat and wide with no projection even from day one I wasn't happy with them. I went in for a... READ MORE

I wanted to take the time to write this because so many women I talk to have so many questions about breast augmentation. I think the 1st question I get asked about my breast procedure every time would be who did the surgery? I feel that I need to tell other ladies in Calgary that the best... READ MORE

Hello ladies. I am 49kg very fit at home mommy. I am due to go in on October 5th for my revision BA. I had old implants replaced in june this year and i am not happy with the size. They feel too small. I am 325cc Med profile sub pectoral. I had my first BA done when i was 18. Only 250 cc.... i... READ MORE

I got a BA almost 3 years ago. Axillary incision. I'm petite: 5.2, 46kg (50kg these last months, I tend to vary a little, but lately I'm eating a lot!) 29 y/o at the time of the surgery, no kids. I had always had small breasts, which bothered me a little (a future BA was always a possibility),... READ MORE

I received my first breast augmentation in 2012 and didn't do enough research on the procedure and surgeon to realize that going under the muscle is the way to go. As a result, my 450cc implants placed over the muscle have bottomed out and developed capsular contracture. They are also too far... READ MORE

Have 12 year old implants. I'm fit and very thin skinned. This is my 4 set. First set was silicon 350 2nd set 600 saline 3 rd was 800 high profile silicon 4 set with saline 1200 to 1500 cc. I'm hoping the strattice will help thicken the skin it is 3,000 a piece and I need 2 to 4 so better it ... READ MORE

Hi Dolls!!! I originally contacted Dr Hunsaker's office to have my boobs redone and I was instantly impressed by his sweet patient coordinator Maria, who was very attentive, responsive, informing and courteous! I had lovely 550ccs for almost 13 years (a total of three augmentations in 20 years... READ MORE

Sooooooo... When i tell you it has been MONTHS of research for me it truly has. I reside in Atlanta, GA and have flown all over to have consults. Ive met Dr. Pousti in San Diego and Dr. Revis in Fort lauderdale, both very nice & informative! I had anxiety for months on who to choose. After... READ MORE

I had a very easy recovery my first time around. Due to just wanting breasts the first time I went conservative (was34-36 AA). They seemed huge at first but they are approx a c cup and very far apart. Mine are naturally wide-set I'm hoping for some fullness in the middle along with all around... READ MORE

I had breast augmentation in 2006 since I had had enough of appearing to be very slim, and flat, and because I dreamt of having a cleavage. In 2006 I was 110 lb, never did exercise except for a short spell of time when I did some yoga at around 26. I was supposed to go for 350 g ( anatomical)... READ MORE

After breast feeding my daughters for a total of four years, my saline implants took a beating. As the implants approached their 20 yr anniversary, I knew it was time to get the long anticipated revision. Hesitant because I am very weary at the thought of going under, I knew I had to find the... READ MORE

My implants still look good, they're just a little saggy and I want to go bigger. I regret not going bigger the first time. I'm torn bc it's scary and my husband is unsupportive. But idk when I will have this money again. Anyone else in that situation? Should I just do it? He thinks it's selfish... READ MORE

I have started this new review because my old review detailed 2 procedures, one started in 2008 and the other was done in April 2015. The short of it, the second procedure had some major faults - I had a full tummy tuck with muscle repair (rectus diastasis due to pregnancy) and swapping my... READ MORE

After 12 years my old saline implants bottomed-out. At first they looked great and was very pleased, but over time they started taking on an odd shape and appearance. I'm very petite/thin and came out of surgery with a D-cup. They didn't bother me until a friend of mine started calling me... READ MORE

I decided to have a breast augmentation after having a very successful surgery 4 years prior. I decided to take my saline implants out and go with a larger silicone. The doctor suggested revising my nipples which were large and low.. to try and bring them up and smaller. FOR FREE> BAD MISTAKE I... READ MORE

This is a long over due review. After breast feeding 2 kids & losing weight I was left with 34As. In 2006 I had my first BA. 350cc/375cc saline unders. One of my implants never fully dropped while the other bottomed out. Both fell out laterally & I had a capsular contracture. 2007 I had my... READ MORE

I have had 2 implant upgrades over the last 20 years.i am ready to downsize, have a lift and look forward to having small breast! I will have my procedure on June 6 th, and I am nervous and excited? I am posting my before pics. My breasts are super large for my small frame. I am 5'4 and weigh... READ MORE

I had a Mommy Makeover in March of this year (2015) & I need a few revisions done. One of them is more liposuction of "side boob" possibly with skin removal & I'm wanting my breasts to be bigger. I had a breast lift w/saline implants & lipo on the side boob to better couture my breasts during... READ MORE

One of my implants had a capsular contraction making my breasts uneven. Wanted to even them out. Also both implants had ruptured to some degree. Dr. Yates was able to clean both of the breast pockets and insert new silicon implants without having to do any lift. He used my original scars which... READ MORE

Got my first implants 19 years ago. Chose saline 300 cc left/310 cc right placed over the muscle. I was a fitness instructor and concerned about muscle distortion. Lots of fear about silicone at that time also. Things have changed both in implants and body. Breast fed two kids for 9-12 months,... READ MORE

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