Breast Implant Removal Videos

The Benefits of Overfilling Saline Implants — The Doctor Explains

Saline implants can be filled to suit the needs of each patient, however issues can arise when implants are overfilled. Learn more from Dr. Marie E. Montag. VIEW NOW

Learn Your Options for Post Reconstruction Breast Asymmetry

Almost all women have some degree of asymmetry, but following reconstructive surgery it's even more common. Dr. Marie E. Montag explains options regarding cosmetic procedures to correct the size difference. VIEW NOW

What It Looks Like When a Saline Implant Deflates

Dr. Miguel Delgado discusses the pros and cons of saline implants, their failure and deflation rate and a solution. He also explains how normal saline implant compare to silicone implants with regard to a rupture. VIEW NOW

The Truth About Mammograms After Breast Implants, According to This Doctor

Many women have concerns about how breast implants will impact future mammography results. Dr. John J. Edney answers common questions. VIEW NOW

Do Breast Implants Cause Cancer?

Many patients have questions about the implants they choose, and their longevity. They also want to know about the impact of implants on their body. Dr. John J. Edney talks about if breast implants really cause cancer. VIEW NOW

Silicone Implant Safety — Learn How Silicone Implants Have Changed

Dr. Richard J. Bruneteau explains why silicone implants were taken off the market in the 90's, and how safe they are today. VIEW NOW

The Best Breast Augmentation Incision — According to This Doctor

Dr. Zannis describes the different options for breast implant incisions and which one he believes is the best. VIEW NOW

3 Breast Implant Options Explained in 60 Seconds

Dr. Jeremy Pyle discusses the various types of breast implants to choose from. VIEW NOW

Curious About Breast Augmentation? The Doctor Explains the Process

From consultation to surgery, Dr. Jeremy Pyle discusses what you can expect. VIEW NOW

Learn 5 Aspects of Breast Aesthetics In 1 Minute

Dr. Glenn M. Davis explains five issues he takes into consideration when performing breast augmentation. VIEW NOW

This Doctor Can Tell Within 3 Minutes If Your Breast Implant Has Ruptured — Learn About High Resolution Ultrasound

Dr. Bradley Bengtson explains how high resolution ultrasound is equivalent or better at detecting implant ruptures than MRI. VIEW NOW

Will I Need to Get My Breast Implants Replaced After 10 Years?

Dr. Mason addresses when and if implants need to be replaced. VIEW NOW

90 Seconds of Breast Augmentation Before and Afters

Dr. Johnny Franco explains the various options available for Breast Augmentation today. VIEW NOW

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5 Months Ago This Woman Had Her Breast Implants Removed — How's She Feel Now?

Dr. Lu-Jean Feng removed this woman's breast implants five months ago. Hear how she's doing. VIEW NOW


Here's Why It's Important to Try on a Breast Implant Before Surgery

What type of breast implant is best for me? Dr. Michael Baroody often hears that question. Here's what he advises. VIEW NOW