Breast Implant Removal Videos

Capsular Contracture: See What It Looks Like!

One of the most common complications from breast augmentation is capsular contracture, a condition resulting in breasts that are hard, distorted and painful. Watch Dr. Lisa Cassileth as she dissects a removed capsule. VIEW NOW

Cohesive Textured Gel "Gummy Bear" Implant

Dr. Scott Chapin demonstrates how a gel impant will keep its shape, even when the shell has been compromised, leading to a safer and longer lasting implant. VIEW NOW

Pregnancy After Breast Augmentation: Next Steps

If you have become pregnant and given birth following a breast augmentation, you may need light revisional surgery. Dr. Stephen Chen explains. VIEW NOW

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Breast Augmentation: Consultation to Recovery

Dr. Garrett Wirth explains the discussion process between the patient and surgeon in the consultation as well as the drastic changes in recovery expectations over the past few years. VIEW NOW

Breast Reduction: How To Choose a Cup Size When Slimming Down

Sizing for a breast augmentation is simple when compared to sizing a patient for a breast reduction. Dr. Kamakshi Zeidler explains how the cup size is determined for a woman interested in a breast reduction. VIEW NOW

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Breast Augmentation Consult: Patient Communication and Sizing Systems

Dr. Peter Geldner explains the importance of the patient/surgeon communication during the consultation process for a breast augmentation. VIEW NOW

Breast Augmentation Surgery: Likelihood of Complications

Dr. Susan Vasko addresses possible complications after a breast augmentation. VIEW NOW

Revision Breast Augmentation: The Procedure and Scarring

Revision breast augmentation is typically a very simple procedure, according to Dr. Thomas Fiala, but the emotional aspect is very different. VIEW NOW

Breast Implant Complications: Signs To Watch For

Caring for your breast implants is crucial, so Dr. Thomas Fiala explains some issues that may arise and how you can both prevent and get care for each. VIEW NOW

How to Get a Natural Breast Augmentation Result

Dr. Matthew Conrad discusses several aspects of a breast augmentation procedure, from questions to ask your surgeon during the consultation to post-op recovery. VIEW NOW

Breast Implant Leaks: Which Implants Are the Safest?

While breast implant leaks are still a reality, Dr. Robert Kessler explains that the introduction of silicone gel makes them a lot less messy. VIEW NOW

Capsular Contracture Signs and Treatments

Capsular contracture--the development of scar tissue around the breast implant--can be detected and often safely treated. Dr. Steven Camp explains. VIEW NOW

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Medical Tourism: Advice From Australia

Dr. Gavin Sandercoe discusses overseas plastic surgery and what you need to consider before traveling abroad for any operation. VIEW NOW

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Post-Augmentation Firmness: What Is the Cause?

Dr. Adam Oppenheimer discusses possible causes of a firm, uncomfortable breast following breast augmentation surgery. VIEW NOW


Breast Augmentation After 10 Years

A patient shows her breast implants after 10 years. According to Dr. Vladimir Mitz, she received 300cc microtextured silicone gel implants. VIEW NOW