Pregnancy + Breast Implant Removal

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Breast Implant Removal Before or After Pregnancy?

I'm 27 and have had Breast Implants for 5 years total (350cc Saline for 2 years, 225cc Silicone gel for 3 years). I would like to get them removed... READ MORE

I Have Ruptured PIP Implants and Am 4 Weeks Pregnant. Risks to my Baby?

Hi, I found out just before Christmas that my PIPs silicone implants have ruptured and would need to be removed. Then on Christmas day, I found out l... READ MORE

Can I Get Implants Removed While Pregnant

They are causing me a lot of health problems since shortly after getting them. I just realized that all my unexplainable symptoms aligned with that... READ MORE

How Long Should I Wait to Get Pregnant After Breast Implant Removal?

I was a full B before breast implant surgury, which took me to a 32DD. I was young, and rushed into a decision that I should have put more thought... READ MORE

Will I Be in a Lot of Pain After Breast Implant Removal?

I have had my implants for 7 years. For the past couple of months i have been experiencing pain, aches and hot spots. I had an ultrasound that was... READ MORE

I Want to Remove my Implants but I'm Worried About my Boobs Sagging and my Huge Nipples?

I'm 22 years old with sub muscular 360CC Natrelle Saline-Filled Implants. I underwent a breast aug. & a donut mastopexy 4 months postpartum my 1st... READ MORE

I Have 500cc Implants for 8 Years, What Mess Will I Be Left In? (photo)

They were saggy to start with, see Pics. I have hated the BA for 8 years, they dont look at all like a good job, i mean you definately wouldnt put me... READ MORE

5weeks Pregnant and I Think my Implant Broke Down on One Side

Im 5 weeks pregnant and I think that one of my implants broke (the right breast is much smaller and when I lay down it loss shape) can I wait until... READ MORE

Breast Explantation While Pregnant?

Can a breast explantation surgery be safely performed while pregnant? I have subglandular saline. I've heard its an easy procedure, and can even... READ MORE

Is it possible to get my implants removed while I am pregnant (4 weeks)?

Hello, i just found out i am 4 weeks pregnant. I have 500 cc saline implant in front of the muscle for 11 years now. I am 37 years old and i would... READ MORE

Is it possible to replace my breast implants when I go into labor?

Knowing that it will be placed under the muscle and the incision from the crease not areolas, i want to know if its possible to get them replaced... READ MORE

27 weeks pregnant and one of my saline implants ruptured recently. How long can I wait to have them either removed or replaced?

How long can I wait to have them either removed or replaced? Will this rupture harm the baby if I am able to breastfeed? Will the actual implant move... READ MORE

Do I need to remove implants due to capsular contracture from my 1st pregnancy before I plan baby no.2?

Have had confirmed capsular contracture since 1st pregnancy 2012 not yet fixed. Planning final child no.2. Will I be able to breast feed this time?... READ MORE

How long until I can hold my baby after explant?

I'm planning on explant in May, my baby will be 5 months, maybe 15 lbs. no capsule removal, under sedation. How long until I can care for him myself? READ MORE

How soon should I wait to get pregnant after an explant and lift?

I am considering an explant and lift, but want to have children. I am 39 years old now so time is not on my side. I have started to have some health... READ MORE

8 weeks pregnant, yellow fluid from an old incision, surgery 7/9/14, My r breast is stiff and very hard with a yellow discharge.

8 weeks Pregnant and I have yellow fluid from an incision , surgery July 2014. My right breast is stiff and very hard. I just found out I am pregnant ... READ MORE

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