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What is the best procedure for removing my breast implants? (Photo)

I had saline breast implants placed under the muscle, through the armpit. They were put in 12 years ago. Nothing wrong with them, just want to have... READ MORE

Is this an infection after Capsulectomy complications 6 weeks ago? (photo)

I had a capsulectomy 6 weeks ago. 2 days later had to have hematoma removed. 6 days after that had fluid from incision & had to go back to have fluid... READ MORE

Considering explant. What kind of results have you seen? (Photo)

Hello, I am a 46 year old woman and I have had implants for 12 years. At 10 years I had my 350 cc silicone implants taken out and replaced with 250 cc... READ MORE

Asked to See Pre & Post Op Pictures, She Said to Just Look Online? (photo)

I had a consultation for explantation without replacement. It went well. The doctor answered my questions. She did not recommend a breast lift. I... READ MORE

My Allergan textured implants gave me CANCER (ALCL) & now I must remove them. Can I put new ones in down the road? When? (Photo)

Biopsy tested positive for ALCL cancer caused by my breast implants. Going to have my 410 Allergan Naturelle implants (below the muscle) removed with... READ MORE

I'm 50 years old & have 23 year old double lunum implants. When should I get them replaced? Do implants have a life span? photo

My implants are under the muscle my left breast is firm and still looks nice my right side is soft and is about an inch inch and a half lower. READ MORE

Removal of extracellular ruptured implants, now there is a possible hematoma? (photo)

Hi, Got silicone implants 9years ago. Recent MRI showed extracapsular rupture right breastimplant. Had a removal of The extracapsular implants one... READ MORE

After a complete capsulectomy 2 weeks ago, my breast have caved in under the nipples. (Photo)

After a complete capsulectomy 2 weeks ago, my breast have caved in under the nipples. This was after 10 years with saline implants under the muscle.... READ MORE

I got breast implants 4 months ago and had them removed along w/most of my inflamed natural tissue. I'm not sure why. (Photo)

I had 350 cc mod plus implants under the muscle put in&a month post op had a superficial infection my PS cut me open cleaned it out&restitched me. I... READ MORE

I am 48 and want to know how I should deal with my silicone implants? I've had them since I was 21 (Photo)

I am 48. and have silcone under the mustle implants. My implants for the majority of their lifespan have been hard. They are hard but they is no pain.... READ MORE

Considering having my implants removed due to "snoopy nose" botch job. (photos)

After having two BA surgeries, first on 3/13/13, when I got Mentor high profile gel implants, 375-400 cc's, under the muscle, with awful results (see... READ MORE

Will this get better? (Photo)

I was forced 2 have my implants removed 4/2/14 due to ongoing infection in R one. They were 800 xxx which made me 36DD. It was done on emerg basis &... READ MORE

I think I am going to get my implants explanted, How do you think my results will be? (Photo)

Ive had 2 surgeries, 1st w/ 240cc impants + banelli lift, they ended up being huge. I was miserable not to mention how large my areolas grew after... READ MORE

Can this be fixed? Result after breat explantation, I had an infection and my implant got ruptured and had to be removed.(photo)

I had capsulectomy on dec, on June got infected, the doctor advise the removal of the implant and he said in 6 months he will put another implant and... READ MORE

I have lost a lot of my natural breast tissue during the time that I had implants. What likely happened? What can I do?(photo)

I had breast implants for about 3.5 years, 350 CC. The implants were removed about one month ago. Compared to before I had implants placed, I lost... READ MORE

Silicone breast implant removal - Where is the usual incision site? (Photos)

I have had my silicone implants since 1988. I want to have them removed and not replaced. What is the typical incision site used to remove? I... READ MORE

Is removing scar tissue after explant necessary if I have stage one contracture? No replacement. (photos)

My right breast implant ruptured almost 3 weeks ago, after 10 yrs. Have never had any complications, previously. I'm wondering if removal of scar... READ MORE

How will my breasts look without implants? Will the areolas get smaller? Should i consider a submuscular replacement? (Photo)

I'm considering removing 14 years old implants which always were pretty hard,especially on the right. The areolas stretched immediately after the... READ MORE

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