Muscle + Breast Implant Removal

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Breasts Implant Removal After 5 Weeks; What to Expect During Recovery.

I am 40 years old and 110lbs, 5ft. 2in., and athletic. I was a 34 A/B and had 350cc silicone implants in for 5 weeks and 2 days. I very happily had... READ MORE

About Implant Removal and Pectoralis Major Appearance and Function

Doctors continually disagree on this topic, can you help me sort this out? If I have my 10 year old implants removed, will my pec muscle continue to... READ MORE

Can the Chest Muscle Be Fixed if It Moves Weird (Up and Out) After Having Breast Implants Removed?

I had breasts implants for 9 years and removed them 6 months ago because of the way the muscle moved them when flexing the muscle, but now even... READ MORE

Will Building Pectoralis Muscle Improve the Appearance of my Breast After Explantation?

Skin is loose after breast implant removal, will building pectoral muscles improve the appearance? READ MORE

Lymphedema and Breast Reconstruction

Painful Breast Reconstruction I have LE in both arms I also have truncal LE. I have made the very hard decision to have my implants removed I have... READ MORE

What Happens to Your Pectoral Muscle(s) After Removing Implants Placed Subpectorally?

Do the muscles ever resume their pre-aug. state following implant removal? I want to have my implants placed subpectorally due to breastfeeding... READ MORE

Will the Muscle Get Damage from Explanting Allergan Implants?

I'm explanting allergan implants in a week, and I'm wondering if it will hur my body doing the explant READ MORE

Muscle distortion after explantation. (Photo)

Undermuscle silicone implants, r240cc-l265cc, removed after just 3 months.My ps recommended me just to wear a tight tank or undershirt.l'm curious... READ MORE

Is it necessary to attach the muscle to the chest wall when removing an implant that was placed under the muscle? (photo)

I had an breast explant last week and my doctor attached the muscle to the chest wall; so much so that my breasts (especially one) is completely... READ MORE

Muscle Discomfort Post Explant?

How long will my muscles feel uncomfortable post implant removal? Its almost like they're tense? And almost feels like there is still something under... READ MORE

Follow up: If there is excess skin after the muscle shrinks back down from removing implants, can the skin be cut away?

I have two follow-up questions to my question about removing my 550 ml under muscle silicone implants after bilateral mastectomies. Thank you to the... READ MORE

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