Swollen + Breast Augmentation

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One Breast More Swollen After Breast Augmentation

I am just over 3 weeks post op breast augmentation. I received 425cc in right and 475cc in left. My left breast had to have the dual plane procedure.... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Feel a Bloated in Stomach After Breast Aug?

Been feeling bloated in my stomach since surgery. I'm 3 days post op. Still pretty swollen up top like normal. Actually wouldn't feel that bad... READ MORE

One Breast More Swollen and Sore 10 Days Post Op? (photo)

I am 10 days post op with 350 uhp silicon under the muscle. My left breast swelled up immediately after surgery and remains very swollen, sore, and... READ MORE

My Right Breast Become Hard and Swollen After Breast Implants? (photo)

I had my surgery almost a month. And it was all good until this morning. My left breast is fine but my right breast become hard and swollen so that I... READ MORE

Lower Pole Fullness?

I am 5 1/2 weeks post op from a BA. 475cc silicone under the muscle in one breast and 450cc silicone under the muscle in the other. I am still swollen... READ MORE

Is It Normal for One Breast to Be Bigger Than the Other After Breast Augmentation?

I had breast augmentation 8 days ago and over the last 2 days one of my breast has swollen more than the other one and the nipple is about 2... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation Issues 4 Weeks Post Op. I Fear I Am Bottoming Out, CC, Or Infection? (photo)

Ps is a dud. dosnt answer my calls. i fear i am either bottoming out or getting CC or an infection.. i heard ppl say they got CC after only 2 weeks,... READ MORE

Can This Mastopexy Be Corrected? (photo)

I had this mastopexy 2 years ago, very unhappy because my breast is not perky and my saline implants are on the bottom of the breast, also I developed... READ MORE

Do breast get bigger after implants settle or do they get smaller because they are swollen? (photos)

I had my breast augmentation done this week and I think my boobs came out smaller than what I wanted so when I told my doctor he said that they would... READ MORE

2 Months Post-op Swollen, Uneven and a Rubbery Feeling to my Implant? (photo)

My left breast is sitting even lower than it was 3 weeks ago, and it's more swollen on the side, to the touch it feels as if liquid bubbles are... READ MORE

I Am 6 Weeks Post Breast Op and Have Developed Swollen Lymph Nodes Under the Left Armpit?

No redness, no fever, however there is a pain under in the armpit and in the shoulders. My GP has prescribed antibiotics until I see my CS. I am... READ MORE

Breast Implants- One Breast Seems to Be Higher, Larger and More to the Side After 4 Weeks. Is This a Major Problem? (photo)

300cc textured implants in both breasts. From a 32a. My left breast was more swollen throughout the first weeks. My right breast's muscle loosened up... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation Wound Weeping? (photo)

I am worried one of my breasts is infected. I am 19 days post op (tt and ba) my right breast is more swollen than my left. I had an appointment with... READ MORE

New Breast Are Really Swollen, Hard, and High? (photo)

I just got my BA yesterday and my breast are really swollen, hard & high. How long will this last? My PS told me not to wear the white band over... READ MORE

Fever and Pain 7days Post Op?

7days post op, my left breast began to be very sore and slightly swollen. Started getting a low grade fever (100.4) and called my doc. He is 2 hrs.... READ MORE

Will I Need a Revision? 7 Weeks Post - Implants Not Dropping (photo)

Please see attached photos. I am at 7 weeks post op. Very little change from my 12 day mark... How soon should I expect to consider a revision? 380 cc... READ MORE

Swollen, Hard, Right Breast and Redness/swelling at Incision Site Five Weeks Post Op - Seroma or Capsular Contracture?

At four weeks post silicone sub-muscle augmentation my right breast became increasingly swollen and hard. At five weeks, it is warm to the touch and... READ MORE

I'm Told I Have a Hematoma but Not Alot of Bruising Just Swollen Badly? (photo)

I'm told to wait it out. It has been this swollen since day one and its been only a week,the bruising is not huge but enough to concern me. About a... READ MORE

Why is my Right Breast Swollen, Tender and High Up on my Chest 6 Years After Saline Breast Implants?

I had saline implants 6 years ago and recently my right breast has become swollen tender and is high up.my plastic surgeon said it might be capular... READ MORE

Red, Swollen, Itchy Incisions after stitch/tape removal. Why? (photo)

So I am one week post op, the tape and stitches have been removed, I finished all my antibiotics, yet I still am having itchy/bright red/swollen... READ MORE

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