C To D Cup + Breast Augmentation

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How Do I Go About Getting More Attractive Breasts? (photo)

Im 24, 34C, no kids, and I dont like by breasts. They look similar to the first and second picture and when cold like the third picture. when warm or... READ MORE

I Am a 34 C Cup and Would Like to Be Full D Cup ? What Would Be a Estimate for Cc? Silcone

I am 5'3 120 pounds i now wear a 34 c cup and would like to be a full d or very small dd cup i just don't know how many cc to get to achieve... READ MORE

I Am Going from a C to a D or DD. Had 3kids And Breast Are a Little Deflated, What Do You Reccomend? (photo)

I have had 3 kids, not having any more. I am a small deflated c cup, I would like a large d cup or DD. What do you recommend? How does it effect... READ MORE

I Am Currently a Very Small C Cup and I Want a Full C or S. Will 400 CC Be Too Big for Me?

I am 5'5 and 130lbs and a very small C cup, I wear a padded 34C and have some wiggle room. The doctor said I have quite a bit of breast tissue and... READ MORE

I Want to Do a Benelli Lift with High Profile Silicone Gel Implants to a Full D? (photo)

I am a small C right now.....I am looking to be a dull D with a slight lift, I dont want them extrmemly up high....I would like my nipple to stay the... READ MORE

How Many CC's Do I Need to Go from 34C to a Full 34D?

How Many CC's Do I Need to Go from 34C to Full 34D. I haven't had kids so I don't have sagging. READ MORE

10 Lb Weight Gain After Lift and Augmentation with 260 Cc Silicone Implants, What is Up?

In December 2011 I had a lift with implants. I went from a saggy C to a big D. It was a little bigger than what I wanted. I am 5'1" and prior to... READ MORE

Do I Need a Breast Lift, Breast Augmentation, or Both?

Can I achieve a good result from a breast augmentation alone or do I need a breast lift? I have had 3 consults so far. 1st surgeon told me I have to... READ MORE

How Many CC's Do I Need to Get to a Full D? (photo)

The doctor suggested a full anchor lift and she will make my nipples smaller too. she suggest moderate plus under muscle.She said since one breast is... READ MORE

What Size Do You Recommend? (photo)

I am 5'9'' & 160lbs I hope to be a full C to small D. I want to look proportional, better than natural but not fake. Going with Moderate Profile... READ MORE

How much would getting my breast done cost? (photos)

I'm 22, I wear a 36 c just cause of the band but don't fill the cup. I'm 160lbs at 5'4, I breast feed two kids and want my big boobs. I want D's maybe... READ MORE

Are my Implants Gonna Be Big Enough for What I Want to Achieve?

Hello. I am getting a BA in a few days to increase my small 34 c cup to possibly a d cup. My doctor wants to use 360cc filled to 390cc but I really... READ MORE

I Want a Breast Augumentation, Do I Need a Lift or Can I Get the Results I Want Without a Lift? (photo)

I have never had children, Aged 22, I have mild Ptosis and would like my breast to be perky and around a small-Med D cup. They are currently a... READ MORE

I Am a Small B Cup and I Am Trying to Be a Full C or Small D, Do You Have Any Idea What Implant Size I Should Be Choosing?

I go to surgery soon and my surgeon measured me at a 34b, one is actually smaller than the other. One was measured 176cc and the other 200cc. I am... READ MORE

​After Breast Augmentation of 600cc implants over the muscle, what size will I achieve? (photo)

Hi, I had an uplift and 600cc implants on Monday. I was a full 38 C cup before the opp, the surgeon states I will only achieve a size D.. I'm feeling... READ MORE

Getting Breast Implants, Will I Need a Lift? (photo)

I am 19 years old (36C sometimes B, want to be a full D) and I have never had children but my breasts have always seemed "empty." To avoid the... READ MORE

Will I Be a DD After Augmentation? (photo)

I'm having a BA & TT. My PS suggests I don't need a full lift but I am doing a donut lift to better position my nipples a little higher. My larger... READ MORE

Do I need a lift along with implants? (Photo)

Will I need a lift with my implants? I do not want the lollipop vertical scar. I passed the pencil test yay! I am currently a small C but have... READ MORE

Is a 457 moderate silicone implant adequate to increase your cup two sizes

I am medium built 5'4" 137 lbs with a 34c (small c). Will 457 silicone imolants increase my cup to DD? If not what would you recommend? READ MORE

I'm 5'9, 150 - 160 lbs and wear a 34C with no volume. Is 475cc or 500cc too big or too small to achieve a D/DD cup?

I have my consultation for my BA shortly and i want an idea of what size implants to get. I am 5'9 and my weight fluctuates between 150-160. After... READ MORE

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