Bumps + Breast Augmentation

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Bumps on Nipple After Breast Lift and Implants

A month after breast lift (w/nipple reconstruction) and , I've noticed small lumps on my breast. They're about the size, shape and color (redness) of... READ MORE

Do my Nipples Look Normal? I Feel Like my Breasts Are Weird? (photo)

They just look so saggy and I don't know the right way to put it. The nipples are huge and have bumps on them. Even when I'm not on my period they... READ MORE

Bumpy Breast Augmentation Line

The other day in the bath, I felt along the breast augmentation incision line (under my breasts), and the right one is fine, but the left one seems... READ MORE

Is This Staff Infection? (photo)

This photo attached was taken right after my BA in December. Those bumps went away but they left terrible scarring on my lower breasts. What can they... READ MORE

Soreness & Bump Developed on Stitches After Wearing an Underwire Bra After Breast Augmentation?

I went and saw my Dr. yesterday for a check-up on how my breast augmentation surgery went, a week ago. I asked if it was alright to wear regular bras... READ MORE

Do I need surgery again to correct the size of my breasts and nipples? (photo)

I am 12 months post op. I had a regular breast Aug with 500ccs put in through the nipple. My right breast has already dropped but the shape and size... READ MORE

If you spit one stitch, does it usually mean there will be more? (periareolar incision) (photo)

If you spit one stitch, does it usually mean there will be more? I just spit one six weeks out and can feel a few more bumps. How great is the risk of... READ MORE

Is it possible for one side of my breast tissue to tear after breast augmentation?

6 weeks post op and one breast is bigger then the other. One breast feels in pain like a sore bruise and when I slouch or bend over and touch my... READ MORE

I have folds on the outer edges of my implants 6 weeks post op (mods 330cc width 12,25 my bwd is 12). Is this normal? (photos)

Since day 1 i have two bumps near my armpits which i can pop in/out.My ps said they are folds (breast scan).If in 6 months they won't go away he will... READ MORE

Weird popping bubbles under incisions. Is that normal?

I had an under the muscle BA a month ago and my implants are healing fine. Softening up and dropping well. But behind my incisons (in the crease)... READ MORE

Small bumps in my left breast 10 months after a full lift and 8 months after Breast Augmentation. Should I be worried?

I had a full breast lift in March 2014 and 2 months later a BA. When my Doctor did the full lift my left breast felt hard and I felt a huge lump on... READ MORE

What is this rash/discoloration and how can I heal it ?

I got breast augmentation 5 years ago. I have suffered with itchiness, rash bumps, inflammation and redness round my nipples since then. It is off and... READ MORE

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