Back Pain + Breast Augmentation

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Is Bloating After Breast Augmentation Normal?

I am 8 days post op, and feel as though I have gained A LOT of weight. My lower abdomen is really tight and hard, and I have lower back pain also. My... READ MORE

Lower Back Pain After Breast Augmentation, Will this Go Away?

My breast augmentation is 6 weeks away and my lower back hurts so bad when I'm sleeping ( it starts at week 4th) .How to make the pain go away?... READ MORE

I'm a man: How can I develop breasts?

I'm a man that has been wanting to develop my own breasts. I've always wanted to have breasts ever since I was 13. I'm not a wanting to become a woman... READ MORE

Sleeping Upright Causing Severe Back Pain Post-Op

I had a mini tuck combined with a breast augmentation 5 days ago, and have been sleeping upright with legs elevated every night. I was told to sleep... READ MORE

Intense Back Pain 6 Years After Breast Augmentation

6 years ago I had breast augmentation. 4 months after surgery the doctor had to fix my left pocket, the implant was lower than the right- by creating... READ MORE

How can I reduce upper back pain post breast augmentation?

I had surgery 4/11/13. I came back to work this week only to find severe back pain. I took the remainder of this week off but I have to go back to... READ MORE

Back Pain After Breast Aug/Lift - 5 Weeks Post-op

I had a breast lift/augmentation 375cc's silicone placed 5 weeks ago. I slipped on few steps while holding onto the railing My arms hyper extended... READ MORE

Will Breast Augmentation Be Bad if I Have a Worn Disc L Spinal Injury?

I have had lower back pain since the birth of my son, two years ago. I just had an xray done and I have a worn disc, arthritis and I am listing..... READ MORE

One Implant Has Shifted and I Now Have Pain in My Back, Is This From The Implant?

Burning in my back how can i tell if its the implant ???the implant has moved an feels sore all the time please help am in so much pain READ MORE

3 weeks post breast argumentation 350cc dual plane and I have extreme pain in right arm and back. What can I do?

3 weeks post breast argumentation 350cc dual plane. Extreme pain in right arm and back. Pain feels like constant ache makes my arm feel heavy. It... READ MORE

I have severe back and shoulder pain since having breast implants. What should I do? (photos)

I'm 5'2 60 kg 42 yo had beast implants dec 12 as I'm a saggy 12 b wanted to. E a fuller b or small c cup,definitely not a D,had first augmentation in... READ MORE

Axillary Lymphadenopathy and Right Breast Pain?

I have pains in my right breast and backpain just behind the same breast,went for a mammo and they wrote in my result conclusion:1 axillary... READ MORE

I have very large breasts 48DD, Could I donate my breasts in exchange for surgery?

I do not qualify through my insurance, even though I have back problems. Some woman would really appreciate having these READ MORE

Back pain with larger implants?

I'm 5'4" and 125 lbs and my ps and I have decided on 500cc silicone under the muscle. Right now I'm a deflated 34B and I really want to be a D cup. I... READ MORE

I have uneven breasts. My right breast was huge, saggy, and the nipple pointed down. Will it even out? (photo)

My right breast caused rashes, a horrible hole which drained pus, and horrible back pain. My life was miserable. But thanks to the insurance for... READ MORE

Should my back hurt 1 day after breast augmentation?

I just had my breast augmentation yesterday and I'm having excruciating pain in my upper back, is this normal? It don't feel like if its from the... READ MORE

How do I pick a breast implant size (breast enlargement) without having back pain?

I know some women with large breasts who have back pain and I do not want back pain. I am 5 foot tall, weigh 115 pounds and am a size 34A breast. I... READ MORE

Can I replace breast prosthesis for smaller size? (Photo)

I had an augmentation 3 years ago. The dr who operated on me placed larger prosthesis in than was agreed upon. I want to change to a smaller size.... READ MORE

I Get a Lot of Lower Back Pain and Shoulder Pain, Will a Breast Augmentation Aggrevate my Ailments?

I receive physio treatment for my back/shoulders which requires lying on my stomach and puting heat packs on my back regularly, will i still be able... READ MORE

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