Brazilian Butt Lift Videos

BBL Recovery: Here's a Timeline of Everything You Need to Know

When can you go back to work? Sit down? Have sex? Dr. Constantino G. Mendieta gives a timeline of recovery. VIEW NOW

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Brazilian Butt Lift Scars — "They're Real Tiny," Says This Doctor

Worried about scarring from your BBL? Here's what to expect, as explained by Dr. Constantino G. Mendieta. VIEW NOW

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Here's How Fat Works and What It Means For Your Weight Loss Goals

Dr. Constantino G. Mendieta explains how fat cells work and how to make that knowledge work for you. VIEW NOW

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Brazilian Butt Lift: Go Behind the Scenes

Dr. Marco A. Pelosi III describes what goes into planning and executing a successful BBL. See the surgical markings for yourself. VIEW NOW


10 Days, 1000ccs Per Cheek: See This Brazilian Butt Lift Transformation

Ten days after liposuction and a BBL, this patient reveals her new figure. See her new 1000cc cheeks. VIEW NOW


Should I Combine Other Procedures With My Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery?

Dr. Joel B. Beck advises not combining other medical procedures with a Brazilian butt lift surgery. Learn why. VIEW NOW


Brazilian Buttock Lift: See the Fat Injected — Inside the Operating Room

After liposuction and the harvest of excess fat on the waist and thighs, Dr. Remus Repta injects the buttocks during a Brazilian buttock lift procedure. See it for yourself. VIEW NOW

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What to Expect From Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

Dr. Gaurav Bharti gives a basic overview of Brazilian butt lift surgery. Cover your bases with this 101 tutorial. VIEW NOW


Woman on the Street: America Sounds Off on Plastic Surgery Desires

How does the average American feel about plastic surgery? The RealSelf team asks everyday people that very question. Their answers may surprise you! VIEW NOW


75 Brazilian Butt Lifts in 60 Seconds — See This Doctor's Handiwork

Dr. Daniel Del Vecchio gives us a fast-paced tour of his work, with 75 Brazilian butt lift results in 60 seconds. See for yourself! VIEW NOW


Butt Implants and Brazilian Butt Lifts: What's the Difference?

What is the difference between a Brazilian butt lift and butt implants? Is one better than the other? Dr. Usha Rajagopal explains. VIEW NOW


Get a Virtual Brazilian Butt Lift Consultation (The Finale)

Dr. Wendell Perry provides the final installment of a virtual Brazilian butt lift consultation. Watch Part 1 at VIEW NOW


Rounder Butt, Curvier Hips: How You Can Get the Latest Style Now

Dreaming of having a booty worthy of J.Lo or Beyoncé? Brazilian butt lifts are a great way to add volume to your backside, says Dr. Sheila Bond. VIEW NOW

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Brazilian Butt Lift and Sex: You'll Be Shocked to Hear How Long You Should Wait!

Dr. Sheila Bond shares some shocking news when asked how long you should wait to have sex after a Brazilian butt lift. VIEW NOW

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Is Having More Than One Body Procedure Done at the Same Time a Wise Idea?

Mommy Makeovers are on the rise but with that comes growing concerns that having more than one body procedure at a time might be dangerous. Dr. David Yao explains. VIEW NOW

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