Brazilian Butt Lift Videos

Brazilian Butt Lift Explained in Just 73 Seconds

On his marked patient, Dr. Johnny Franco goes over the areas to be liposuctioned and where the fat will be transferred to accomplish the butt augmentation. VIEW NOW


Turn Those Love Handles Into a Big, Beautiful Butt (In the Operating Room)

Dr. Johnny Franco takes extra fat from around this patient's midsection and thighs and sculpts it into a big, beautiful backside. Watch this fat transfer technique in motion! VIEW NOW


I Want Buns, Hun! Learn More About Buttock Enhancement Options

Buttock enhancement comes in many forms; Dr. Vincent D. Lepore explains the most popular treatment today! VIEW NOW

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Fat Grafting to the Butt Isn't Just About Making the Butt Bigger

Dr. Robert Centeno talks BBLs, explaining the ultimate goals, how it's done, and why so many are finding this procedure more and more attractive. VIEW NOW

Which Procedures Are Men Coming in For?

Men are definitely not strangers to plastic surgery, Dr. David Shafer explains, but which procedures are they getting? Watch the video to find out! VIEW NOW

Flatten Your Belly and Enhance Your Butt With One Procedure: The BBL

The Brazilian Butt Lift sounds like a dream procedure: Flatten your belly and boost your butt all at the same time. Dr. David Shafer explains more about this combo surgery. VIEW NOW

This Asian Patient Wanted a Big Butt and Was Not Disappointed

Dr. Daniel Del Vecchio gives us a 180-degree view of an Asian patient who wanted to make her butt bigger naturally via fat transfer. This is just one example of the results you could get from this type of procedure. VIEW NOW


A Beautiful Butt in Motion After a Large Volume Fat Transfer

Dr. Daniel Del Vecchio displays a patient post-op high volume fat transfer to her buttock, moving to the side to display the roundness that can be achieved. VIEW NOW


The Brazilian Butt Lift is a Permanent Butt Augmentation

Dr. Jaime Perez talks about the popular procedure of the Brazilian Butt Lift. VIEW NOW

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A Brazilian Butt Lift Is Really a Full Body Transformaton

Dr. Ashkan Ghavami explains why doing Brazilian Butt Lift affects the entire body and why going too big can be a bad decision in the long run. VIEW NOW

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Can My Friend Donate Their Fat For My Butt Augmentation?

A surprisingly popular question, Dr. Victor Perez puts this idea to rest. VIEW NOW

How Is the Fat Processed For a Fat Transfer?

Dr. RIcardo Rodriguez explains the three top techniques for fat processing, so here's how your fat is treated before it's re-injected. VIEW NOW


"Do I Need to Gain Weight Before My BBL?" and Other Popular Questions

There are lots of popular questions surrounding a Brazilian Butt Lift, so Dr. Nick Slenkovich takes a minute to answer some of the most popular. VIEW NOW

Which Celebrity Has the Most Desirable Butt?

They're very central in our culture and so it's not big surprise that people come into a BBL consultation holding a celebrity's picture for inspiration. Dr. Nick Slenovich discusses the most popular celeb butts. VIEW NOW