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Will I Develop an Infection if I Get Implants After Brazilian Butt Lift?

I had a Brazilian Butt Lift about 3 years ago, but now I feel that by butt is going back to its previous size. I told my surgeon I wasn't satisfied... READ MORE

I Had a Buttock Fat Transfer Infection That Was Treated. Now I Feel Another Bump

I had a buttock fat transfer two months ago and developed an infection on my left side my Doctor treated it for three weeks with antibiotics and... READ MORE

Developed an Infected Pimple Right Above my Butt Crack Post-Op BBL, Why Would This Be? On Antibiotics.

I had a brazilian butt lift about two months ago and I started to get a pimple right above my butt crack and it got bigger until it bursted. I have a... READ MORE

What Could Be the Worst Results from a Brazilian Buttock Augmentation?

Infection in thighs. Im 18 years old and most of my fat goes to my thighs and my butt, my butt is round but it barely sticks out from the side. I Was... READ MORE

Developed Infection After Bbl. Will the Hard Spot Be Permanent?

At 4wks postop noticed a red small bump that felt hot and urned out to be an infection. I had to get the abscess cut and drained. I am still packing... READ MORE

Infection of Fat Injected to Buttocks- Can I Aspirate Without Surgery?

I did a lipoaspiration and had that fat injected to buttocks a year ago; unfortunately the fat is hard and I always feel fire burning inside that... READ MORE

After How Long I Can Say Im in Safe From Infection Post-BBL?

After the brazilian but lift surgiry , how many days must be bass to say im in safe from the infection ? and when the swelling and bruising must be go... READ MORE

How Long Do You How to Wear a Wound Vac?

Hi i had my sx on May 23, 2013. It went very bad!!!! My left butt cheek got a infection. So now i have a big hole the size of a golf ball how long... READ MORE

Can I Spray Tan Before a BBL? (photo)

I'm having a Brazillian butt lift this week and would love to do a spray tan before I go. Is it a good idea to do this and could the chemical used... READ MORE

What are the symptoms of infection?

I just had fat transferred to my butt, i am 3 weeks out of surgery. One of my butt cheek is extremely hard and hurts a lot, the other side doesn't... READ MORE

Are There Doctors, Any Lady Doctors with Experience with Pilonidal Cysts? Please Help!

I have a history of pilonidal cysts(2).never got it surgically removed due to the fact that it can still reaccrue again so i got it lanced drained... READ MORE

Brazillian Butt Lift surgery but have hemherroids?

Okay this is a pretty weird question but I want to do a brazillian butt lift surgery but currently I have hemherroids. It's not crazy bad but it is... READ MORE

What can I do if I have Bacterial Vaginosis and am wanting a BBL?

I have been diagnosed with Bacterial Vaginosis since I was about 9. It's been a nightmare ever since!! I have not been able to get rid of it. I have... READ MORE

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