Dimple + Brazilian Butt Lift

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Is there such a thing as back dimple surgery?

Can you give someone back dimples as well if they're getting a bbl done? READ MORE

Will Butt Implants Get Rid of Dimples and Lumps on the Booty? (photo)

I had a BBL & TT and lipo 6 months ago,I am VERY disappointed with the BBL.My butt is uneven, lumpy and I DID NOT have dimples before.I was going... READ MORE

Why Do I Have Dimples in my Butts After BBL?

I want to know if the dimples in my butt will fade away or are they stuck there now. I never had dimples in my butt before. I have had my BBL 2 weeks... READ MORE

Dimples in Butt 2 Weeks Post-op BBL

Its been 2weeks after my Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery... Just wondering?? Will the dimples in my butt go away??  READ MORE

I Know That Dimple Creation Surgery Exists for the Face, but Do Any Doctors Do Surgery to Create Dimples on Lower Back? (photo)

Is it possible to create dimples of Venus on the lower back surgically? If so, how is this done? And who does it? I had them as a child but that was... READ MORE

Will My Lower Back Dimples Be Distorted After Full Back Lipo For BBL? (photo)

I would love to get a BBL done with a full back lipo to my back [bra area] and my lower/side flanks. I have very prominent lower back dimples and I am... READ MORE

Are lumps, dimpling, irregular contours, fat necrosis and other such complications more likely after 2nd or 3rd BBL?

My 1st BBL was VERY disappointing, but the lipo involved was a disaster. I was very fortunate & found an amazing surgeon who revised & corrected many... READ MORE

Will a BBL fix a large butt dimple? (Photo)

I am a 28 year old mother of 5. I had twins in 2011 and I can't seem to lose my stomach. I have developed a large dimple in my left butt cheek and I... READ MORE

I have lost a lot of weight and my butt looks flat and saggy. Will a Brazilian butt lift help? (Photo)

I have lost a large amount of weight and my butt is looking flat, saggy and dimpled... I want a large buttocks and would like to avoid a traditional... READ MORE

Are There Doctors, Any Lady Doctors with Experience with Pilonidal Cysts? Please Help!

I have a history of pilonidal cysts(2).never got it surgically removed due to the fact that it can still reaccrue again so i got it lanced drained... READ MORE

How can I tell the difference between scar tissue and fat necrosis?

I had bbl in march and from the beginning i had this tender firm area and dents around it. I asked my dr what can i do about it and he said to massage... READ MORE

Will my bum get rounder, or is this what I'm stuck with? (Photo)

I have been reading reviews and i guess i have to wait 6 months to get a 2nd round of bbl, im not into my 2nd month post op yet,,my question is will... READ MORE

Can a Brazillian Butt Lift Smooth out Dimples?

I've always had a nice coke bottle shape (26" waist and nice heart shaped butt) naturally. But over the years it has dropped and is starting to become... READ MORE

Does the Brazilian Butt lift fill out some dimples on the butt?

I know this surgery is not for cellulite reduction but I have some dimples and I was wondering if the fat would fill it out. Thank you READ MORE

What will be the best procedure to help skin discoloration dimples and dents after BBL? (Photo)

Hi im 25 5'4 about 150lb i had a brazilian buttlift done a 3years ago my booty has dimples is uneven with lumps under the skin and dark in places... READ MORE

Does it appear that I have enough fat for a modest BBL? (Photo)

I'm 5'2 about 112-115 lb. I would like a modest BBL. I'm looking simply to fill in my slightly sagging bum and hopefully correct the couple of dimples... READ MORE

Looking for top doctor to do butt lift on plus size woman

Im looking for a doctor to do a butt lift on me .im a plus size 42 yrs young .size 20 to 22 in clothes .bra size 42h .i have a booty but it has... READ MORE

Why do I have dimples on the lower part of the buttocks after my BBL? It's been almost 4 weeks.

Do I still need to wait my buttocks are soft now so is not that I'm swollen will they get better READ MORE

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