Brazilian Butt Lift Revision

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Not happy with your new butt? That’s what Brazilian butt lift (BBL) revision is for. If your original BBL didn’t go as planned, a surgeon can develop a new surgery to re-augment your rear end.

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I had an extra 650 in each butt cheek for a total of 1500 ccs .. Praying it will stay big this time.. I had my first round done February 19th and exact six months later my 2nd round. ( using my inner thigh fat and upper bra roll) I will stay in touch and post more pictures as my progress... READ MORE

Cabral quote $5,800- Bbl, BA w/ lift, Revisions lipo of stomach, upper back and arms. The saving for Cabral is in FULL EFFECT. Looking for traveling buddy for August 3, 2015. Although Dr. Cortes is a nice doctor I'm only pleased with my results in my garment or a spanx. I should've followed my... READ MORE

I'm 35 years old and I've never had a great shape, but when I gained weight after breaking my leg. It's worse. My husband acts like he don't care, because he's known me before the weight gain. But I'm so uncomfortable in my body I hate it. I'm supposed to have surgery with Dr. O at spectrum in... READ MORE

I will b having surgery with Dr.Hasan on July 2,2015.... My round 2.... Did round 1 with Dr. Jimerson in the ATL July 2013....I was not satisfied by the time I hit 6 wks I had no ass and my Hips were uneven from the very beginning....I'm originally 5'3' 120, but I gained 46lbs to b fixed by Dr.... READ MORE

I decided to start documenting my experience now as there has been a few changes since I made up my mind to commit to getting surgery. Initially I chose another doctor in Tijuana. Dr Cervantes, I liked his work that I had seen here on real self. I joined the fan page group on Fb which enabled me... READ MORE

Hi ladies. I'm soon excited about my new body. My bbl is on the 12th of August. I'm nervous and excited at the same time. I've been on this page everyday, literally, I'm obsessed. I'm 5'9 weighing 140. I was told to gain about 10 pounds. I only gained 2 pounds so far. I already paid a deposit... READ MORE

So I'm back on the Bbl train, never really seemed to get off it... I am currently planning Round 2 , which I don't feel is a Round 2 because round 1 my surgeon didn't use enough of my fat so once the swelling subsided there was minimal improvement. So I feel like this is Round 1. Hope my blog... READ MORE

HELP Decide on Hassan 2nd time around! VANITY DEBACLE! ? Ok so I'm only one month out from my first BBL! Although I'm a little happy with my results I'm certainly not 100% happy with my results. I feel that after all the money I spent I should be 100% happy or at least 90% happy and although I... READ MORE

Hello ladies.. I am starting this journey once again because the dr. I went to is horrible. Please I do not recommend Dr. Mel Ortega. I am going to post b4 my first bbl and now. I looked the same way since my surgery. I am embarrassed to show my pics but I have to in order to get the word out... READ MORE

Almost 10 years ago I had a bbl with Dr. Gabay in Philly. Gave me a bit of a booty (considering I had NONE) But there was no contouring and I realized what I needed were hips and width versus projection. I am very athletically built. Broad shoulders, strong legs, narrow hips. After my second... READ MORE

I was told I needed to start 2nd review to get on the calendar. But will update: Had sx with Dr. Lima in DR. TT, BL no/implants, full body lipo including chin lipo and BBL. Surgery went well, however, upon my return back to the states, I ended up with a seroma and a hematoma. Had a mini... READ MORE

My surgery is scheduled for Aug. 4th I am having a second bbl procedure done. I gained some weight after the first one, and have areas that need to be lipo'd and would like to add about another 1000cc per cheek. My original proposal was for $9000 but I decided to add calf liposuction which made... READ MORE

Well here is review number 2! I felt a new review would be better than continuing on the previous review. I encountered scheduling dilemmas but I will finally receive my revision on Sat Aug 1, 2015 with Dr Ortega again. I am having the revision because I was unhappy with my original results. I... READ MORE

So after almost 2 years of lipo of flanks back and stomach, i want to go back for bbl. and round 2 of my that i have more knowledge LADIES PLEASE MAKE SURE to get your bra line and axila (armpits) done or else you look big on top. so thats why im going back and might as well sculpt... READ MORE

I just had the BBL with Salama and I have to say I have gotten the best medical care I have ever experienced, topped with an amazing booty:) I will recommend him to anyone and everyone I know considering cosmetic's why: About 4 years ago I had BBL with a surgeon (before Salma) who... READ MORE

Had a BBL done at the begin of this year and need a a doctor that can correct the deformity I was left with and give me the fullness I was originally looking forward to having. I have been recommended to wait at least a year so I programming to have it done preciously a year after my original... READ MORE

I am three years in and still satisfied with my first BBL and Smart Lipo with Dr. Shahine but.... I have a few more areas to Lipo, want hips and my butt can use a little more fat... I swear I'm not addicted!!! ... Ok , maybe I am.... Lol. I am still undecided on my Doctor but Dr Leon is in first... READ MORE

So so excited about getting the bbl done through Dr. Cabral but I'm just a little nervous because of the things that I've been reading about reading about him. But He's the only doctor that has consistent and good results. Also thinking about traveling by myself this time around so I think i'm... READ MORE

Okay so researching for months Dr. Hughes was my first choice for a BBL. instead i got influenced for the cheaper,dangerous and latino booty loving road to the Dominican Republic with the infamous Cabral.(hes had a few deaths but has done lots of models). Actually i was booked with Dr.Baez she... READ MORE

I had a BBL in the Bay Area of Cali but now Im going to Campos. Im looking for someone to go with. My date is coming soon March 13. If anyone went to him can you inbox me with info. How long did you have to stay? Where did you stay? Did you get additional work done besides what your estimate... READ MORE

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