Brazilian Butt Lift Revision

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Not happy with your new butt? That’s what Brazilian butt lift (BBL) revision is for. If your original BBL didn’t go as planned, a surgeon can develop a new surgery to re-augment your rear end.

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Had a BBL done at the begin of this year and need a a doctor that can correct the deformity I was left with and give me the fullness I was originally looking forward to having. I have been recommended to wait at least a year so I programming to have it done preciously a year after my original... READ MORE

Review for the first round (also with Dr. Hughes) can be found here: I was very happy with my results from round one, but wanted to have a little more hip width. The whole reason I took... READ MORE

This is my second go round with BBL and my first with arm lipo. Please refer to my first review with questions. Just for basic background it was about two years ago. I went to the DR to Dra Duran. She did a great job. I am not sure if I will go back to her again for this round simply because I... READ MORE

I will b having surgery with Dr.Hasan on July 2,2015.... My round 2.... Did round 1 with Dr. Jimerson in the ATL July 2013....I was not satisfied by the time I hit 6 wks I had no ass and my Hips were uneven from the very beginning....I'm originally 5'3' 120, but I gained 46lbs to b fixed by Dr.... READ MORE

Please read my first review on Dr. Deborah Pan in New Haven, CT by clicking on my name. I decided to start a brand new review because all my bew posts on Dr. Del Vecchio were going under my horrible review of Pan. Dr. D deserves his own review where I can rate him appropriately. So, I am 15 days... READ MORE

I've been searching for the right doc,and BINGO i found him,going for my second round with "Moises Salama",my first doc die from cancer Daniel Azurin,i have a lot of projection but i need more volume on the sides ,and yes I've found the man, I am a little bit perfectionist and hes exactly what... READ MORE

I'll be having my Round 2/Revision in a few months. I still am trying to figure out which I should choose! Any input from you ladies about your opinions would be great?! Also, besides these two doctors do any of you know of doctors in this similar price range? I've done my research but still... READ MORE

Planning on going for round two before I turn 45 yup I want more projection and rounder.... So that's by 2018 I'm undecided on the dr I think I'm going to let my original one do it again... Dr. Freiman . I like nice round bouncy booties and that's my goal. I was and still am happy with the... READ MORE

I am 5'4 1/2 and 187 pounds. My BMI is 32.1, I have to lose about 15 ounds in order for my ideal results to look how i want. Hasan only likes to work with people that have a BMI of 30 or a little less. I am currently taking addipex and doing cardio and weight training. Im ready to feel confident... READ MORE

Heyy yall???? I'm back for round 2 w/Yily... I had round 1 sx done by her on March 2014 (bbl,tt) and stayed in DR for 10days at Upscale Recovery. Long story short , my results are amazingly dramatic but you know woman are never satisfied hehehe.. Dr. yily gives a barbie doll shape which i love... READ MORE

Almost 10 years ago I had a bbl with Dr. Gabay in Philly. Gave me a bit of a booty (considering I had NONE) But there was no contouring and I realized what I needed were hips and width versus projection. I am very athletically built. Broad shoulders, strong legs, narrow hips. After my second... READ MORE

I'm hoping to get fixed for round 2 with dr. Ferrera .... Love his work so far! He is located in the Dominican Republic and honestly love his outcomes.Hey I have a private group on Facebook for dr. Maikel Jimenez Ferrera and I am looking for pre and post op dolls to share their experience. Will... READ MORE

Hello Ladies, I'm a 25 yr old mother of two. My future hubby an I welcomed our little girl in June of this year. Anywho I have had this procedure before back in March of 2014 by Dr. Ghurani while he was at EPS. Let me tell yoy my post op body was BANGIN!!! Which is honestly why and how I got my... READ MORE

As you ladies know , I have been an active member of Realself for the past few years. I have had multiple procedures with Dr.Salzhauer. Last one being my BBL in August of 2014, although I have a lot of upper top shelf fullness, my bottom shelf and crease lacks volume, and I have some lateral... READ MORE

Hola chicas tengo programada mi sirugia para el 10-17-15 estoy emocionada pero a la vez un poco nerviosa devido a que es mi primera vez que viajare en avion a Miami soy mama de tres niños y como ya estoy operada creo k es hora de tomar este paso k eh esperado por meses estoy muy... READ MORE

First results of the procedure were a fail so Dr. Myckatyn agreed to fix it for a lower cost. I had fat removed from flanks & bra strap again to see better results and also inner thighs to have more fat to inject into my buttocks. Surgery went well. Recovered quicker than the 1st surgery. ... READ MORE

Hi ladies. I'm soon excited about my new body. My bbl is on the 12th of August. I'm nervous and excited at the same time. I've been on this page everyday, literally, I'm obsessed. I'm 5'9 weighing 140. I was told to gain about 10 pounds. I only gained 2 pounds so far. I already paid a deposit... READ MORE

Hello ladies.. I am starting this journey once again because the dr. I went to is horrible. Please I do not recommend Dr. Mel Ortega. I am going to post b4 my first bbl and now. I looked the same way since my surgery. I am embarrassed to show my pics but I have to in order to get the word out... READ MORE

Well here is review number 2! I felt a new review would be better than continuing on the previous review. I encountered scheduling dilemmas but I will finally receive my revision on Sat Aug 1, 2015 with Dr Ortega again. I am having the revision because I was unhappy with my original results. I... READ MORE

Did 1st bbl in nyc it was horrible .. Office is nice and professional They Hv instagram models working there .. She was cute and has a great shape .. Anesthesiologist was funny ... DR . Salz aka BROOKLYN salz aka Dr MIAMI was pretty cool . & very handsome lol . Now the work ! My shape is... READ MORE

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