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Not happy with your new butt? That’s what Brazilian butt lift (BBL) revision is for. If your original BBL didn’t go as planned, a surgeon can develop a new surgery to re-augment your rear end.
Average Price: $5,700

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I am 6 months away and still liking for people who have underwent BBL surgery with Dr. McAdoo so if any body has inbox me. I have 2 children and I plan on having more so no tummy tuck. I want a butt with projection, I have had a BBL before and want projection from the side it's wide from the... READ MORE

Hey dolls! OK so i had a BBL in ATL with dr jimerson in Jan14, but my butt didnt go as big as i wanted. i wanted big and i mean huge! he put as much in as he could until the fat was spitting back out apparently and i was told that the skin needs to stretch in order for me to go bigger. So i... READ MORE

To first read part 1 of my BBL journey, please click here.I have to be honest: This surgery has changed my life.Prior to my initial BBL surgery on May 7, 2012, the best way to describe my appearance was "cute." I just wasn't the girl that people stare at when I'm crossing the street. I never... READ MORE

The first few months after my BBL I loved my shape, now that all of the swelling has gone down and I can see my final results the projection is not at all what I expected and my stomach is isn't flat at all!! I am the same weight I was pre-op but now I just look like I gained 15 lbs. I've been... READ MORE

OK! I'm back! That year flew by sooooo fast and it was an interesting journey! I went thru being happy, regretful, going thru pain I've never experienced before and some more! I wouldn't change one thing that I did tho and CLEARLY I'm obsessed now cuz I'm going back for more! A lot of people... READ MORE

To first read my BBL Part 1 review, please click here.Ladies I have pretty much made up my mine that I am going for a second round of BBL! I can't believe that I am actually doing this AGAIN! I think I have also pretty much made up my about which PS I am going to...Dr. Schulman in New York. I... READ MORE

So this is going to be my round 2. I had my first round with Dr Jimmerson. My ass is fat but I want it fatter. Call it booty greed but oh well. He didnt do much for my upper back so Imma need Robles to work some magic up there. I was quoted $4500 for lipo to my back, underarms, waist, flanks and... READ MORE

I am 43yrs, 5'6", 160lbs. I had my first lipo (abdomen/flanks) done in 1996 in San Jose, CA. Total waste of money and time. Went to Dr. George Commons in Palo Alto, CA for lipo (abdomen/back/flanks) fat transfer to buttocks in February 2013, click here to read my review. I was satisfied with... READ MORE

I am looking to feel better about me. When I was you get I had this big butt that was amazing but I got taller and my Ass got flatter I got BBL done not happy with results at all. I was looking for fullness on mid and bottom butt, howerve all I got was upper shelf look and I hate it and I asked... READ MORE

So I am 24 years old, 186 pounds, 5'4. I did my first BBL in June 2013 with Dr. J curves. I love my booty but I would like a round 2 because I want my booty and hips bigger , smaller back and a small waist. Dr. J did me right with the booty and that is what he does best , but I am unhappy with... READ MORE

I'm 5.2 , 150lbs and had a bbl 5 months ago at the time I was 140lbs and didn't have a big stomach , always had a nice butt and hourglass figure but had small dents in my butt from penicillin injections when I was young so I wanted them filled in and wanted more projection . The doctor I chose... READ MORE

I waited to give my review until I was pretty much healed and had before and after pics to post.. I had my 1st BBL surgery with Dr. Salzhaur 7/23/13. I was unhappy w/my results so I returned June 17, 2014 for a revision & a Tummy tuck. I couldn't be happier with my new results, definitely worth... READ MORE

So I've decided on doing my Round 2 with Yily de Los Santos. If you are interested in reading about my Round 1 with Fatima Almonte please visit this review here After some careful... READ MORE

These Beverly Hills docs don't kno how to get that Dunk right. At least that's what my experience was. Feb 2013 I had a TT, BA, lipo w fat transfer to butt and I was so unhappy I cried rt in front of the doc my first checkup where I went back and he had me undress completely. Doc was great.... READ MORE

Well, as you can see in the title, this is round #2 for me, simply because the first one was horrible. I am seeking a much better shape and overall better results. I absolutely trust that Dr. Lacerna will do a much better job than the previous doctor, who by the way I can't find because the... READ MORE

Hello ladies I'm here now in San Diego at best western Americana I take the shuttle in the am to dr pantoja I'm having a bbl. I already had a mommy makeover with him everything went well except my booty stayed flat. I'm so scared going back and forth with this decision even though I'm here I... READ MORE

Hi all, I have read so many great stories here………… excited to share mine. My days without booty are counted. I have ten days left to cross over to the other side ! For me this will be a bit easier than for others I guess and perhaps I have done part of the trip. I had surgery with Dr... READ MORE

Hi Ladies, I previously had BBL SX before in Spain with Dr Aslani in 2011. I was unhappy with the results as he gave me more hips than butt, and did not remove all my fat even though I was told to put 10lbs on. The projection wasn't big enough, & I just feel his lipo wasn't aggressive enough... READ MORE

I had a TT lipo and BBL last year, and looked nice at the beginning and wayyyy better than what i was before. but i am not happy with my overall result. so i am going for lipo + BBl and BA. my head is spinning whrite now between Dr. Duran and Dr. Cabral uff. I know there are stories about Cabral... READ MORE

I finally decided to share my BBL journey with you, I haven been lurking to get this procedure done for a couple of years. In 2010, I had a lipo with fat transfer to my buttock performed by Dr. Amarilis Pascau, which turned out to be a waste, only 140 cc were transferred cause she changed her... READ MORE

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