Brazilian Butt Lift Revision

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Not happy with your new butt? That’s what Brazilian butt lift (BBL) revision is for. If your original BBL didn’t go as planned, a surgeon can develop a new surgery to re-augment your rear end.

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Have my date set up for bbl and tt at Dominican Republic with Dr Baez . I bought my tickets alrady and Deposit done. I been searching lots of reviews from her and most of it are positive. I speak Spanish so if any sister here need my help with her.let me know. I had bbl with Dr. Salama more... READ MORE

Where do I start... Well this is my 2nd BBL. First BBL was done exactly 2 yrs ago. You can look at my first BBL review on my profile. I had my 2nd BBL ((Revision)) done this past July 17, 2014 by Dr.Kenneth Hughes in Culver City, Ca. at Boris Cosmetic Center. I will start this review, my... READ MORE

Hello RS dolls, this is not my first round of plastic surgery. I've actually traveled to DR to have a BBL in 2014, a BA in the U.S. in 2015, and I'll be doing a 2nd BBL in 2016 with Dr. Hasan. I'm 5'5" 26 years old, no kids, I'll just have some aggressive Lipo done on my stomach, flanks, sides,... READ MORE

I will b having surgery with Dr.Hasan on July 2,2015.... My round 2.... Did round 1 with Dr. Jimerson in the ATL July 2013....I was not satisfied by the time I hit 6 wks I had no ass and my Hips were uneven from the very beginning....I'm originally 5'3' 120, but I gained 46lbs to b fixed by Dr.... READ MORE

Bbl round 2. I will be meeting my doctor soon! Dr Toni Nassar was recommended from a friend, he done cosmetic surgery on her, a bbl and rhinoplasty. She was always beautiful but she looks amazing now. I done a bbl and I'm not happy with the first one now I want a second bbl to get the results I... READ MORE

Hello Hell Helloooooo!!! My name is Nie Nie... Im 30 years old. I am 5'9 and im 220 lbs and let me say that all of the weight is in the WRONG places! I have been lurking around on this site for a few years looking at everone transition for spongebob to hour glass and its finally my turn. I... READ MORE

Ok so this is my very first post and I already understand the frustration that I've read about oooo so many times. I literally sat her for about 20 minutes writing and then it all disappeared. Ugh!!!!! Now I'm not in the mood anymore so I'll abbreviate everything I tried to say before... READ MORE

So this will be my first initial post on here. I had a terrible BBL a few hrs back and there's days I can see it a little and days I can't. He told me at that time I had too much fat for the laser, which to me was crap. He just didn't want to do it . I have been on RealSelf on and off over the... READ MORE

Had my first BBL done in May of 2014. The new body shape I received after all that crazy swelling went down blew my mind. My doctor really is a skilled physician but I'm not so sure much of the fat in the transfer survived as you can see if you take a look at my post pictures. I'd have to say... READ MORE

So I am going with dr. Omulepu on December 16..I can not even believe it's about to be a reality. I have had two so called BBL's before, 1 in 2008, I don't know what he called himself doing (absolutely nothing) and the second in 2014, which was tumescent lipo and still did not get the results I... READ MORE

I like to think of this round 2 as the photofinishing stage of my transformation. First, Dr. Salama laid the foundations by repairing my abdominal area after two pregnancies and c-sections, and added a Breast lift with no implants. I don't hate on it but when it comes to plastic surgery, I... READ MORE

I've been searching for the right doc,and BINGO i found him,going for my second round with "Moises Salama",my first doc die from cancer Daniel Azurin,i have a lot of projection but i need more volume on the sides ,and yes I've found the man, I am a little bit perfectionist and hes exactly what... READ MORE

My first round was with Dr. fatima Almonte. let me start off by saying that im very happy with the work that she has done. However I can stand to improve on what she already has in place. On April 6, 2015 i went to santo domingo alone under the impression that i would meet my surgery buddy there... READ MORE

I am not new to Realself. Actually I live here and I have RF status but I created a new profile to shake off some unwanted followers who are not here for the same reason as I am - to share experiences and encourage each here I am ..made my booking with Hassan for Nov 17th and would... READ MORE

Hi! If anyone has done a bbl with dr Hassan please hit me up on what your satisfaction was. I am looking to do it in February. Was surprised he doesn't accept nothing but wire transfer. If you have done it please share your experiences. I am planning to stay at Xanadu and have been in contact... READ MORE

Dr osak is an amaxing dr im going in gor round 2 simply because ivwant a little more and dr osak is the perfect surgeon to do it &&&& yes im in love with my ass  On my way! To pre op surgery is 2 maro I'm sooooo prepared ?????????????? b4 round 2 I've been asked for pics so here... READ MORE

Hello real self sisters this is my second profile I figured this a new surgery so I should start fresh.....I'm going under the knife to have a bbl revision lipo and my chin done . DRA.YILY did a amazing job sculpting my waist buy not a great job on my butt but I'm praying dr.Perry can be my... READ MORE

Had a BBL done at the begin of this year and need a a doctor that can correct the deformity I was left with and give me the fullness I was originally looking forward to having. I have been recommended to wait at least a year so I programming to have it done preciously a year after my original... READ MORE

Hi first BBL was almos at the corner of my house with a Female Dr. I'm still not a year has pased and now I'm more than ready for the best.. Salama. And yes I tried to go a year ago with him but I had big problems and I ended with some one else. I LOVE Salama job I Love Nancy... READ MORE

I've Been meaning to write my review from when I first started researching but never found the time. I started my research about 1 1/2 months ago and decided to go in for the kill. I contacted Vanity on 8/31/15 and sent my pictures etc.. I wanted to get my surgery done in September since it had... READ MORE

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