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So I need braces but I don't have dental insurance?

I need braces but I dont have dental Insurance. What kind of payment options do I have or what are some recommended dental insurances? READ MORE

How Much Do Braces Cost and What Are the Payment Options?

I was referred to an orthodontist by my dentist to get braces, but I dont know what to expect walking through the orthodontist office. I do not have... READ MORE

I prefer the ceramic tooth colored ones, or metal or clear bracket ones, in that order. How Long Would I Need Braces For?(photo)

Hi, I'm K. from Brooklyn, and I want to get braces. I prefer the ceramic tooth colored ones, or metal or clear bracket ones, in that order. I do not... READ MORE

Can I insist on my braces being taken off before my end period? (photo)

I've had my braces for 2 1/2 years now, and I am desperate to get them off. My mother lost her job so we were not able to make payments for a while.... READ MORE

Got Braces in 2008. Treatment Was to Be Completed in 2010. Fell on Hard Times 6M Prior & Wasn't Able to Make Payments? (photo)

I've been stuck with these for 3 extra years. My orthodontist won't remove them unless I pay the rest of my balance. I should be able to pay it in a... READ MORE

I believe I need braces but Idk if my parents can afford them? (Photo)

Firstly do I need braces? Secondly if I do how can I tell my parents to make me an appointment? I've already told them about the payment plan and they... READ MORE

How long does it take to close a gap? (photo)

I've had my braces for 2 and a half years and i just had this huge expander in my mouth, my orthodontist promised id have them off by high school but... READ MORE

What would my best option be, a full set of braces on top or just a partial? (Photo)

I have 2 teeth on top that are not in line that I would love to have fixed. I don't have insurance so I would need a payment plan for braces. Would I... READ MORE

If I discontinue the procedure about upper orthodontic appliace and ship for braces. Do I need to pay the full payment of it?

Hi. I been using upper orthodentic appliance I paid the down payment 10.000 but i want to discontinue the process because its to expensive it cost for... READ MORE

Hello! Can an orthodontist increase my payment plan without notifying me?

Hello. Today I chked my financial info on my orthondontic website and I've noticed that the contract amount has increased by $2k. I signed to pay 4k... READ MORE

What are my payment options for braces? I am 17 years old and I do have a job (Photo)

My mother is unemployed. We don't have insurance so I'm looking to pay for everything out of pocket. Is there some sort of payment plan I can use? READ MORE

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