Botox Videos

How Early Is Too Early For Botox?

Consider Botox but not sure if it's the right time? Hear Dr. Dana Goldberg's advice on when to begin this phase of your anti-aging skincare regimen. VIEW NOW

Where Can Neuromodulators Be Injected?

Dr. Dana Goldberg discusses what areas of the face and neck neuromodulators like Botox and Dysport effectively address. VIEW NOW

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How Long Does Botox Last? This Doctor Discusses Neurotoxins

Different people have different results with neurotoxins, says Dr. Dana Goldberg. Here what to expect and for how long when getting Botox. VIEW NOW

How Does Botox Work? Is It Dangerous?

Nervous about the "tox" in Botox? Dr. Dana Goldberg discusses how neuromodulators like Botox work. Better understand this popular skincare tool. VIEW NOW

Can Botox Injections Be Reversed?

If you've used Botox and aren't pleased with the results, you do have options. Dr. Dana Goldberg explains. VIEW NOW

I Sweat So Much! What Can I Do? This Doctor Recommends These Techniques For Uncommon Areas

Excessive sweating can happen to anyone anywhere. Learn where Dr. Dee Anna Glaser says you can get relief thanks to Botox and miraDry. VIEW NOW


Preventative Botox: When's the Right Time to Get Rid of These Wrinkles?

No need to wait for help if you're already seeing lines at rest, says Dr. Parrish Sadeghi. Do you qualify for preventative Botox? VIEW NOW

Botox: Think of It More as a Relaxer Than a Toxin — How to Avoid That Frozen Look

Botox has a reputation for making people look frozen, but Dr. May Chow is here to explain how to avoid that unnatural look. VIEW NOW

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Can I Reverse My Filler? This Is the Acid You Need to Know About

Unhappy with your fillers? Dr. Elizabeth Houshmand explains if and how you can reverse the work. VIEW NOW

Short on Time, Short on Cash? These 3 Things Can Keep You Looking Fresh on the Fly

Botox, chemical peels, and retinols — three quick ways you can keep up appearances on the go. VIEW NOW

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Prejuvenation Is Key — Learn What Small Measures Can Keep You Out of the OR

Botox in your 20s? This doctor has seen it work. Hear what else Dr. Joanna Chan recommends for prejuvenation skincare techniques. VIEW NOW

3 Beauty Tips to Start Protecting Your Skin in Your 20s and 30s

It's never too early to start taking care of your skin. Dr. Katie Beleznay shares these top tips including if preventative Botox is worth the price. VIEW NOW

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Bitchy Resting Face — There's a Cure! Learn How Cosmetic Dermatology Comes to the Rescue

Here's news to make you smile: There's a cure for bitchy resting face! Dr. Frankie J. Rholdon explains how. VIEW NOW


Botox For Slimming the Face: Learn About This 30-Minute Procedure

Considering Botox for masseter reduction? Learn how and why it works with Dr. Donald B. Yoo. See before and after photos. VIEW NOW

I Hate Wrinkles But I Hate Needles More! Is Botox Right For Me?

If you hate needles, you may think Botox isn't for you. But Dr. Judy K. Chiang is here to explain why you might still be the perfect candidate. VIEW NOW