Botox Videos

This 59-Year-Old Turns Up the Volume With a Liquid Facelift With Voluma and Botox

Dr. Joseph A. Eviatar explains how he uses both Voluma and Botox to give this 59-year-old woman a rejuvenated new look. VIEW NOW

These 3 Treatments Could Put Off the Need For a Facelift For Years

Dr. Steven Pearlman introduces his "Pearl Lift" procedure, which combines three different treatments. VIEW NOW

Keeping Up Appearances With Botox

Botox certainly is the miracle drug of choice for many men and women looking to hold back the effects of time. Dr. Marc Cohen explains how the drug works and how often patients will need to be re-injected to keep up their appearances. VIEW NOW

Preventative Botox Treatments: Real or Fake?

Dr. Jill Hessler answers the topic of preventative Botox, which is a point of contention throughout the plastic surgery community as they argue whether or not it actually works. VIEW NOW

Stop Sweating Permanently and Safely With This Procedure (Hint: NOT Botox)

Dr. Jon Grazer explains a procedure that could permanently stop sweating under the arms, allowing patients to go back to their normal lives with comfort and confidence. VIEW NOW

Botox Before Lines is Unnecessary, According to This Surgeon

Preventative Botox: helpful or a hoax? Dr. Jennifer Reichel explains. VIEW NOW

Lines Above Your Eyebrows: Be Careful Using Botox

The lines just above the eyebrows are the worst, explains Dr. Jennifer Reichel, but you must be careful in treating them. VIEW NOW

Non-Surgical Brow Lifts With Ultherapy, Botox, or Dysport

A drooping brow can wreak havoc on the mid and lower face but if you're not read for surgery, Dr. Jennifer Reichel has several options that just might work to lift that sagging forehead. VIEW NOW

Botox Can Lift the Brow Without Taking a Trip to the OR

Botox really can do more than you think, explains Dr. Doris Day as she describes using Botox as a way to lift the brow and restore youthfulness to a sagging face. VIEW NOW

"Getting Older is Inevitable But Aging is Optional"

Dr. Doris Day talks about using Botox as a preventative measure for aging and using fillers to maintain a youthful face. VIEW NOW

WARNING: Self-Injecting is Playing With Fire

Dr. Donn Chatham addresses an alarming trend of self-injecting or injecting parties at which individuals will often inject foreign substances into consumers. VIEW NOW

Migraine Headaches Have Two Treatment Options: Botox and Surgery

If migraine headaches are ruling your life, Dr. Adam Hamawy says there are two ways to treat them: one temporary and one more permanent. VIEW NOW

Droopy Eyelids: Here Are Your Options for Perking up Those Peepers

Drooping eyelids or eyelid ptosis has several options for repair, explains Dr. Thomas Buonassisi. VIEW NOW

How Should Fillers and Products Like Botox Be Used For Best Results?

Dr. Alina Stanciu talks about her preferred use of Botox and facial fillers to maintain, not repair. VIEW NOW

What Can Young People Do Now to Avoid Skin Problems Down the Road?

For those who wish to belay the trip to the operating table, Dr. Ross Clevens offers a few helpful skin-saving tips. VIEW NOW