Upper Eyelids + Botox

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What Are the Effects of Botox on the Upper Eyelids?

When Botox is administered for crow’s feet, what effect does it have on the upper eyelids? Does it lift the upper eyelids and make the skin less... READ MORE

Can Anything Be Done to Speed Up the Process of Getting Botox to Leave the Body?

Both brows dropped significantly and I have puffy lids. I look worse! I'm over two weeks out, I had no idea this side effect could happen. Is... READ MORE

Eyelid Drooping, Ptosis from Botox. What Can I Do to Fix the Problem?

I had botox injected into my forhead about 2 weeks ago and now it seems that my right eyelid is not opening up as wide as my left. At first I was... READ MORE

Eye Swelling After Botox

I recently had Botox for the first time. The doctor injected on my forehead, crow's feet and along sides my nose. Since then, my right eye is... READ MORE

Puffy Upper Eyelids After Botox?

I had Botox around my eyes 10 days ago, and I like the results. However, since then, I wake up to very puffy upper eyelids, regardless of my salt... READ MORE

Upper Blepharoplasty After Botox?

I get Botox to treat my crows feet every 3 to 4 months (for the past year). I would like to have upper eyelid Blepharoplasty to reduce baggy skin in... READ MORE

Is it Possible to Raise Droopy Eyelid with Botox? (Photo)

Look at my picture, can you see my eyelid is drooping...I would like this raised,can this be done with a injection of Botox ?. I don't want to... READ MORE

Upper Eyelid Swelling After Using Botox

I had botox in my forehead & around eyes for the 1st time. Within a few days,when I get up in the morning my upper eyelids are severely swollen... READ MORE

Doc Put 50 Units of Botox In my Face is This Too Much I Got Saggy Eyes, and Migraines

I had botox on july 7th, the doc used 50 units between my forehead and crows feet. I've never had that much botox before, and now my upper eyelids... READ MORE

Can Lopidine Help if I Don't Have Eyelid Ptosis?

After trying a Botox brow lift I find my brows have actually lowered. Now I am trapped in the angry/sad look. I understand that eye drops can assist... READ MORE

Questions About Ptosis Caused By Botox

For injections of Botox to raise the medial portion of brow, what are the chances the reverse will happen? (The brow drops). What if some of the botox... READ MORE

Botox to Relieve Eyebrow Heaviness After Double Eyelid Surgery - Good Idea?

Hi everyone. I am planning with a surgeon to use Botox to raise my medial eyebrow as they feel heavy after Double eyelid surgery (w/ ptosis repair).... READ MORE

Botox Correction of a Closed Eye After Stroke

Hi all, My Mum suffered a mini stoke in late 2007, which affected her left eye, over a short time it had become fully boss-eyed, and she had botox in... READ MORE

My upper eyelid has been drooping for 8 months since I last got Botox, with no improvement. Is this permanent?

I returned to the technician and was given eye drops. I used the drops for a while but without improvement. Now, 8 months later, my eyelid is still... READ MORE

So I've decided for a combination of Botox and ultheraphy. Perhaps next year I'll try fillers. Any thoughts? (photos)

I want to refresh my look. Concerned about a fine line ive recently developed on upper eyelid (dropping) and fine wrinkles when I smile on lower eye... READ MORE

Is there a doctor skilled in the Microdroplet technique administration of BOTOX in Ontario or Quebec?

I have had Botox treatments in the past with varying disappointing results, mostly fallen forehead and droopy upper lids. I have had the good fortune... READ MORE

What's the best way for me to go about getting Botox treatment for intermittent upper eyelid retraction?

I have intermittent upper eyelid retraction(my upper eyelid retract making my eyes open wide. Giving a scary or crazy look. it happen randomly or when... READ MORE

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