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Puffy Eye After Botox Lasts for How Long?

Hi, I am a first time botox user from Ireland. I had some injected for frown and horizontal forehead lines. I am happy with the smoothing effect... READ MORE

Under Eye Still Puffy 9 Months After Botox

Hi! i had botox injected for the first time on the crows feet area 9 months ago. the next day i had a puffy bag section under my left eye that i have... READ MORE

Am I Permanently Disfigured with Swollen, Puffy, Eyes from Botox? 8 Weeks Post Injection. (photo)

I am 56 days past having my forehead only treated with 21 units of botox. I am horribly disfigured and have shown absolutely NO signs of improvment. I... READ MORE

Why Do I have Puffy and Vertical Lines when Trying to Raise My Eyebrows After Botox?

Hi, I just got my first botox done 5 days ago. She gave me 26 units on my forehead, on the side and underneath of both my teyes. She also injected 22... READ MORE

Could This Be an Allergic Reaction to Botox? (photo)

I have a large, soft puffy area in the center of my face on the top of my cheek bone (not near the injection site at all) 5 days after getting 8 units... READ MORE

On Day 6 Post Botox, the Area Under my Brow Bone is Puffy and Slightly Swollen? (photo)

On day 6 post botox the area under my brow bone is puffy & slightly swollen. Last Wednesday I had 32 units of botox in my forehead, between my... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Have Bags and Puffiness in the Undereye After 12 Days of Doing Botox?

I had botox injected under the eye. i'm not sure of the quantity but i can say that it is only one or two injections. i developed bags and... READ MORE

One Week After Botox Eyebrow Area Is Inflamed, And I See No Results. What Could Have Been Done Differently?

I had botox done last monday , eight days ago, in madrid , and the upper part of my eyes behind my eyebrows are inflamated, the botox did not work out... READ MORE

Bad Botox Job Still Present After 8 and 1/2 Months?

First time Botox for mild forehead, crow's feet, frown line. Immediately afterwards my eyelids puffed up. I had a second treatment to fix it. Almost 9... READ MORE

Puffiness and Swelling 8 Days After Botox, Is This Normal?

I had Botox 8 days ago and each day the puffiness,"swelling" under both eyes is horrible! The "loose skin" wrinkles looks like I... READ MORE

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