Bunny Lines + Botox

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Can Botox Help with Bunny Lines?

I have these "bunny wrinkles" on my nose. Is there a way they can be made less visible with Botox? READ MORE

Will Botox Between the Brows Cause Bunny Lines?

I've read in celebrity gossip mags that really visible bunny lines can be a result of Botox between the eyebrows. Best example is Nicole Kidman... READ MORE

How Do You Measure the Unit of Botox? Can It Be Diluted So Derma Can Charge More?

Derma 1 injects total of 44 units for around eyes,bunny lines,forehead.This lasted for 6 mos around eyes and bunny lines & even 8-9 mos on the... READ MORE

Botox for Bunny Lines or Vertical Lines on Nose?

I have prominent vertical lines on my nose when I smile. I've heard that botox and or dysport can correct this. Is this somewhat of a dangerous area... READ MORE

Three Botox Injections in Crows Feet Area, Bunny Lines and Under the Eyes

I Now Have a Very Prominent tear trough on the left side where the ridge protrudes. I can only put it down to the botox. Can botox cause this and... READ MORE

Botox Bat Face - How To Make it Go Away Sooner?

Botox has left me with Ronald McDonald eyebrows and a "bat face" look. I can't even... I know that it's going to wear off- that 3 months is the mark.... READ MORE

Bunny Lines: 1 Shot Botox on Each Side of Nose or 3?

I went to another derm and she did my bunny lines differently. Both used 10 units of botox. But whereas my previous derm did 3 shots on each side of... READ MORE

Does Botox Interfere with Juvederm Dissolving?

I had Botox injections to my crows feet, bunny lines and "11's" and in the same appointment had Juvederm Ultra to fill in tear troughs.... READ MORE

Can Botox To Crows Feet Cause Bunny Lines?

I had 25 units total which was divied to my crows feet, above each eyebrow to lift and one shot below each eye. 17 days later bunny lines appeared.... READ MORE

Botox Touch Up Crows Feet: One Prick Enough?

I was happy with my last botox results: a smooth forehead, nose, chin and no more crow's feet. And it looked natural, 'soft' and didn't feel weird.... READ MORE

Botox injections to Bunny lines?

I had Botox injection to my Bunny lines on side of my nose, now I have extreme pain swollen and it looks like two bones sticking out the sides of my... READ MORE

Can I get botox to stop me being able to scrunch up my face? (photo)

(botox below the brow - depressor supercilii and on the upper nose) I got the vertical line/frown sorted with botox (corrugators, glabella, procerus)... READ MORE

Can Have Botox in Bunny Lines Cause Deformation on the Nose? (photo)

I have Botox 3 areas I am happy with that however when I smile I have lots lines on my nose , I am worried the Botox will lift my nose or change the... READ MORE

Botox mistake? Help please (Photo)

Had botox 7 days ago forehead, crows feet, between eyes and bunny lines. Totally freaking out as I look totally bizarre. Wide around bridge with a... READ MORE

Botox has made one eye larger than the other, wrinkly under my eyes & my cheeks look big. Should I complain?

I also had my frown lines too, tomorrow will be a week. The lines have faded but visible. I had my crows feet done 2 years ago & I had none of these... READ MORE

Botox on bunny lines 1 month before Rhinoplasty.

I recd. Rhinoplasty on August 28 2014. I love my results. However, I am not sure if I told my surgeon before hand I had botox injections in my bunny... READ MORE

Will my eyes get any smoother within the next week or so? Looking my worst ever. (photo)

First I had my Crows feet done & result is my right eye looking higher then other. Also the skin under my eyeslids looks far worse then before. Two... READ MORE

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