Body Jet Videos

Fat Transfer Basics: What Is It and How Does It Work? (Part 1)

Dr. Jason Emer explains what fat transfer is and his recommendations for body contouring in men and women. VIEW NOW

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Fat Transfer Basics: How Much Fat Do I Need? (Part 2)

Dr. Jason Emer explains how much fat is needed for a successful fat transfer and who is the best candidate. VIEW NOW

Fat Transfer Basics: Here's How It's Different From Liposuction (Part 3)

Dr. Jason Emer explains how fat transfer compares to liposuction. Also learn the difference between liposuction and liposculpture. VIEW NOW

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The Doctor Uses Body Jet and PRP For This BBL (GRAPHIC)

Dr. Jason Emer performs a BBL using Body Jet and platelet rich plasma (PRP). VIEW NOW

Liposuction to the Neck: This Doctor Uses Body Jet

Using Body Jet, Dr. Jason Emer performs tumescent liposuction to this woman's neck before she gets a BBL. VIEW NOW

See This Woman Get a BBL While She's Awake (GRAPHIC)

Watch as Dr. Jason Emer performs a Brazilian butt lift using local anesthesia. VIEW NOW