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Body Jet liposuction, also called Water Jet Liposuction, uses water pressure to remove body fat. LEARN MORE ›
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I chose Body Jet because I was told I would have little pain, no brusing, fast recovery and the fat harvested could be transferred to my face & would look more natural and last longer than fillers. Sadly none of these things were true. I had persistent pain and a burning sensation for weeks.... READ MORE

I am scheduled to have Body Jet by Aqua Shape on 8/21. I feel like this is something that i deserve having went from 289 lbs down to 221, but I have gained a few since then. I am anxious, nervous, and excited all in the same breath. I dont know what to expect, I am hoping for the best and... READ MORE

Pros: The procedure actually sticks with you, given proper nutrition & physical activity Cons: Feel like more information should have been given about what you may undergo after the procedure. Both physically & mentally. Did it to help get rid of some problem areas , really saw the... READ MORE

I had the aqualipo/smartlipo procedure done on my outer thighs (saddlebags). I exercise regularly, am at my ideal weight but couldn't fight genetics. I am small evrywhere except my fat saddlebags so i decided to have this done. This procedure is marketed as a "no down time back at work the next... READ MORE

For the feeling of self improvement. I am 37 years old, a bit over weight, and had a double chin going on. It wasn't even exactly a double chin (well, it was that too) but I felt it was a bit like a turkey neck where I didn't have much of a jaw-line definition and rather my neck was... READ MORE

I was out in 4 days a little swollen. Slight bruising on my face. In one week I was out dancing and feeling great. I had Naturalfill in my cheeks and lips. Happy with the results READ MORE

I had the AquaLipo procedure and then the NaturalFill injects to my face.  After my procedure I was surprised by how little pain I had.  The procedure was painless.  My results were very good and everyone thinks I look great. READ MORE

I have struggled with my heavy thighs and thick back fat for decades. I eat right and exercise regularly, but nothing would remove these stubborn fat-absorbing areas. I finally decided to have liposuction to get rid of the fat once and for all. I am just 2 days post-op and am already loving... READ MORE

I'm 25 and had a baby last August. I also have postpartum depression so am on on antidepressants - I'm not sure if it's the meds, or just adjusting to the new lifestyle, but I am having the hardest time losing weight. My inner/outer thighs bug me the most (and always have, even at my... READ MORE

I had body jet lipo done on my lower abdomen and hips; I had the fat transferred to my lips, cheeks, and forehead. I was very nervous at first to have the fat transfered, but after talking to the doctor, I was comfortable having it done knowing that he would be conservative. I am very happy... READ MORE

I did the procedure because I have never had a flat stomach and because I did not have to go under anesthesia. I had bodyjet Lipo and a fat transfer in my lips. The Lipo was fast and I loved that I was awake for the entire procedure. The results are truly amazing and I am only 4 days... READ MORE

I had Body Jet lipo on my tummy, sides/flanks, and inner and outer thighs two weeks ago (Feb 2, 2011). The doctor I chose also uses SmartLipo, and sometimes Body Jet in combination with SmartLipo, but he felt that the Body Jet was the best choice for me. I am 5'5" and 135lbs. I... READ MORE

Research and Consult I’d been contemplating liposuction for my midsection recently primarily because my diet and gym regimen weren’t working on my abs and flanks (I have great legs, though). 1 hour of cardio kickboxing 4-5 times a week did make all of my blood work normal, which I... READ MORE

The procedure was very painful and the results terrible. I went to a dr. in Plano, Tx that claimed to be the first to do this procedure in the country and how he trains other people, so I thought I was making a good choice. Needless to say, he didnt know what he was doing and it was a waste... READ MORE

I recently had Body-Jet liposuction on my hips and flank areas. All I can say is “Why didn’t I do this earlier!” After a nearly pain free procedure, I spent the afternoon shopping! This is the way to go if you want liposuction! READ MORE

Pros: liked my Dr. /office, immediate improvement in my abdominal area. Negatives: ridiculous claims of "virtually pain-free" no down time, very little swelling and bruising. I am 42, very active, cycle 100+miles per week, size 10-12, 2 Csections. I had upper/lower abs,... READ MORE

To feel better about myself. This review is for the Body-Jet Water Assisted Liposuction: I am 37 years old, a bit over weight, and had a stomach that I was not happy with. I could no longer blame this on baby weight, as my son is now 9 years old! I was quite unhappy with the area under my... READ MORE

Had procedure and was unhappy with results. I feel Dr. could have waited a little longer for local to take affect because it was painful. Dr. seemed to be in a hurry to get procedure done. Would take the prescription he offered to take the edge off. 8 months later when I went back to explain my... READ MORE

The decision to have this procedure was the biggest mistake of my life. I am five weeks post and still in pain, and cannot put on any of my clothing other than sweat pants. I had my abdomen, love handles, hips, saddle bags, bra bulge, and my neck done. I cannot look up or to my left because... READ MORE

I wanted to find out about spider vein removal on my legs. I went in to see Dr. B about this. First I had the Sclerotherapy procedure done and was so pleased with the results that I made an appointment to discuss AquaLipo on my arms and abdomen. After my AquaLipo procedure I had NaturalFil... READ MORE

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