Cindy Crawford Has Stretch Marks Too

Beauty Cred on 30 Jun 2008 at 12:00am

In case you thought the "pretty people" don't suffer from the same skin maladies as you and me, yes--that's Cindy Crawford. And yes, that's her post-baby belly--see the close-up if you doubt it.

Yes, Cindy Crawford has baby belly

Stretch marks and baby flab happen. Especially if you're in that over 40 range. How to deal with them is a hot topic in the RealSelf forums now that summer's here and we're all going a bit more bare.

So what are stretch marks?

Well, the name "stretch mark" is misleading. Memphis Plastic Surgeon Dr. Peter A. Aldea explains:

These are not marks but full-thickness skin cracks. As the skin is rapidly stretched by obesity or pregnancy the skin actually crack. Initially, the fault lines are filled by blood vessels and immature scar tissue but with time as the blood vessels go away they are replaced by silvery scar tissue.

Separating fact from fiction:

Stretch marks are cracks in the layers of skin beneath the epidermis - that's a fact - but can we cure them?

There are plenty of creams and serums on the market boasting the ability to heal stretch marks through the use of various ingredients (i.e. collagen, vitamin C, vitamin E, Aloe vera etc). Unfortunately, these claims are fictional. Since stretch marks occur beneath the skin's surface, no cream, ointment, salve or serum can penetrate deep enough to affect them.

Is it possible to improve the appearance of stretch marks?

Yes. While topical treatments can't do the job, there are several other options that can.

  • Carboxytherapy $700 - Carbon Dioxide injections can be used to minimize stretch marks and cellulite. Carboxytherapy works by increasing blood flow and collagen production, resulting in a more even skin appearance, however, it cannot make stretch marks disappear completely.

  • Laser Therapy $2,200 - Laser therapy such as Fraxel works by vaporizing superficial, damaged skin cells, increasing collagen production and minimizing skin discoloration. Laser Therapy can reduce (but not remove) the appearance of stretch marks and has a Worth It rating of 54%.
  • Surgical Excision $8,400-$18,700 - The only treatment that can completely remove stretch marks is also the most invasive: to surgically remove the affected skin. Surgical methods include Tummy Tucks (92% Worth It) and Body Lifts (91% Worth It).











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There are no stretchmarks on Cindy's tummy. I saved the image and zoomed in...theres a little sagging but that's all. God I am so thankful...I am ageing so well. Gratitude makes you look and feel younger as well as self acceptance.
Thanks for your comment, and you’re absolutely right. In fact, your comment is the very reason why there is a story about Cindy here at all. Unfortunately, the celebrity spin factory has a habit of showing near perfect post-baby bodies (or post 35 or 40 year old flawless faces) that are truly unachievable without dedicated time at the gym and usually a bit of cosmetic surgery to help. It’s that unattainable goal that stories like this one about Cindy aim to put a dose of reality on. And, yes, it is to help make other women feel better about themselves. The unrealistic images we see otherwise perpetuate the low self-image that many women unfortunately suffer from as a result of not being able to naturally achieve an airbrushed ideal. I think Cindy looks great and I also applaud her honesty for admitting to using Botox—she helps shatter such myths. As a mother of three who still wears bikinis (and is 43) sans surgery, I can relate to Cindy and find her an inspiration. Good luck and best wishes as you prepare for the birth of your baby.

i'm a 27 yr old mother of three and i can relate with cindys body. my belly is't perfect but just like cindy i do have kids and i still can wear a bikinni even though i have strechmarks which have faded over the years i still get a little insecure about showing my belly in public but hey who cares nobody is perfect!it just goes to show you how harsh and mean society can be to pick on women like cindy who lets face it looks fantastic! you go cindy , hollywood is overrated anyways!

Just read an interview in Redbook with Cindy and left it realy relating to everything she said but not fully being able to relate to her b/c she was physically so gorgeous! (I used to think I was pretty gorgeous too until hitting 35 this yr.) This photo just made me like Cindy more. It shows she's human, not flawless. As a mom of 2 who was contemplating a tummy tuck until seeing this photo... THANK YOU!
Please, please, please, stop scrutinizing women and their bodies. I'm so sick of stupid little websites pointing out a celbrities figure and making some rude comment thats meant to make the reader feel like we can relate to the celeb. Why waste time tearing apart women? Men's magazines and websites dont do this to men. You just took an extremely fit, beautiful 43 year old who's had two kids and made a rude remark about her figure, for what reason? Do you feel better about yourself now? I sure dont. Im about to have a baby and I dont think lame websites like this should put fear into my 28 year old head about the way my belly will look afterward. Seriously, this is so shallow! Get a life!
you are so right to say that, I guess some people have to make themselves feel better by putting other people down, everyone has a flaw, no one is perfect.. Besides if that picture was taken not to long after giving birth, it takes time to get your belly tight, I had a baby 15 months ago and the belly does go away it just takes time for your body to get back to normal.
i like that cindy doesnt try to hide her stretch marks or anything. so many girls my age (im 27) talk about getting the stretch marks taken care of through surgery but i dont think they need too. those are marks of pride!! i dont have children but i have stretch marks from weight gain and i still wear bikinis. theyre more comfy than full suits when playing sports!! go cindy!
ok yea lets do give Cindy a break and for one she is 41 years old and she is beautiful seriously she doesnt look a day over 28 thanx to "MEANINGFUL BEAUTY"
OK, let's give Cindy a break. She is nearly 43 and has two kids. But on the other hand, Cindy should have read the RealSelf experts' recommendations on How to get rid of stretch marks...