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Birthmarks are either vascular (the result of abnormal blood vessels) or pigmented (the result of pigmentation inconsistencies). The treatment for both types typically includes either laser resurfacing or light therapyLEARN MORE ›
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Hello. I have had this birthmark all of my life and I am tired of it. It in on my chest so I cannot wear V Neck tops or scooped neck things. Also, I was told that my father had similar birth marks on his body. I don't want to be anything like him because he was a deadbeat who did not do his job.... READ MORE

I've had this bruising type mark on my face since I was 5 or so. I've been to a few local doctors who have no answers. Lmk if anyone can help. I had a laser treatment but no results. I feel so helpless cause no one has a name for this "marking". The color is deep blue with almost like dots... READ MORE

So I love RealSelf so much, I decided to document a procedure I had in the past and my contraction of that process in the present. Some info about me: I'm 37 years old, divorced, 2 beautiful children, and a full time student. I also have a birthmark which I absolutely hate!! I was born with a... READ MORE

Sick of the expense of make up. Wanted to feal better about myself. Glad my insurance would cover the cost. Extremely happy with the results; amazing! I feal more confident about my looks. I have a port wine stain on my neck and now barely noticeable. I now wear my hair up and am not self... READ MORE

Having endured 16 years with an obnoxious facial congenital nevus birthmark, I finally decided that it was time for a change! The strange looks and questions were beginning to get old. After interviewing many reconstructive surgeons, the choice was obvious. Dr. Ridgeway was the only man for the... READ MORE

It was bothering me and she was great to figure out how to remove it and making sure it looks good. It was quick and painless!!! She is so sweet and nice having enough time letting you know what she thinks the outcome will be and it turned out as she explained. I 100% recommend her for any... READ MORE

I was tired of seeing how ugly that my birthmark had become. It was blocking my vision and made my eye water constantly. It had become very large and bulging. I went to many doctors. Derms sent me to eye doctors. Eye doctors didn't work on birthmarks. It wasn't until I went to Dr.... READ MORE

I am 20 years old and also have a bathing trunk giant congenital nevus like yours. I am currently going through the process of skin expansion to remove the nevus. How it works is that they put large silicon skin expanders under the healthy skin. Over the course of 3 months, my mom and I... READ MORE

I grew up with a large birthmark along my jawline. I was always teased about it, and became really self conscious during my highschool years, causing me to never wear my hair up (even during sports!). I went to Dr. Barr for a consultation and booked my birthmark removal procedure. Because of the... READ MORE

Birth defect removal on side of hand. He was so unemotional and rude, that it was almost painful to just see him. READ MORE

I just had Fraxel Repair done on 6/7. I also had two other lasers, V beam and Gentle YAG, done at the same time on the same area to treat a red birthmark on most of the right side of my face. I was pretty swollen (I was bleeding some and oozing too) right after and the day after the surgery,... READ MORE

I was scared to be left with scarring if I went with a regular MD so I chose to leave it to the pros. She is a great doctor, very kind and very professional. I was actually in an appointment with her husband who is a dermatologist and she came in and said that it would be a better idea to have... READ MORE

I have several large birthmarks characteristic of a disease called neurofibromatosis. After trying for five years with q-switch lasers and not getting any results, my doctor tried an IPL. The first time he used it on a test area, the results were amazing. The birthmark disappeared. I was... READ MORE

I have hated a birthmark on my leg that I had since birth, after 5 laser treatments the birthmark is still quite visible, I'm trying to decide if it is worth spending more money to continue treatments. READ MORE

Excellent results in removing a brown birthmark. Would highly recommend this doctor and procedure to others. Took several treatments to fully remove the birthmark. The doctor was kind enough to give me a discount. I would highly recommend him and this treatment. READ MORE

I had this done three times to remove a red birthmark from my face. The doctor also zapped a couple broken capillaries while she was at it. It was not painful at all. I paid $300 per session. I couldn't be happier with the results. For birthmarks, capillaries, or acne scars, this is a... READ MORE

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