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Asian rhinoplasty is often done to give the patient a more traditionally "Western" looking nose, by adding a bridge to make it higher and appear more narrow. LEARN MORE ›
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I am so blessed to have found dr achih chen and his wonderful staff I have been living 2 years with a botch primary rhinoplasty before I found dr chen right in my backyard. I have flown all over the United States and interviewed the best rhinoplasty surgeons and I am so glad that I chose dr... READ MORE

Absolutely a wonderful experience! For people who come in and expect a doctor to make you beautiful based on his judgement only .. You need to do more research. Sure, the doctor is trained to operate facial plastic surgical , but what's beautiful to one might not be beautiful to another ! So... READ MORE

I've finally decided the get my rhinoplasty yesterday 9/15/11 after many years of thinking about it. I wasn't completely unhappy with my existing nose I had which I thought was too big with nares that were too wide. I did however thought getting it revised would enhance my features and... READ MORE

I had a huge, wide & shapeless nose, and I wanted it reduced in size and refined. Dr. Chaboki recommended narrowing my nostrils, raising the tip, and narrowing the bridge. He did not use any implants to raise the bridge of my nose other than my own cartilage from inside my nose. I did not... READ MORE

I'd like to "feminize" my filipino nose by reducing the size overall and building up my bridge for a more attractive defined shape. I have a VERY bulbous tip and flat bridge. I feel like it looks like the nose of the Disney character Shrek. I have always been self conscious about it since middle... READ MORE

I had my rhinoplasty done abroad about a month ago. I had a diced cartilage (septal and one ear) injected and also some work done on the tip. It was very discouraging the first few days after my rhinoplasty. I was keep 24 hours at the clinic. I really recommend having some basic language of the... READ MORE

I cannot stress how I experienced no pain with my nose job - I did not even take one Tylenol 3 pill prescribed by my doctor. I had a wide bone that was shaved down a few millemeters and my doctor refined the tip of my nose. I always hated my nose, it was too large for my face and my Flipino... READ MORE

2/10/2012 Hi guys, I had my rhinoplasty yesterday! I've wanted to get my nose done for a long time. I didn't hate my nose, I just felt as if it didn't fit well with my other features. I'm Asian and I have a small face and eyes and I felt my nose was too big. I rarely smiled with... READ MORE

Since age 16 or so, I've wanted to have rhinoplasty done. At age 21, I had three consultations and one of the doctors told me I had a very deviated septum blocking a good deal of one nostril (previously unnoticed by me), then the tip of the septum swings the other way flattening the tip... READ MORE

I wanted to change a bulbous nasal tip and flaring nostrils. I completely regret the surgery, as the communication between the surgeon and I was poor and he did not use digital imaging. I am now seeking a revision rhinoplasty. I had an Asian augmentation rhinoplasty 2 months ago and what... READ MORE

I am 1 year post op from my 5th rhinoplasty. All were open incision. I am satisfied with the shape of my nose but I have one problem. The columella has a indented scar that is noticeable even with concealer. What is the best way to correct or improve the indentation on my columella? (Mederma... READ MORE

Highly recommended ! I had been to different surgeons in the city but i was never satisfied with the result until I met Dr Ransom 'and did the revision.No computer necessary just his artistic skill and vision.He is a top notch ,humble and kind and won't over charge .His secretary named Dee... READ MORE

Hi,I did my first rhinoplasty in the Philippines more than 20 yrs.ago done with a silicon material which result in an upturned short nose in the long run.So I went to korea for a better surgery two years ago and this time,my doctor used my rib cartilage because he said this is the good material... READ MORE

It's been about 3 weeks since my surgery and my nose is starting to look normal again. A lot of the swelling have gone down (thank goodness). My left side seem to be more swollen so i'm trying to eat and drink pineapple juice more because I have heard that it helps the swelling go down. I've... READ MORE

Dr Ghavami and his staff exceeded my expectations. Before I comment on the procedure and expertise of Dr Ghavami, I'd like to take a moment to express my gratitude for the front desk and nurses. From Consult to post-op follow-up they, made me feel comfortable and secure the entire way. They... READ MORE

I have had 5 failed rhinoplasty surgeries all done in the Philippines by 3 different surgeons. The 3rd surgeon performed 3 revisions in my nose and alarplasty. It was the biggest mistake that ive ever made. I should have not let him touch my nose at all. He got it all wrong and worst. The... READ MORE

Hello, I am writing a review to contribute to the rhinoplasty forum, specifically asian rhinoplasty. Before I had the procedure, I could not find any reviews on asian rhinoplasty and not too many before and after pictures either. The reason for my wanting a rhinoplasty was because I had a... READ MORE

Great experience going to Dr. Kim! Genuine nice guy that is an expert in this field. Was easy breezy from consultation to procedure to post op. His staff was very friendly and helpful in getting me through this procedure. They really made me feel calm and comfortable. I remember being really... READ MORE

I’ve always wanted a new nose. Ever since my mom told me 8 years ago that I look pretty except that my nose is too big, i started developing a low self-esteem. And ever since that, I dreamt of having a smaller nose. In all honestly, I don’t really want a high bridged nose all I wanted was a... READ MORE

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