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Asian rhinoplasty is often done to give the patient a more traditionally "Western" looking nose, by adding a bridge to make it higher and appear more narrow. LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $5,600

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Since age 16 or so, I've wanted to have rhinoplasty done. At age 21, I had three consultations and one of the doctors told me I had a very deviated septum blocking a good deal of one nostril (previously unnoticed by me), then the tip of the septum swings the other way flattening the tip... READ MORE

I wanted to change a bulbous nasal tip and flaring nostrils. I completely regret the surgery, as the communication between the surgeon and I was poor and he did not use digital imaging. I am now seeking a revision rhinoplasty. I had an Asian augmentation rhinoplasty 2 months ago and what... READ MORE

I am 1 year post op from my 5th rhinoplasty. All were open incision. I am satisfied with the shape of my nose but I have one problem. The columella has a indented scar that is noticeable even with concealer. What is the best way to correct or improve the indentation on my columella? (Mederma... READ MORE

I had a typical Asian nose, low bridge, wide and bulbous. I was very conscious about it. Everything time when I looked at myself in the mirror, I only saw the nose. I wanted a different nose. But to go though a surgery which is not functionally necessary, and knowing the risk, is not an easy... READ MORE

I have been bothered with my nose since I was in college.i have a typical oriental nose so you know what I mean. Just few years ago, I planned and decided to go through rhinoplasty but then it did not materialize because of fears of surgery, pain, downtime, and so on. I am now 35 and I would... READ MORE

I found Dr. Siegel though extensive searches on the best ethnic rhinoplasty surgeons in Houston. I visited multiple surgeons before finally choosing Dr. Siegel. My experience at Dr Siegels office has been absolutely wonderful. The staff is very friendly and accommodating. They answered all my... READ MORE

Hi, I've been searching for a good plastic surgeon/comestic surgeon in sydney, australia to have my rhinoplasty done but there are not enough reviews ! I find that some are bias or do not name and shame the poor-experienced surgeons.. I have a consultation with dr andrew kim in sydney soon and... READ MORE

For my 40th B-day, on my sister suggestion, I decided to undergo a mommy make over: rhinoplasty, breast implants, and forehead Botox injection. I live in Michigan and she lives in Los Angeles. she had a rhinoplasty done by another doctor but his quote came back quite high. she has been doing... READ MORE

Beverly Hills in Makati took a lot of money from me. I think when you go on their website those comments are not true, just saying about dr. del Rosario. I had my rhino last year and I paid for tip and alars and it didn't do it by dr. del rosario. During my surgery I heard them that they don't... READ MORE

I think many Asians dislike their nose, finding it to be too flat, too wide, too bulbous. But I wish I could go back to my pre-op nose... please think before you have surgery, natural beauty can come in many forms. I had rhinoplasty about 5 mths ago; alar base reduction (to make the nostrils... READ MORE

After going to numerous doctors, I have finally decided and did the procedure on the 31st July. Although it was discussed that my Dr might harvest ear or rib cartilage, I was v glad when I woke up, that he took neither, hence, one less place to heal. What he did use was my nose septum and so... READ MORE

I have been reading this website for a very long time and it really helps me so much! You guys are so kind so put out your life of surgery and I would love to contribute as well. The main reason I am here is because I am so indecisive about my two surgerys. I don't know which do do first. Its... READ MORE

My previous nose job was too high for my face, so the doctor reduced the height of nose. But he also made it shorter, and it seems like he inserted my nose ear cartilage on my right side of the bridge. It makes the bridge looks uneven and shorter. I'm so tempting to do steroid injection at this... READ MORE

Words cannot describe how remarkable Dr. Le is at what he does. I am absolutely impressed by the outcome of my primary rhinoplasty and very pleased with the overall experience of having him as my plastic surgeon. I had been seriously contemplating plastic surgery for about ten years and... READ MORE


I have an Asian nose. Actually, I was pleased with the shape but my problem is that I can not wear any glasses I like because my nose bridge is a little bit low. As my mom also have a problem with her upper, and under eyelids, we were looking for a good plastic surgeon. We traveled all over the... READ MORE

I am a 24 year old from the Philippines and I have decided to get rhinoplasty done (which I have booked for August 2013). I am still undecided on what kind of implant to use. I have heard many pros and cons about a silastic implant, and more pros if I were to use a goretex implant. I have a... READ MORE

I had the procedure done last year, since I'm satisfied with my result that's why I'm writing a review. I had the procedure done under local anesthesia. I was pretty nervous during the surgery, but the surgeon numbed the area pretty good so it wasn't painful. It was a little sore about a week... READ MORE

I am Asian in my late 20s, 110lb, 5’1. You know the typical Asian. I had an over the phone pre-op with an RN, then comes the procedure, recovery was a breeze with minimum swelling and bruising. I highly recommend taking Arnica for swelling and bruising. I also ate a whole pineapple for... READ MORE

I know it is somehow impossible to have alarplasty reversed but is it still possible to get your natural c's ( ) of the nose back? i had a small regular not thin not thick nose. the only problem was it as just wide on the side but still small. i have pictures before i had the surgery and after... READ MORE

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